How to Make Aromatherapy Sleep Salve With Essential Oils

 Learn how to make a sleep salve with essential oils.  This is like a solid aromatherapy sleep lotion, so it's easy to take with you and easy to apply.  It uses a blend of essential oils to support rest and relaxation to help you fall asleep easier. This Simply Earth box this month was all about rest and relaxation.  I was really excited for it because I use oils to help me relax at night.   I also give my daughter a roller to use before bed.  She says it doesn't work, but she falls asleep faster for sure. This essential oil sleep salve is easy to make.  All of the ingredients are in the April box, or you can buy them separately if you're reading this after the box is sold out.   I don't use a water diffuser at night, so this sleep salve is a great alternative for me.  I get the benefits without letting my diffuser run all night. How to Make Aromatherapy Sleep Salve With Essential Oils This is an easy essential oil sleep balm recipe with just an oil, beeswax, and a blen

How to Use Essential Oils for Sleep

Learn how to use essential oils for sleep.  This includes the best essential oils to use for sleep and how to use them in several different DIY recipes. I got my April Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box early so I can share it with all of you.  It's a great box, and I enjoyed making all of the recipes. The theme for April is rest and relaxation.  I don't know about you guys, but this is perfect timing.  We still have April and May to go before summer, but we are done.  We are all tired.  This week is supposed to be spring break, but we can't go anywhere to do much to enjoy the break.   My oldest still has college classes because they have a short year.  So we aren't doing much for spring break this year.  Sad. However, I wanted to share with you how to use essential oils for sleep and relaxation because I know we're all done by this point in the school year, no matter how our kids are being schooled.

How to Make DIY Aroma Stones

How to make DIY aroma stones for an easy passive diffuser.  These are made with essential oils and naturally scent a room for aromatherapy.  This is an easy DIY project and looks pretty sitting in a bowl on a desk or in small spaces. These DIY aroma stones are a fun project that you can make in an afternoon.  They are made with essential oils for an inexpensive passive diffuser that's perfect for small spaces. There are a few recipes to make aroma rocks, but I chose this one because it has common ingredients.  There is a recipe with plaster of Paris that works really well too, but I like that this one has kitchen staples. I used a fun new blend from Simply Earth called Lava.  I just got it last month when it was released, and I am obsessed! I've been diffusing it in my office and at home because it's such a nice blend.  It was perfect for these DIY aroma stones.

How to Make a Glitter Bath Bomb Recipe

This glitter bath bomb recipe is fun for both kids and adults.  This is an easy bath bomb recipe with kaolin clay that results in rock hard bath bombs made with biodegradable glitter.  I used a fun fruity essential oil blend that smells like candy. I think bath bombs are one of the most fun DIY bath and body products.  They are also one of the harder ones to make. I'll admit that I used to have a love hate relationship with bath bombs.  I loved using them, but I hated making them. I practiced a few times, messed a few times, and finally found a recipe that I liked.  Now I have some experience, so I've been adapting that recipe and making some tweaks. This bath bomb recipe with kaolin clay is a good one for beginner bath bomb makers or just someone who doesn't want to futz with a harder recipe. It has coconut oil in it to help act like a glue to hold the dry ingredients together.  The kaolin clay also helps make them rock hard. I made this a fun glitter bath bomb recipe with

Succulent DIY Essential Oil Diffuser (Dollar Tree Craft)

Learn how to make your own essential oil diffuser.  This succulent DIY essential oil diffuser is easy to make in under 10 minutes.  It's a Dollar Tree craft, so it's inexpensive to make.  This makes a great diffuser for an office, bedroom, or other small space because it's pretty as well as functional. I use my essential oils in several different ways, but the method that I use most is diffusing.  I diffuse oils during the day to uplift my mood or to help me concentrate, and I diffuse at night to promote relaxation and sleep. I do use an electric diffuser in the main living area, but for smaller spaces I use passive diffusion.   I like the passive diffusion because I don't have to worry about water.  I use the same oils or blends often, so I don't need to worry about mixing all of my oils.   I was using a water diffuser in my office, but it was a pain to go get water for it and to clean it when it needed cleaning.   So I made this rock oil diffuser for passive diffu