How to Make Melt and Pour Soap With Embeds - Valentine's Day Soap Ideas

 Learn how to make melt and pour soap with embeds.   I made an adorable Valentine's Day soap for this technique, but you can use other shapes for soap embed ideas.  Melt and pour soap embeds are fun to play with, and I have some tips to help you make fun bars of soap.

Anti Inflammatory Turmeric Hot Cocoa Recipe With Cinnamon

Learn about turmeric hot chocolate benefits and how to make an anti inflammatory hot chocolate.  This delicious sugar free hot chocolate mix is easy to make, and it has turmeric and cinnamon to help reduce inflammation in the body naturally.

Natural Solid Perfume Recipe With Essential Oils

Learn how to make a recipe for solid perfume.  This natural solid perfume is easy to make and is made with essential oils, beeswax, and a carrier oil.  It gives a light scent that lasts for several hours.

Immunity Boosting Shots With Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Honey

How to make turmeric and ginger shots.  These immune boosting shots help support your immune system.  I like to make them when I'm feeling sick to give my body a little extra boost.  This turmeric ginger shot juice recipe is easy to make, and I like to keep the ingredients on hand during the winter.

How to Make Tassel Diffuser for Essential Oils

Learn how to make a DIY essential oil diffuser.  This is an adorable tassel diffuser that can be used as a hanging car diffuser or hang it in your home.  It's easy to make, and it works like a passive diffuser to lightly scent a room or small space with essential oils.