04 February 2020

How to Remove Makeup Naturally

Learn how to remove makeup naturally so you don't use harsh chemicals on your skin.  These methods can reduce irritation and protect your skin.

In the last several years, I've made a conscience effort to switch to natural skin care products and natural makeup.

Back when I was posting more beauty and skin care products, I got so many PR packages, including a lot of makeup remover wipes.

They are so convenient, so I liked using them.  When I'm tired and just want to get to bed, I don't want to spend a lot of time taking off my makeup in addition to my usual skin care routine.

But those makeup wipes and even a liquid makeup remover can be harmful for your skin.  They can have toxic ingredients that can cause more harm than good.

Now I've learned how to remove makeup naturally to keep my skin healthy and clear without using toxic chemicals or harsh ingredients that can cause irritation.

How to Remove Makeup Naturally

I'm so thankful that there are so many amazing natural skin care and makeup brands now.  I'm using Derma E almost exclusively for skin care.

I also use my own kaolin clay cleanser recipeDIY lilac skin toner, and shimmer face oil recipe to keep my skin looking great naturally.

I have oily skin and enlarged pores, so if I don't take off my makeup, I'm likely to break out or have huge pores.

Natural beauty is important to me, and I want my daughter to know that natural skin care and natural makeup is an option for her, too.  She's just like mom and loves makeup.

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Why It's Important to Remove Makeup

If you don't remove your makeup, it can clog your pores.  This can lead to blemishes, including acne or blackheads.

It also helps your skin look and feel better because makeup can clog the pores, which makes them appear larger.

Learn how to shrink pores naturally for a smoother complexion.

You should remove your makeup before going to bed so your skin can breathe at night.  Learn how to remove makeup naturally to keep your skin looking amazing.

How Does Makeup Remover Work?

Makeup removers work by dissolving makeup so you can rinse it away.  Makeup is either water based or oil based, depending on your skin care needs.

Like dissolves like, so use an oil based makeup remover for oil based foundation and makeup and a water based one for water based foundation.

Makeup Eraser Cloths

I was a skeptic the first time I heard about makeup eraser cloths.  If I was using a makeup remover and cleansing and still getting ick off of my face with toner, how was plain water on a special cloth going to work?

I'm happy to report that I was wrong and they do work (for the most part).  I picked up a pack of 4 Erase Your Face cloths.

Dakota was in tech week for a play, so she was also wearing a full face of makeup.  Hers was heavier than mine because she was on stage.

They are easy to use.  Just wet with warm water, wipe away makeup, rinse, and hang to dry.  You can use them a few times before they need laundered.

They are really soft, so they feel great on your skin.  I'm not sure exactly how they work, but they are supposed to break up makeup so it's easier to wash away.  They also work like magnets to pull makeup from your face to the cloth.

These do really work, and they work well with limits.

They aren't great for long lasting mascara or liquid eyeliner.  I have oily eyelids, so I have to use a liquid for any longevity.

They also don't work great on a full face of heavy makeup.  By that I mean primer, heavy foundation, and a setting spray.  When I have heavy makeup on, I use these and then follow with one of the methods below.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk isn't just a healthy drink.  It's also great for removing makeup.  It has lauric acid and makes your skin so soft while soothing your skin.

Just use a cotton pad with coconut milk and wipe off makeup.  You can also use powdered coconut milk and add water and use that for a longer shelf life.

Milk Powder

Regular milk also works to remove makeup, but it's cold and not convenient to grab it from the fridge.  Use full fat milk powder and add warm water to make a paste.  Use that to remove makeup, including waterproof makeup.

The fats in the milk help moisturize the skin.  Lactic acid helps balance the skin tone, and alpha hydroxyl acid exfoliates dead skin cells and boost skin elasticity.

Oil Cleansing Method

The oil cleansing method works very well for oil based makeup.  Remember like dissolves like?  If water isn't doing it, oil just might.

This is very easy to do.  Just put some oil on a cotton round and wipe the makeup off your face.  Then wash as usual.

Try one of the following oils for best results:

Olive oil, castor oil, and avocado oil are heavier oils.  I use them in the winter because my skin is gets dry then.

Grapeseed, sunflower, and apricot kernel oils are dry oils, so they soak in quickly.  They won't leave your skin feeling oily.  

Jojoba is great for oily skin because it can help balance oil production.  

Learn more about the oil cleansing method and how to remove makeup naturally.

Aloe Vera

If oil cleansing is too heavy for your skin, try using aloe vera and oil.  Simply combine aloe vera gel and one of the oils mentioned above and use it the same way.

You can play with the rations, but start with a 1:1 ratio.  Mix well before using and use the same as you would plain oil.

Micellar Water

Remember when we talked about like dissolving like?  Chances are you are wearing both water and oil based makeup, or maybe you just don't know which one you're using.

Micellar water containers micelles.  These micelles are molecules that attract both water and oil, so they help remove both water based and oil based water.

Besides the makeup eraser cloths, micellar water is my favorite way to remove makeup naturally.  Just put some on a cotton round, wipe, and you don't even need to rinse or wash with a cleanser.

It works very well to remove even heavy makeup, but sometimes it doesn't get all of my mascara off.  I use oil cleansing for that.

Of all of the ways to learn how to remove makeup naturally, micellar water is my favorite because it's inexpensive and easy to use.

I really like the Derma E Vitamin C Micellar water (get it on Amazon or from Derma E).  I also really like Garnier Micellar Water.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel makes a great toner, and it also helps remove makeup.  I use it after using a makeup eraser cloth or micellar water to tone, and it also gets that last little bit of makeup that you may have missed.

Natural Makeup Remover Wipes

Sometimes, you just need a makeup remover wipe.  I put these in Dakota's theater makeup kit so she can take makeup off after plays before she comes home.

I also use them when I'm really tired and just want to get to bed.

I like the Derma E Hydrating Micellar Wipes  (get them on Amazon or Derma E)  I haven't used the Burt's Bees makeup remover wipes, but I have used their other products and liked them.

Makeup Remover Balm

A balm has oil in it, so it dissolves oil as it cleanses your skin.   A cleansing balm can remove makeup, cleanse, clean pores, and keep the skin balanced.

I like Manuka Lane cleaning balm.  It's made with argan oil, sweet almond oil, and evening primrose oil.

Make your own with this easy DIY cleansing balm recipe from A Life Adjacent.

How to Remove Eye Makeup Naturally

Even after you learn how to remove makeup naturally, it may not work on eye makeup.  Eye makeup is a little bit more stubborn to remove for me.

I have to use a long lasting liquid eye liner or it just dissolves in an hour.  I also usually use two coats of mascara, which is harder to remove.

Personally, I like to use an oil or micellar water on my eyes.  Oil works better for me.  Burt's Bees also has an eye makeup remover wipe that's nice.

Now you know how to remove makeup naturally!

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How to remove makeup naturally without using makeup remover that may have chemicals.  Use this for natural beauty or if you're just out of makeup remover. These natural products remove makeup from face without toxins or chemicals. If you practice natural skincare, try these tips for the best way to take makeup off.  Some you can buy and some you can DIY at home. #naturalbeauty #skincare