29 July 2015

DIY Eczema Lotion Recipe

It's been a year since I got eczema on my hand.  At first, I couldn't imagine that after 30 years on Earth I would suddenly develop an allergy or irritation to something.  At the time, my mom was in and out of the hospital for about two months.  I spent a lot of time there, which meant I spent a lot of time washing my hands and using sanitizer.

At home, I was using a pretty cheap soap since my kids go through so much soap.  A bottle of liquid soap doesn't last a day, and I used the hair tie trick to the pump doesn't go all way down!

I was very suspicious that the hand soap was causing the eczema, so I went to Target and bought Method hand soap.  It has a fragrance and dye, but it didn't have some of the nasty chemicals that other soaps have.  I noticed a big improvement when I switched soaps, but I couldn't get it completely healed.  That's when I make my own DIY eczema lotion recipe.

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DIY Eczema Lotion Recipe

I started researching the best ingredients to add to a DIY eczema recipe.  I knew I wanted oatmeal for it's soothing properties.  Coconut oil is great for eczema and makes a great lotion base.  Shea butter helps reduce inflammation and add skin loving vitamins A and E.  I decided to add chamomile because it's great for sensitive and inflammed skin.

Do not use chamomile if you are allergic to any plant in the Asteraceae family, which includes chrysanthemum, calendula, daisy, celery, and chamomile.

Before you make this recipe, you'll need to infuse the coconut oil and chamomile.  I used chamomile tea bags and organic coconut oil.  I placed two tea bags in one cup of coconut oil and infused them in the crock pot as described in this post about herb infusing oils.

How to Make DIY Eczema Lotion

What You Need



Grind oatmeal in a food processor or blender.  I used my blender, but I think a food processor would be better.  You want a very, very fine powder, almost like baby oatmeal cereal.  Mine did not get find enough, and it settled in the jar.  The lotion still works great, but it goes on with little bits of oatmeal.  


Combine shea butter and coconut oil in the Pyrex measuring cup.  Microwave at 30 second intervals until melted. 


Add honey, olive oil, and stir well.  When it just starts to harden again, add the oatmeal and stir well. 

Pour in to a 4 ounce mason jar or other container.  I kept stirring it as it sat so the oatmeal didn't all fall to the bottom.

Since this is heavy on coconut oil, it can get soft or even melt in the summer.  It is still fine to use, but you night want to stir it up before using it each time.

I apply this directly to my eczema three times a day with great results.  If I skip one application, my hand gets really itchy and starts to get flaky. 

So far, this is the best DIY eczema lotion recipe that I've found.  It takes a little more prep work with the oil infusions, but I really do think that it makes a big difference.  You only use half of the infused coconut oil, so you can save the other half for the next batch.  

Do you have any tips for eczema?