Cold and Flu Sinus Relief Shower Steamers Without Citric Acid

 Learn how to make shower steamers for sinus relief, congestion, or cough.  These sinus shower bombs are easy to make, so make a batch and store them until you need them.  This shower steamers recipe without citric acid dissolves in water and turns your shower into an aromatherapy spa. When I'm sick with sinus trouble, whether it be from allergies, a sinus infection, or a cold, I am miserable.  I turn on the cool mist humidifier and take my meds, but the thing that brings me the most relief is using essential oils in a diffuser or in sinus shower steamers. At the first sign of sinus trouble, I put Breathe Easy in my essential oil diffuser.  This works well, but using the oils in steam seems to help better. This shower melts recipe is for when you have a cold, cough, or congestion.  I make these sinus shower bombs and keep them on the shelf so I have them when I need them. How to Make Homemade Shower Steamers for Congestion Sometimes I use my bath salts for cold and flu , which work

Bubbling Bath Salt Recipe

Learn how to make fizzing bath salts.  This is a fun and easy recipe to make at home.  It's great for both kids and adults.  You can use your favorite body wash or bubble bath to make this bubbling bath salt recipe. Taking a bubble bath is a great way to relax.  Epsom salt baths are also relaxing.  If you want to relax before bedtime, which one should you choose? Now you don't have to choose with this bubble bath Epsom salt recipe.  This is like a bubble bath and Epsom salt bath in one foaming bath salts recipe. This is a fairly easy recipe that looks like a bath salt and you use like a bath salt, but it's a foaming bath salts recipe.  When you add it to the water, it fizzes like a bath bomb. This foaming bath salts recipe can have a lot of bubbles if you use a bubble bath or body wash with a lot of bubbles.  It's made without SLS, so it's easy for beginners to make. How to Make Fizzing Bath Salts Do Bath Salts Make Bubbles? Regular bath salt recipes do not make bub

Vegan Acai Berry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

How to make a mixed berry smoothie bowl recipe.  This is easier to make than a smoothie, and they are a delicious way to start your day as a healthy breakfast.  You can also make them as a snack or even a dessert. A few months ago, I gave up dairy.  It really wasn't a choice, my body was revolting every time I had milk.   I never did drink milk straight, but I am having a hard time giving up yogurt and cheese.  A really hard time with cheese. But alas, I am now diary free.  The inflammation is going down, and I'm learning about dairy alternatives.   This vegan smoothie breakfast bowl uses almond milk instead of cow's milk.  I can still eat something that resembled my old smoothies with yogurt, but now it's dairy free. Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl I'm not much of a breakfast eater.  I'm actually doing intermittent fasting, so I don't eat breakfast until about noon or after.  At that point, I have to eat something or I'll spoil my dinner by eating too late. I

After Sun Aloe Vera Face Mist Recipe

Use this aloe vera spray for face after spending time in the sun.  It soothes your skin and rehydrates to promote skin health after sun exposure.  Use this lavender face spray even if you don't experience any redness to soothe your skin. Even if you don't get a sunburn, exposure to the sun can cause damage to your skin.  Your skin can get dry and irritated.  If you did get a sunburn, even a small one, then you'll definitely want to take care of your skin when you get out of the sun.   This soothing face mist is easy to make, and I used supplies from my Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box.  Although this isn't one of their recipes, I used my latest box to make a lavender face spray recipe. Although this is a soothing face mist recipe, I also use it all over my body.  I formulated it just for delicate facial skin, but it's perfect for skin all over.

DIY Natural Air Freshener With Essential Oils

Learn how to make a homemade air freshener with baking soda and essential oils.  This natural air freshener recipe is very easy to make with just two ingredients.  It absorbs odors in your home, and the essential oils have a light natural scent.  It’s perfect for small spaces like closets, bathrooms, and bedrooms. I have three kids, two dogs, and two cats.  I also have autism therapists in my home several times a week.   I'm a little paranoid about smells, especially from the litter boxes.  Unfortunately, the litter box is just off the dining room in a hallway, and we homeschool and do therapy in the dining room.   Miss Chloe, the princess, needs her own box, which is in our already tiny bathroom just off of the dining room. And thus the need for a natural air freshener DIY with essential oils.  This baking soda air freshener DIY would also be perfect for the car because it will fit right in a cup holder.   I don't like the artificial scent of air fresheners.  Besides that, my