Peppermint Pedicure Bath Bomb Recipe

Soothe tired and achy feet while you moisturize and soak your feet in this fun peppermint pedicure bath bomb recipe.  This is like a pedicure bath bomb that fizzes like a bath bomb while shea butter moisturizes your feet.  Peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus essential oils help soothe achy feet. I have an office at the local community center.  I'm a volunteer there, so I'm there several times a week working, taking the kids to karate, cleaning, or for an event.  The entire building has a concrete floor.   It kills my feet, y'all.   There are days that I'm there for 8 hours walking on the concrete.  By the time I get home, my feet ache.   I was mixing up foot soak concoctions for each use, but then I started making pedicure bombs.  They are like a bath bomb in that they fizz in the water, but they are smaller and are formulated just for feet. I use an invigorating blend that helps my feet feel better and boosts my mood with the aromatherapy.  They also have shea butter

Lemon Mojito Homemade Body Scrub for Glowing Skin

How to make a lemon mojito sugar scrub recipe. This is a simple homemade body scrub for glowing skin.  It's perfect for summer with a light refreshing scent and dry carrier oils that soak into your skin quickly. It's no secret that I love sugar scrubs. I use one on my feet every other day to keep my heels soft. I use them on my skin about once a week to keep my skin from looking dull.  In the summer, it's even more important to use one because the sweat from the heat can clog your skin. Besides that, in the summer I'm showing off more skin, so I want it to look its best.  This lemon mojito sugar scrub recipe was inspired by a summer drink, and it smells wonderful all year round. The mint is cooling on your skin, and the lemon essential oil is uplifting. Sugar scrubs are also a great inexpensive gift to give to your friends. I used to make them for my kids' teachers when they were in public school. It's a unique gift that nearly any woman can use.

Blueberry Lemon Easy Sugar Scrub Recipe (Perfect for Summer!)

Exfoliate and moisturize your skin with this blueberry lemon easy sugar scrub recipe.  It has a fun and light scent that's perfect for summer, and you can make it in about 15 minutes!    Summer kind of sneaked up on us this year, didn't it?  One week wearing our winter clothes and watching the forecast for snow.  The next week we were turning on the AC and finding our flip flops. While I was more than ready for summer, my skin was not.  It was dull and needed some love.  While I do enjoy a good emulsified sugar scrub, I wanted a super easy sugar scrub recipe.     This is so simple, and you can make it and use it right away.  This blueberry lemon body scrub is great for your hands, feet, and body, but don't use it on your face because it's too harsh.

Bug Bite Relief Roller Bottle

Learn how to make an easy roller bottle for bumps, boo boos, and bug bites.  Get instant relief from mosquito bites with this easy to make roll on with a blend of essential oils to reduce itching and swelling. My daughter is a mosquito magnet.  We've barely seen any mosquitoes this year, but she still manages to come in at night covered in bites.   Like her mother, she itches and scratches until she has welts that drive her crazy.  I've had a few get infected.  Believe me when I say that an infected mosquito bite is not fun!   This bumps, boo boos, and bug bite relief roller bottle is easy to make.  It's even easier to use: just roll on the affected area.   I even made a cute printable label for you to use.  I have one with the blend information if you use my blend, or you can print a blank one to label your roller bottle with. This roller blend is also good for bumps and boo boos.  It has essential oils that promote healing and reduce inflammation so you  and your kids ca

Frozen Aloe Vera Cubes for Sunburn

These frozen aloe vera cubes are easy natural remedies for sunburn.  These take just a few minutes to make and help your skin feel better right away. You may have noticed that I didn't post on Wednesday as I normally do.  I was at the beach.  My kids are getting older, and we only have a few summers left.   I only have two summers after this one before my oldest is 18, and hopefully he still wants to hang out with us for his remaining summers. I've decided that this will be our summer of fun.  We've done a lot of day trips, including Kings Island , Kalahari , and other local things.  One of the major perks of working from home is that I can take a day off during the week so avoid the weekend crowds.   Normally, I schedule my posts, but I didn't this week.  I was probably in our pool, looking for dive sticks instead of writing.   This week, we drove an hour away to a public lake with a beautiful swimming beach.  They have inflatables for the kids to play on, ca