Christmas Scented Wax Tablet Air Freshener

How to make a Christmas scented wax tablet air freshener with essential oils.  This cute wax air freshener uses both soy wax and beeswax, and it's decorated with fresh holly.  Use it to give off a light scent or give them as gifts. I have two dogs, two cats, three kids, and a husband.   Having a nice smelling house is important to me. Until this year, we had therapists for in home therapy four days a week.  Thankfully, we've graduated from therapy, but you better believe I was borderline obsessed with the house smelling fresh while they were here! This Christmas, I wanted a fun Christmas scent for a natural air freshener.  These Christmas scented wax tablet air fresheners give off a light scent.   They are perfect for small spaces.  I keep one near my desk and a few in a pretty dish in the bathroom.

How to Make Stress Relief Shower Steamers

Learn how to make stress relief shower streamers.  Also called shower melts, these are like a bath bomb for the shower.  It turns your shower into an aromatherapy spa with lemon and lavender essential oils. Raise your hand if you feel stressed. I see a lot of hands.  As I type this, we are in well into 2020, and the holiday season is fast approaching.   It's a safe bet that we could all use some stress relief shower streamers right now.  These also make great gifts.   As far as a DIY goes, these are fairly easy to make.  They aren't quite as finicky as a bath bomb, and you really don't need a special mold. You will need some common kitchen ingredients and some essential oils.  Make several and place them in a mason jar or bag to gift to someone who could use some stress relief. Teachers come to mind.  Or friends.  Or family.  I mean, who wouldn't want the gift of stress relief?

How to Make DIY Pine Cone Fire Starters

Learn how to make DIY pine cone fire starters.  They look pretty sitting in a basket, and they make a great gift.  Use these outside to start fires quickly and easily.  You can also add essential oils for a light scent. Living in the country, we have a lot of fires in the fall.  You know, those nights where it's a little cool, but you still want to enjoy every last moment of being outside before the snow starts flying. We have a nice fire pit and plenty of firewood.  To make starting the fire easier, we use pinecone fire starters that are dipped in wax and have a wick on the end.   Just light, set in the fire, and sit back and enjoy your evening fire.   These also make really unique wedding favors.  If you're looking for a favor that's not your typical candy and something that your guests will use, these are perfect. You can even change the colors to fit the colors of your wedding.

How to Make Thieves Oil Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

 Learn how to make Thieves oil foaming hand soap recipe.  This saves money versus buying it, and you can make it under 5 minutes!  This uses a blend of essential oils called Thieves oil that are said to be antibacterial. Even without being in the midst of a pandemic, it's still a good idea to practice good handwashing.   With 5 people in the family, we go through a lot of hand soap.   I swear it's like my kids use half of a bottle each time they wash their hands!  I make my own hand soap to save money.   I used to use the regular pump style soap dispenser and put a hair tie on it so it would squirt out less soap.  I gave up on that and just use a foaming dispenser now. Foaming hand soap dispensers are almost 80 to 90 percent water.  Even though you're only getting about 10 percent soap, it's still plenty to clean your hands.  

How to Make Hydrosol from Fresh or Dried Herbs

 Learn how to make hydrosol from fresh or dried herbs.  This saves you money, and you can create a hydrosol in just a few hours.  Use your hydrosol for a toner, DIY hair care, DIY skin care, or even a homemade cleaner. Hydrosols are sometimes called floral waters.  They are made in much the same was as an essential oil, and they are actually a byproduct of making an essential oil. Where an essential oil is oil based, a hydrosol is water based.  It has similar properties to the essential oil, but it's milder and can be used in a variety of DIY recipes or on its own. Today, we are going to learn how to make a hydrosol using either fresh or dried herbs.  I'm using a steam juicer because I have one for food preservation.  I'll also show you how to make hydrosol without buying any special equipment.