How to Make Essential Oil Body Spray Recipe

How to make essential oil body spray.  This acts like a natural perfume, and it's very easy to make.  Use it to add a light scent to your body or your hair. I made the switch to essential oils several years ago, and I am loving them for their aromatherapy benefits.  I like to use them for a natural scent because some fragrance oils bother my asthma. I'm sharing two DIY essential oil perfume spray recipes that you can easily make at home.  You can use your favorite essential oils or blends to make your own perfume. These are easy recipes, but there are a few things that you should know.  I'll explain why I chose the ingredients in each recipe and how to make essential oil body spray recipe and how to help the scent last longer. How to Make Essential Oil Body Spray Recipe How Do You Make Natural Body Spray With Essential Oils? I'm going to show you two ways to learn how to make an essential oil body spray recipe.  The first one uses cyclomethicone, and the second one uses

Peach Berry Immune Booster Smoothie Recipe With Emergen C

Learn how to make a immune booster smoothie with Emergen C.  This is a delicious recipe with peaches, strawberries, and yogurt for a boost of vitamin C, protein, and fruits to support your immune system. I don't know about you, but I don't have time to be sick.  I work more than full time plus have kids.  If I take a day off, it can take several days to get caught up again.   I know it's the same for my fellow moms! That's why I take steps to support my immune system, like making this immune booster smoothie recipe.  It's an easy recipe, so you can make it even when you feel icky. Your kids will like this Vitamin C smoothie recipe too.  Shhh don't tell them that it's good for them! Immune Booster Smoothie Recipe How Can I Boost My Immune System Fast? This is a loaded question.  To support your immune system, you should eat a balanced diet and exercise all the time. Make sure you wash your hands often when you are out or touch things that could have germs.  

The Best Essential Oils for Sinus Headache

Learn about the best essential oils for sinus headache and how to use them in DIY recipes to naturally relieve your symptoms.  This has recipes for diffuser blends, rollers, and how to use essential oils for sinus pressure. Each spring and each fall, I have problems with my sinuses.  The pain and pressure makes me feel awful for a few days. Between the pressure and the pain, I can't concentrate or get any work done.  I just want to lie in bed and sleep.  I prefer to use a natural approach when I'm not feeling well, essential oils for sinus headache can help relieve the symptoms. You can use essential oils for sinus in several different ways.  We'll talk about the best oils to use, and I'll also have information on how to use them.

Easy DIY Greek Yogurt Face Mask Recipe

Learn how to make an easy Greek yogurt face mask recipe.  A natural yogurt face mask has many benefits for your skin, and this mask is especially good for oily skin or large pores with the addition of sea clay.  Use this once a week to exfoliate and tighten the skin.   When I got my February 2021 Simply Earth essential oil recipe box, the first thing I wanted to make was this Mermaid Mud Mask face mask for large pores.   I have oily skin and large pores, so clay masks work really well for my skin.  I try to use one once a week to exfoliate and keep my pores cleaned out so they look smaller. Like all of the Simply Earth recipes, this is an easy one to make at home.  It has common ingredients, and you get almost everything in the February box. If you're not a subscriber yet, don't worry because you can still make this DIY face mask for oily skin at home.  You can order your own box this month before it sells out, but they do sell out before the month is over.

How to Make Soap Petals

Learn how to make soap petals with faux rose petals.  These are perfect for a guest bath or to take with you for single use soaps. Way back when I sold bath and beauty products, these were a hot seller for me.  I used to make them in several different scents in rose petals and other flower petals.   Now I make them for myself because I have eczema on my hands and most hand soaps in stores make me flare up.  I keep a baggie of these disposable soaps in my purse so I can use soap without risking itching. These soap petals are also good for a romantic bath.  Simply toss a few in to the bath water, and they will float.  As the soap dissolves, the fragrance is released into the bath water.   How romantic would this be for Valentine's Day or date night? They also look and smell pretty in a dish on the counter in a guest bathroom.  Keep reading to learn how to make soap petals for disposable soaps or guest soaps. How to Make Soap Petals Links in this post may be affiliate links, whi