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29 December 2015

Meaningful Beauty Review: First Impressions

This post was sponsored by Meaningful Beauty as part of a Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review

I’m in my mid-30s now, and fine lines are to be expected.  Although each fine line means that I’ve had a life of experiences and fun, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to make them less noticeable.  I was recently sent the Meaningful Beauty skincare line by Cindy Crawford.  Have you ladies seen her lately?  She’s as beautiful as ever!  She developed her skin care line with vitamins for radiance, marine extracts to moisturize and firm, and antioxidants to fight free radicals.  Keep reading for my first impression of the Meaningful Beauty skin care line.


28 December 2015

Best Moisturizing Lipsticks

Lipstick in the winter can be a condundrum.  You want a rich color that will last all day, but long-lasting lipsticks dry out your lips.  In the winter, my lips are already dry and prone to getting chapped.  The last thing that I need is to dry my lips even more in the winter.  There's good news, my friends.  There are lipsticks that will last all day and moisturize your lips at the same time.  Even better, they come in a wide range of prices.  I've found that the pricy lipsticks do last longer and feel better, but I've had some wonderful successes with drugstore brands.  Here are my top picks for the best moisturizing lipsticks for beautiful color without the flakes.

22 December 2015

Peppermint Mocha Body Scrub Recipe

This peppermint mocha body scrub recipe smells amazing!  It uses coffee grounds and sugar to naturally exfoliate dead skin cells from your body.

I love the app Timehop.  It's so much fun looking back over the years since I've had Facebook over 6 years now.  I like seeing my photos, status updates, and conversations with friends.  Today, my Timehop showed the gifts I'd made for teachers last year.

I remember that day very well.  I was so far behind schedule with Christmas, blogging, my Etsy shop, and general life.

By the time I got the teacher gifts done before the last day of school before break, I had had more caffeine than any human should ingest in a week let alone a day.  I think I finished about 4 a.m., and I was terrified that we would oversleep and miss the bus!  

This year, I've got a much better handle on things.  I wouldn't say that I'm prepared for Christmas, but I do have a solid plan to get me there.

This homemade peppermint scrub recipe is great for your body.  A chocolate peppermint sugar scrub like this smells amazing!  This makes a great peppermint hand scrub diy or peppermint sugar scrub homemade for your body.  This sugar scrub peppermint makes a great gift, or make this homemade peppermint sugar scrub for yourself.  Along with coffee, this chocolate peppermint sugar scrub naturally exfoliates your skin for better looking skin.  #bodyscrub #scrub #sugarscrub #diy #peppermint #mocha #coffee #peppermintscrub #mochascrub #coffeescrub
Do you ever have that nagging feeling that you're forgetting something?  Or are you one that likes to keep spare gifts on hand just in case?  If so, you'll love this easy recipe for peppermint mocha sugar scrub.  You can also make it for yourself because I'm sure that you need some pampering right now too!

21 December 2015

Christmas in the Community

This Christmas is a special Christmas in my community.  I live in a small rural town, and there's not much for people to do in town.  The town came together a few years ago to turn an old school in to a community center, but it didn't come to fruition.  Last September, a few members of the community came together and bought an office building for the community to use for special events, education, and having fun.  The entire town is excited to have martial arts, dance classes, and homeschool classes without driving a long distance.  When Christmas Tree Market asked me to set up a tree in my community, I knew the new community center would be perfect.

17 December 2015

DIY Massage Bar Recipe

Ladies, let’s talk openly for a few minutes.  Think back to when you were dating your husband.  Then think about that first year you had after you were married but before you had kids.  

Now think about the last few years.  What’s different?  Without knowing you, I can probably guess correctly that there’s a lack of intimacy now versus your first few years together.  If I guessed right, don’t fret, ladies.  This is an easy thing to fix, and your husband will love your attempts.  Keep reading for some tips to add the intimacy back to your marriage and an easy DIY massage bar recipe.  

DIY Massage Bar Recipe


Do you remember when you met your husband for the first time?  I do.  I remember trying to get his attention because I was too shy to approach him first.  I smiled at him, and when he would smile back, I looked away.  He used to come to the restaurant that I worked at, so I would walk by him whenever I could so he would notice me.  When we did start talking, I smiled and laughed a lot.  I also complimented him and let him know I liked his shirt or taste in music.  I hate to admit that after we got married and had a few kids, we stopped flirting.  Take yourself back to those days and tell him that his shirt makes his eyes look good or that you love the jeans he’s wearing.


How often do you spend time alone with your husband?  Him on the couch watching TV while you are on your laptop in the chair doesn’t count.  Let your husband know that he’s a priority by making time for him.  If weekly dates aren’t in your budget or you don’t have a sitter, then get creative.  Feed the kids early and let them watch a movie while you and your husband eat a nicer meal at home.  If you do watch TV together, cuddle on the couch together.  Do things that both of you enjoy and share experiences with each other.  


Schedule 15 to 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to talk each day.  On the weekends, give yourselves at least an hour of time to talk about your week or problems in your lives.  If possible, take weekend trip together every two or three months to talk and reconnect.  


Few things will increase intimacy more than touching your partner.  When you walk by him in the kitchen, give him a little hug or brush up against him.  Give him a hug and kiss when one of you leaves or comes home.  

Massage Bar Recipe

What You Need



Measure one ounce of shea butter and one ounce of beeswax by weight and place in a glass bowl.


Melt in the microwave at 30 second intervals until melted.  Stir at each interval. If there are small pieces of beeswax left unmelted, you can usually stir it until it’s melted.  Be sure to use a hot pad when you touch the glass.  


Meanwhile, measure one ounce of your oil by weight.  When the shea butter and beeswax are melted, add the oil and stir.


Pour into a massage bar mold.


Let sit until completely cooled.

    I used a massage bar mold with nubs on the bottom, but you could use a flat bottomed mold.  It will be a solid bar, but it melts from body heat.  

    16 December 2015

    2015 Top 10 Posts From Everything Pretty

    I'm having a hard time with it being almost 2016.  Wasn't it the 90s like 10 years ago?  With the new year approaching, I like to look back and reflect.  That always helps me see the bigger picture.  Take 2015 for example.  I tried posting some different type of posts, but if you look below, it's fairly obvious that you all love my DIY beauty recipes!  The top post is a food recipe, so maybe that's something that I need to be posting more.

    Last year, I posted my top 10 most popular posts of 2014.  Since it was my first one, I included all posts.  This year, I only included my top posts that were published in 2015.  I have some posts that are insanely popular with 100s of repins, so it would be difficult for any new post to break their records.  This evens the playing field a little bit for my newbie posts.

    15 December 2015

    DIY Gingerbread Sugar Scrub Recipe

    Can you believe that Christmas is next week?  I'm having a hard time with this. I live in Ohio, so we've usually had several rounds of snow by now.  It was in the 60s yesterday!  I am definitely not complaining about the weather, but it's making it a little hard to get in the Christmas spirit.  My tree is up, the house is decorated, and I'm working on my shopping list.  I'm not as far as I would like on my list, but it will get done eventually.  I like to make something for my friends as a little something to make them smile.  This year, I decided to make this DIY gingerbread sugar scrub recipe.  I would give this to teachers, but my kids are homeschooled this year.  If your kids have teachers, this is a great gift for them too.  Last year, I had two kids in public school, and they had over 10 teachers between them, not including specials!  I definitely understand the need for inexpensive yet awesome gifts.    

    DIY Gingerbread Sugar Scrub Recipe

    14 December 2015

    Christmas Shopping Made Easy With CurrentC

    Thank you CurrentC for sponsoring this post and for facilitating my fun shopping day.  As always, all enthusiasm is my own.  

    I really love the ugly Christmas sweater trend because it's so much fun.  I held off buying one, but this year I was invited to a party where one was required.  Of course, I had to oblige in the spirit of having fun.  Besides, it was a great excuse to go shopping.   I was headed to Columbus to go shopping, so I stopped at Sear's to get a new outfit for the party.

    Christmas Shopping Made Easy With CurrentC

    12 December 2015

    Tween Girl Holiday Gift Guide

    My baby girl is becoming a tween.  She's outgrown most of her toys, and she's developing her own sense of style.  Her favorite store is Justice, and I must say that I love that store too.  Justice is THE go-to destination for stylish tween girls this holiday season. Whether shopping in-store or online, Justice makes it easy and hassle-free for anyone with a tween girl in their life to find great holiday gifts!  Dakota and I went to the store to get some holiday ideas, and she needed some new clothes too.  She wanted to include the entire store in her gift guide, but I told her to limit it to just 10 items.  Keep reading for her tween girl gift guide and how to enter a sweepstakes from Justice.

    11 December 2015

    Top 10 Best Makeup Brushes

    When I was a teenager and even in to my 20s, I thought you were supposed to use the brushes that came with the makeup.  They were rough, scratchy, and the majority of them left me with uneven makeup.  Then I discovered makeup brushes.  Friends, I have no idea how I made it almost 10 years of my makeup life without using these soft pieces of Heaven.  My makeup went on so smooth and even.  Then I had a new problem; What are the best makeup brushes?  If you've ever stared at the brushes at the makeup counter, you know my frustration.  I've already covered how to use makeup brushes and why you need to clean your makeup brushes.  I've even given you a DIY makeup brush cleaner and a makeup brush cleaner spray.  Today, we are going to talk about the best makeup brushes that I've found.  So go read up on which styles of brushes to buy and how to clean them, then come back for my top picks.  

    Top 10 Best Makeup Brushes

    09 December 2015

    The Best Skin Care Products For 2016

    You probably know by now that I am always on the lookout for the best skin care products available, and with 2015 coming to a close, I wanted to share some of my favorites that I think you'll love with the new year coming. With so many options available in women's skin care it can be hard figuring out what you really should be using and what's really not necessary. I'm here to help take some of the guesswork out of choosing the products for your beauty routine. So without further ado, here are the must have skin care products of 2016. 

    best skin care products for 2016

    06 December 2015

    My Favorite Winter Workout

    When the weather is nice, my favorite exercise is to take a walk around the farm or at the park with the kids.  I don't have access to an affordable gym, and by walking I can spend time with the family while I exercise.  I don't like walking in the winter.  I have a bad knee, so I am terrified that I'll slip on the ice or snow and pull another tendon.  I also don't do well in the cold.  I'm pretty sure that I was supposed to be born in to a tropical climate, yet here I am in Ohio.  I am just thankful that I don't live any further north than I already do!  In the winter, I have to use my exercise DVDs in the house or get creative.  One of my favorite winter workouts is dancing, and that's why we love the Just Dance games for the Wii.  

    03 December 2015

    3 Ways to Boost Your Confidence Fast

    If you're new to Everything Pretty, then I want to tell you a little secret.  It's one that I've shared with my readers before, but I want to reiterate it because it's so important.  Being beautiful is not about being perfect.  Beauty is not your nose shape; it's not your eye color.  And it's definitely not your dress size.  Beauty radiates from your soul.  It's being kind and helping others.  It's offering a kind word to a stranger.  It's what you do each and every day to make the world a better or even happier place for other people.  

    01 December 2015

    The Best Oil Absorbing Products

    You spend the morning preparing for the day, including applying flawless makeup.  But by noon, your face looks like you slathered oil all over it.  If this sounds familiar, here are some of the best oil control products available so your look stays flawless all day.  I have an oil problem in my T-zone only, so I use some of these products only on my problem areas. In the summer, oil is definitely more of a concern, so I use oil control products all over.  In the winter, I usually just use them on my T-zone.
    The best oil absorbing products for a flawless look all day.

    30 November 2015

    Life is Better When You're Laughing

    Moms, think back to life BC--Before Children. What could you do then that you can't do now?  You could take a quick trip to the store without packing an entire room of your house. You could walk through your living room without looking down, even in the dark. You could sleep in on the weekend. You could laugh without worry.  Yes, I'm talking about Light Bladder Leakage (LBL). It happens to a lot of moms, and it doesn't just affect moms. Women haven't given birth can also be affected by LBL. Luckily, there's a solution.

    Poise makes products just for LBL. A lot of women use a period pad, and these are great for your period. Not so great for LBL. Poise pads are made just for LBL, so they absorb better. Poise panty liners absorb 3 times better than period pads!  The liners are thin, so they are better for those days that you need light coverage.

    Sam's Club has a great deal on Poise liners right now. You can get 132 Very Light Absorbency Liners for $11.68, which is a $4 savings off of the non-club price of you buy them somewhere else.

    Let's face it. Being a mom is a lot of fun. My kids have made me laugh so much over the years. Sometimes I'll even burst out laughing hours or days after the fact. Like when my son replaced his baby picture on the wall with a photo of a sloth astronaut. We all laughed when we noticed it. Then a few weeks later, someone came over to the house from  our online school. She kept staring at the wall, and I didn't realize that the sloth was still hanging there until she left. Oh what she must have thought!  It's been a few weeks, and we still crack up about the sloth on the wall!  But now I don't have to worry about laughing and LBL.

    Go ahead, ladies. Laugh all you want. Poise has you covered. Click here for more information about Poise or click here for information about Sam's Club memberships.

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    27 November 2015

    The Girlfriend Gift Guide: Heavy Metal

    One of my favorite magazines for fashion and beauty inspiration is Marie Claire.  I've been a fan since I was a teenagerwhich wasn't that long ago—so I was really excited to be a part of their promotion for my blog.  The December 2015 Marie Claire issue has 101 gift guide ideas for your besties.  The one that caught my eye was the Heavy Metal gift guide, so I created my own gift guide based on their suggestions.  I love the look of silver and gold because they can look glamorous or industrial, depending on how you use them.  

    25 November 2015

    Easy DIY Bath and Body Recipes Christmas Gifts

    I love giving handmade gifts for Christmas, especially for teachers and friends.  I want them to be something practical too, so I often look for something that will get used and consumed.  That's why I love giving bath and body recipes as gifts.  I love making them, and the recipients love getting them.  I have a lot of recipes posted here, and some are easier to make than others.  Here's a collection of easy DIY bath and body recipes that are perfect for gift giving.  When you buy the ingredients in bulk and use mason jars, they are also cost effective.  

    24 November 2015

    Top 10 Nail Polishes for Winter

    In the winter, nail polish colors tend to be more moody, more subdued. You'll see pastels swapped for metallic and jewel tone shades.  Here are some of my favorite nail polishes for winter.  Have fun mixing and matching them or using just one color at a time.  Create a new look without being a nail artist by adding glitter to just one nail or painting all your nails one color and adding a gold accent nail on each hand.  You don't have to be a pro to get awesome nails at home!

    Top 10 Nail Polishes for Winter

    23 November 2015

    How to Date Your Husband

    Do you remember, before you got married, when dates were almost magical?  You waited by the phone for him to call, and then you spent days thinking about your date and planning for it, wishing the weekend would come sooner.  When date day finally came, you picked the perfect outfit, fixed your hair just right, and meticulously applied your makeup.  Remember those butterflies in your tummy?  

    Now that I'm married with three kids, dates are few and far between.  I do dress nice, fix my hair, and apply my makeup, but it's not with the same care that I used to.  And those butterflies?  They are still there, and that's how I know I married my soul mate.  Keep reading for my top tips on how date your husband.
    How to Date Your Husband

    22 November 2015

    Watch TV Without The TV

    I don't know about you, but November has been insanely busy for me.  December isn't looking much better.  We homeschool until about 2 or 3 in the afternoon, but my middle son has had a lot of appointments lately that cut in to our school time.  After that, it's time to work on my Etsy shop or write blog posts.  Then I clean the house, cook dinner, clean again, and finally it's time to relax for a few hours.  When it's time to relax, I just want to chill out and forget that the world exists for a while. Since I have my laptop with my all the time, I love that I can watch TV without my TV.  I've even taken my laptop to catch up on my favorite shows while my son is at one of his autism therapies.

    21 November 2015

    Red and Gold Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

    If you're starting to plan your holiday outfits and makeup , don't forget your nails.  This red and gold ombre nail art tutorial is so easy to do, and you can use it for a work party, family party, or going out with friends.  If you can't wait for Christmas, this will look great at Thanksgiving too.  Did I mention that this look is super easy?  You don't have to be pro to perfect this look, and you just need 3 products.  

    Fall Favorites From Everything Pretty

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Burt’s Bees at Target. All opinions are 100% mine.

    Fall is my favorite season, and I do believe that this fall has been my favorite fall so far!  The weather here in Ohio this year is just gorgeous.  I’ve been able to sit on my patio and sip my coffee every morning unless it’s raining, and that’s unheard of for November in Ohio.  Along with the beautiful weather, I love the rich, earth toned colors, the crisp air, and the falling leaves.  But my favorite thing about fall is pumpkin spice.  I want pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin spice beauty products, and pumpkin spice everything! Keep reading for my fall favorites, and a new product that is quickly becoming my new favorites.
    Fall Favorites from Everything Pretty

    18 November 2015

    4 Surprising Benefits of Massages

    This post was sponsored by Massage Envy as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

    My husband and I can both be described as workaholics.  We just don't stop.  Most of my work is done sitting at a desk, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't put a strain on my body.  Even though I'm self-employed as a blogger and writer, I still have tight deadlines.  Between social media writing, editing, and promoting, it can be mentally straining.  I spend many late nights writing after the kids go to sleep only to wake up early to start our homeschool day and do it all over again.  I'm not complaining; I absolutely love my job.  In the last few months, I've come to realize that I need to take care of my whole body, and that includes eating healthy, exercising, and getting regular massages.  Keep reading for four surprising benefits of massages.   

    4 Surprising Benefits of Massages

    17 November 2015

    Dry Scalp Treatment

    Winter is prime season for a dry scalp. A dry scalp can be caused dry skin, dandruff, psoriasis, or other condition.  While usually harmless, it can cause embarrassment if you are scratching your head often.  You usually do not need to see a doctor for this condition, but you should call your doctor if your symptoms do not get better or if the condition worsens.  Try these dry scalp treatment options to help you get relief from this annoying condition.

    16 November 2015

    Teaching Emotions to Children With Autism With Inside Out Charades

    This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #InsideOutEmotions #CollectiveBias

    I'm an autism mom.  Times two.  Both of my boys have high functioning autism, and I also have a neurotypical daughter.  I believe that autism is a superpower, but that doesn't mean that my boys don't have challenges.  Since they are both high functioning, sometimes people don't think they do have autism.  Although they are both verbal and appear to be typical at first glance, they do have challenges that affect them in their daily lives.  One trait of autism that they both have is having difficulty reading other people's emotions and expressing their own emotions.  That's why we love the movie Inside Out so much.  When the movie came out on DVD on November 3, I went to Walmart to buy it for my kids, and you should too!  Keep reading to see how I'm using the movie to teach my kids how to read and express their emotions.

    Teaching emotions to children with autism with Inside Out charades.  Includes a free printable.

    14 November 2015

    Gifts for the Hard to Shop for People in Your Life + Giveaway

    Thank you Sol Alpaca and Mom It Forward  for sponsoring this post.  As always, all enthusiasm is my own.

    I start my Christmas shopping in the summer, but there are a few people that I can't find gifts for until the last minute because they are so hard to shop for. These are the people that buy the things that they need when they need them, so there aren't many options left for gift giving occasions.  I have given gift cards in years past, but they seem so impersonal.  For these people, I like to give them a luxury item, something that they wouldn't buy for themselves.  It gets cold here in Ohio, so scarves, sweaters, and warm weather gear are always a good choice.  Can you keep a secret?  A few lucky people on my Christmas list this year are getting Sol Alpaca scarves for Christmas.  Keep reading to see why I love them for gifts.


    11 November 2015

    10 Fashionable Fall Scarves

    I love to accessorize my outfits with something that makes a statement while still being classy and elegant. My all time favorite accessory for the Fall is a scarf. Scarves are so easy to wear and they can really pull your outfit together. They are also warm and cozy as the weather starts to get cooler. They make me feel so comfy and they are also a great gift idea. If you like Fall scarves the way I do, check out my Top 10 Fall Scarves and get ready to fall in love!

    10 Fashionable Fall Scarves

    10 November 2015

    What's in My Purse: Date Night Edition

     This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife #CollectiveBias

    Some women have a large wardrobe.  Some women have a lot of shoes.  Me?  I love purses.  I love classic name brand purses, purses with fun designs, big purses, small purses, and everything in between.  I don't change my purse for each outfit, but I do like to change for special occasions.  Date night is definitely a special occasion.  Keep reading to see what I pack in my purse for a night out with the hubby.
    What's in My Purse: Date Night Edition

    09 November 2015

    Aroma Sense Handheld Vitamin C Shower Head Giveaway Ends 12/7

    For some people, a shower is just a method of getting clean. But for me, a shower is sometimes the only time I get to myself all day. It’s a source of relaxation and  tranquility for me. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to a long, hot shower at the end of the night before I go to bed. I light candles, put on some music and pamper myself with sweet smelling soaps, shampoos and other goodies. Sometimes I even bring a glass of wine into the bathroom with me! That shower is my “me time”; when I get to unwind, clear my head and allow myself to just let everything go for the rest of the night.

    07 November 2015

    An Easier Way to Shop With CurrentC

    Thank you to CurrentC for sponsoring this post and the fun family day that we had.  As always, all enthusiasm is my own.  

    I'm a firm believer in rewarding good behavior and hard work.  Over the summer and the start of fall, it seemed like all that we did was work.  We planted our half acre garden, weeded it, and then we harvested and canned the food.  When that was done, the orchard had apples and pears for us to harvest and can for the winter.  Then we started cutting down trees and splitting wood for the winter.  In addition to all of the outside chores we have, all three of my kids are homeschooled this year, and we've finally settled in to a good routine.  They are all working very hard, so we decided it was time for a reward.  Since we live on a farm with animals, we don't take vacations.  We take day trips instead.  Since the kids were ahead with their schooling, I let them skip a day in the middle of the week, and we took a trip to Columbus, Ohio, which is about an hour away.  There's a lot to do in Columbus, but I like going there for the shopping.  This was a trip for me too, so I splurged on some makeup that I've had my eye on for a while.

    06 November 2015

    Choosing The Perfect Panties for Your Health

    Ladies, did you know that your choice in panties can affect your health?  It's true!  The wrong panties can be uncomfortable, and it could even cause a serious infection.  If you've had skin problems or other problems, it could be your panty choice.  Keep reading for tips on choosing the perfect panties and free samples of U by Kotex.