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21 January 2020

Valentine's Day Wax Air Freshener DIY With Essential Oils

How to make a wax air freshener with beeswax, soy wax, and essential oils.  I added dried flowers and used a Valentine's Day essential oil to make them for Valentine's Day.  These can be set in a dish for a pretty air freshener or used in a drawer for a beautiful natural air freshener.

Although we don't celebrate Valentine's Day by spending a lot of money on gifts, I do like the cutesy crafts for the holiday.  Christmas is over, and the house seems so bare without having any decorations.

Valentine's Day is just fun with pink and purple and fun scents.  I'm over the heavier fall and winter scents and ready to move to light and fun scents in the house.

Before Christmas, I made some wax air fresheners with fall and winter scents.  This time I used a fun Valentine's Day essential oil blend to make a wax air freshener DIY with essential oils.

I added some dried flowers just to make them pretty.  This is optional, but I love how they turned out!

16 January 2020

Essential Oil Blends for Valentine's Day + Potpourri With Essential Oils DIY

Make your home smell amazing this Valentine's Day with this easy potpourri with essential oils DIY craft.  Use essential oil blends for Valentine's Day for the perfect aromatherapy combination for your taste and needs.

I haven't decorated for Valentine's Day in several years.  We need a little bit to de-Christmas, and then we have a January birthday and a February birthday.  Valentine's Day seems to get lost in birthday season.

This year, I decided to do some fun DIY projects.  I wanted to make a natural air freshener with a fun Valentine's Day scent.

I found these adorable clear plastic hearts, so I used them to hold the potpourri.  They hang, so you can use them in the closet or anywhere else.

I have one hanging on the cabinet in the bathroom.  I also stuck one in my dresser drawer to freshen my sweaters this winter.

14 January 2020

Derma E Skin Care Products Reviews

Learn more about Derma E skin care products and my reviews of several of their most popular products.  Derma E is a natural skin care brand and one of my favorite natural, cruelty free beauty brands.

It's been a while since I reviewed some skin care products, so I wanted to share some new goodies that Derma E sent me recently.

I've had a longstanding relationship with Derma E.  They were one of the first brands to sponsor a post here at Everything Pretty, and I fell in love with their skin care products way back then.

Looking for natural skin care products? Red my Derma E review of several of their best products. I use Derma E in my skincare routine with great results! This review includes face oil, collagen products for firming, cleanser, microdermabrasion, anti wrinkle moisturizer, and overnight peel. These are the best of Derma E products.  They are all drugstore products at a great price for your natural skin care regimen. #dermaesocial #dermae #skincare #naturalbeauty

Although this post isn't sponsored, they did send me these products to try.  They are one of my favorite skin care brands and the one I reach for most often.

I do make a lot of skin care products, but I don't delve into making my own cleansers and moisturizers because it's a delicate balance of ingredients, emulsifers, and preservatives.

I'm glad that there are companies like Derma E who have natural and cruelty free products that really work.  Their cleansers, moisturizers, and eye creams are my holy grails for skin care.  I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I stray from using their products!

10 January 2020

Simply Earth Starter Box Review + Discount Code

Read my Simply Earth Starter Box review to learn more the monthly essential oil subscription box and get a discount code to use on a future purchase when you subscribe.

If you've been reading for a while, then you've seen me post about the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe boxes each month for the last several months.

They've been selling really well for them, so they just introduced the Simply Earth Start Box, and I got to review it for you.

The Starter Box is just like their monthly boxes.  You get four essential oils plus supplies to make six essential oil recipes.

I also have a Simply Earth discount code that will get you a free $40 gift card when you sign up for the monthly boxes!

07 January 2020

26 Home Remedies for Cold and Cough

Get relief from your symptoms with these home remedies for cold and cough.  These easy recipes use herbs and essential oils to help you feel better naturally.

It's the season for colds and coughs.  We stayed healthy over Christmas break, but I had two sick kids the week before Christmas and now I have a sick husband.

When we are sick, I look to both medicines and home remedies for cold and cough.  I'm not opposed to taking over the counter medications or seeing the doctor, but I think home remedies have their place.

How to get fast relief with these cough and cold remedy recipes. This includes 26 natural DIY recipes that you can make at home. Includes drink, tea, soup, bath, and food recipes. These homemade homeopathic provide quick relief for congestion, sore throat, mucous, and sinus problems. Includes essential oils and herbal holistic remedies. Feel better so you can sleep with the best home remedies. #cold #cough #remedy #holistic #homeopathic

I live in a rural area.  It's not just a quick trip to the store to get medicines.  I try to stay stocked up on cold, fever, and cough medications, but we do run out.

It never fails that someone starts with symptoms Friday night through Sunday.  We are very limited for immediate care in my area.  Both options are more than half an hour each way and close early on weekends.

Sometimes over the counter medications don't give me enough symptom relief.  When I have chest congestion, I take medication and use natural remedies like steam and vapors for more relief.

I'm not a doctor and don't pretend to be one.  Always check with your doctor and use common sense when you are sick.

And always practice safety when using these with your kids.  This post is written for adults, so always double check to see if children can use essential oils.  Some are safe for kids over 2, and some aren't safe until the child is 10 or older.

Home Remedies for Cough and Cold


We use wood to heat the house, so the air gets very dry in the winter.  I run a humidifier to add moisture to the air.

Adding moisture to the air helps loosen congestion so you can get relief quick.

But this isn't the only benefit of having a humidifier.  When the air has 50 percent humidity, airborne bacteria actually starts to do down.  This can decrease the liklihood that you'll keep passing germs around.

I use a cool mist humidifier and a Vick's humidifier, depending on the symptoms.  For a dry cough, we use cool mist.  For a productive cough or congestion, we use the warm mist with Vick's Vapo Steam.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are very helpful when making home remedies for cough and cold.  When we start having any cough or sinus congestion, I reach for my Breath Easy blend.

It's a blend of several essential oils that work together to help relieve congestion and help me feel better.

Other oils that are good to use when you are sick are:

Learn more about the best essential oils for cold and flu here and get ideas for diffuser blends.

If you don't have a diffuser, you can make wax melts for cold and flu.  You can use these in a wax melter or burner just like you would a wax melt.

When someone is sick in the house, I make sure that I clean very well.  Here's how to make your own thieve's blend from essential oils.

Shower Steamers 

Besides using a diffuser, my favorite way to use essential oils as a home remedy for cold and cough is to make a shower steamer.

Steam really helps my breathing.  Shower steamers basically turn your shower into a huge aromatherapy spa.

Vapor Rubs and Salves

We use vapor rubs and salves a lot.  When my kids were little, I put it on their feet.

This is often one of our first lines of defense because it's so easy to use.  I make a batch in late summer or early fall so it's ready when we need it.

If you'd rather buy, I highly recommend the original Vick's VapoRub.  I'm all for saving money, but none of the generics have worked for me.  Or try a handmade salve with camphor and eucalyptus.

Bath Products 

When you're sick, sometimes soaking in a warm bathtub can help you feel better.  The water relaxes your body, and the essential oils create an aromatherapy spa.

Don't want to DIY?  I get you.  Try this cold and flu bath bomb with peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary.


I'll admit that I was skeptical about elderberry until I started taking it.  Notice in my intro that 3/5 of us have been sick, but I haven't.  I take elderberry syrup at the first hint of sickness and then daily while everyone else is sick.

I use my homemade syrup, but when I do get some congestion, I switch to Nature's Way Umcka Elderberry Intensive Cold Plus Flu Syrup.  This stuff is seriously amazing.  You can also buy handmade elderberry syrup on Etsy.

Cough Drops

Sometimes cough medicine just isn't enough to stop the cough.  Making your own homemade cough drops is easier than you think.

  • Homemade Cough Drops - This uses an herbal infusion plus honey and lemon or orange juice to naturally control the urge to cough. 
  • Homemade Cough Drops - These are a bit easier to make with just honey, lemon juice, ginger and coconut oil. 
For a natural cough drop from the store, I prefer Zarbee's or Burt's Bees.

 Food Recipes 

While the other home remedies for cold and cough are for symptom relieve, some foods can help boost your immune system and help you feel better faster.

Teas and Drinks

When I don't feel good, I often don't feel like eating much.  These teas and drinks can help you stay hydrated and give your body a boost while you're sick.

For a store bought tea, these are my favorites: Zarbee's Cough and Throat ReliefOrganic Throat Coat, Modest Earth Breathe Easy Tea.

I hope these 26 home remedies for cold and cough help you feel better soon!

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How to get fast relief with these cough and cold remedy recipes. This includes 26 natural DIY recipes that you can make at home. Includes drink, tea, soup, bath, and food recipes. These homemade homeopathic provide quick relief for congestion, sore throat, mucous, and sinus problems. Includes essential oils and herbal holistic remedies. Feel better so you can sleep with the best home remedies. #cold #cough #remedy #holistic #homeopathic