How to Make Homemade Cough Syrup With Whiskey - 3 Easy Recipes

How to make homemade cough syrup with whiskey.  This has three easy recipes that you can make at home and use to relieve the symptoms of a cough.  These are based on old fashioned cough syrup recipes that my grandmothers used, and I still use them today.

Healthy Apple Crisp Macchiato Recipe Iced or Hot (Sugar Free, Vegan)

How to make a healthy apple crisp macchiato recipe.  This is a Starbucks apple crisp macchiato copycat recipe to make at home.  You can make it sugar free or vegan, and it saves you a lot of money! Skinny Apple Crisp Macchiato Recipe I've been known to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte or two during pumpkin spice season.  When Starbucks announced the new apple crisp macchiato, I had to try one. I love apples and apple crisp, but I wasn't sure how it would be in a coffee drink.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that it's a delicious fall drink! My Starbucks is half an hour away, so I knew I had to come up with a skinny apple crisp macchiato recipe.   I did some testing and came up with an apple crisp macchiato copycat recipe for both the hot drink and the iced drink.   What is in an Apple Crisp Macchiato? According to the Starbucks website, an apple crisp macchiato has: Milk Brewed espresso Apple brown sugar syrup Spiced apple drizzle These ingredients seem innocent, but the sy

DIY Menthol Eucalyptus Shower Steamer Recipe

Learn how to make shower steamers with menthol crystals to turn your shower into an aromatherapy vaporizer.  These menthol and eucalyptus shower steamers dissolve in water to release menthol vapors and essential oils to naturally relieve allergy, cough, and cold symptoms.

Tips for Layering Melt and Pour Soap + Orange Clove Soap Recipe

Layering melt and pour soap is a skill that many new soapmakers want to learn to create beautiful soaps with more than one color or element.  In this orange clove soap recipe, I'll teach you how to layer melt and pour soap to make an orange and a clove layer for a beautiful homemade soap. Melt and pour soap is great way to get started with soapmaking.  While cold process soap offers more flexibility in terms of additives, melt and pour lets you get creative with design elements. Learning how to make layered melt and pour soap is a fun technique.  Once you learn this melt and pour soap technique, then you can create soap with several layers or colors.  I used this technique for this orange and clove soap to make an orange layer and a clove layer.  You can also use it to make rainbow or multicolored soaps.

Recipe for Simmering Potpourri (Crock Pot, Stove Top, or Instant Pot)

How to make a natural simmering potpourri.  This recipe for simmering potpourri can be used in a Crock Pot slow cooker, on the stove top, or in an Instant Pot.  It's a natural way to make your home smell like fall without using candles or a diffuser. We all want our homes to smell good, especially if we have company over.  I switched from candles and wax melts to natural air fresheners several years ago. Now I use an essential oil diffuser and homemade candles with essential oils in my home.  I also like making homemade fall potpourri to make my home smell good naturally. This recipe for simmering potpourri is easy to make, and you can make simmering potpourri recipe gift in a jar to give to friends if you use dried fruits.