23 September 2015

How to Prevent Bed Head

I'm not sure which is worse for bed head: long hair or short hair.  When I had long hair, I'd wake up with a tangled mess.  Now that my hair in chin length, it tends to stick up in odd places some mornings.  I straighten my curly hair, so wetting it really isn't an option unless I want to dry it and straighten it again.  My poor daughter is 8 and still has baby fine hair.  She has about the worst bed head that I've ever seen.  She was waking up with knots in the same spot until we learned how to prevent bed head.
How to prevent bedhead.

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Satin Sheets

When you toss and turn all night, friction between your pillowcase and your hair causes your hair to get tangled.  Sleep on satin pillowcases to reduce friction and wake up looking better. This helped my daughter more any other thing that we tried.

Dry Hair
If you get a shower at night, make sure your hair is completely dry before going to bed.  Wet hair will get tangled throughout the night, and even damp hair will be a mess by morning.  

Brush Before Bed
Brush your hair just before bed to remove tangles.  Your will still wake up with tangles, but there will be less than if you hadn't brushed your hair.

Flat Iron
Personally, I use a flat iron before going to bed.  When I wake up, my hair isn't perfectly straight, but it takes just a few minutes to straighten the top layers before starting my day.  

Get Trims Regularly

I noticed that my daughter's bed head greatly improved when I got her hair trimmed regularly. Since she's so young and growing out her hair, I was taking her in every few months. Now she gets her hair trimmed when I do every 6-8 weeks.

Sometimes even trying these tips for how to prevent bed head won't get rid of it all the time. If time allows, grab a quick shower.  Wetting your hair or washing it will help tame your hair.  If you do not have time for a shower, wet your hair under the faucet first thing in the morning and wrap it in a towel to dry while you get dressed.  Use a hair dryer for a few minutes and style as usual.

Ponytails are the easiest way to get rid of bed head for women.  Simply comb your hair back and secure with a hair tie or clip.  There are many ways to dress up a simple ponytail if you are headed to work.  

Do you have bad bed head? Have you tried any of these tips?

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photo credit: Vortex via photopin (license)