Yogurt Hair Mask Benefits + 7 Easy DIY Recipes

Learn more about yogurt hair mask benefits and get several easy recipes to make your own at home.  Yogurt hair masks are good for all hair types, including dry hair or damaged hair. My hair is naturally curly, which means that's it also dry and frizzy unless I use a hair mask once a week.  Since I make my hair masks, I've used a lot of hair masks.  I've used butter, oils, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, and more.  My hair always felt great, but it needed something more.   My hair craves oils, but oils make my hair, well, oily.  They weigh down my hair and don't wash out completely. One yogurt hair masks benefits is that it washes out and doesn't weigh down my hair.  It leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized, and it's easy to wash out. DIY yogurt hair masks are easy to make, and you can add oils and other ingredients to make a custom mask just for your hair type. Keep reading for yogurt hair mask benefits and other ingredients to add and their benefits.

DIY Car Diffuser for Essential Oils (Dollar Tree Craft)

How to make an inexpensive and easy DIY car diffuser for essential oils.  This hanging diffuser can also be used in a bath, office, closet, or other small space.  This is a Dollar Tree craft, and all supplies were from there. I use essential oils everyday when I'm home, and now I can take them with me on the road.  I made this cute DIY car diffuser for essential oils as an inexpensive way to use oils for aromatherapy while traveling. This is a passive diffuser, so it doesn't need batters.  It works by clipping it to the vents in your car.  When you turn on the fan, it blows the scent through the car for aromatherapy.   We just got a new Dollar Tree in the next town over.  I love Dollar Tree for crafting supplies because I can find some unusual stuff there to either repurpose or to use to make things. I challenged myself to find something that I could use only Dollar Tree supplies to make, and I was able to get everything that I needed for this DIY car diffuser for essential oi

Chocolate Zucchini Cake Recipe

How to make a moist chocolate zucchini cake recipe.  The shredded zucchini melts into the cake batter when you bake it, so you'll never even know that it's there. We love zucchini.  Zucchini has almost no flavor, so it takes on the flavor of whatever you put it in.  I use it for both sweet and savory dishes. We have fried zucchini several times during the summer.  I also add it to stir fry and sneak it in sauces and even meat loaf to up our veggie intake. For sweet foods, I add it to quick breads and make this chocolate zucchini cake recipe.  This is one of my kids' favorite cakes.   It's amazing with a white buttercream frosting, or you can also use chocolate frosting or just powdered sugar. This is a light, fluffy, and moist chocolate cake recipe.  The zucchini has a lot of water, and it gets absorbed into the batter when you bake it.  If you don't tell anyone that you used zucchini, they will never know!

DIY Natural Acne Spot Treatment (The Dirty Lamb Tea Tree Wand Dupe)

Learn how to make a DIY natural acne spot treatment that's a dupe for The Dirty Lamb Tea Tree Wand acne treatment.  This is an easy recipe with cinnamon infused witch hazel, jojoba oil, and essential oils.  Use it as a spot treatment for acne to promote healing. No matter what age you are, acne sucks.  I'm thankful that I haven't had a huge problem with it, even during my teen years.  When I do get a blemish, I use a spot treatment and it goes away in a few days. As of last month, I now have three teenagers in the house.  They are lucky in that Mom has an endless supply of cleansers and treatments, but I wanted an alternative to salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.   Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide acne treatments have their place, but both can be drying.  If you use them daily or nearly every day, you might get some dry patches.   I've made other acne treatment recipes, but nothing like this DIY natural acne spot treatment.  It has an infused witch hazel, jojoba oi

Peppermint Pedicure Bath Bomb Recipe

Soothe tired and achy feet while you moisturize and soak your feet in this fun peppermint pedicure bath bomb recipe.  This is like a pedicure bath bomb that fizzes like a bath bomb while shea butter moisturizes your feet.  Peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus essential oils help soothe achy feet. I have an office at the local community center.  I'm a volunteer there, so I'm there several times a week working, taking the kids to karate, cleaning, or for an event.  The entire building has a concrete floor.   It kills my feet, y'all.   There are days that I'm there for 8 hours walking on the concrete.  By the time I get home, my feet ache.   I was mixing up foot soak concoctions for each use, but then I started making pedicure bombs.  They are like a bath bomb in that they fizz in the water, but they are smaller and are formulated just for feet. I use an invigorating blend that helps my feet feel better and boosts my mood with the aromatherapy.  They also have shea butter