How to Make Soap Petals
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Way back when I sold bath and beauty products, these were a hot seller for me.  I used to make them in several different scents in rose petals and other flower petals.  Now I make them for myself because I have eczema on my hands and most hand soaps in stores make me flare up.  I keep a baggie of these disposable soaps in my purse so I can use soap without risking itching.

These soap petals are also good for a romantic bath.  Simply toss a few in to the bath water, and they will float.  As the soap dissolves, the fragrance is released into the bath water.  How romantic would this be for Valentine's Day or date night?

They also look and smell pretty in a dish on the counter in a guest bathroom.  Keep reading to learn how to make soap petals for disposable soaps or guest soaps.


How to Make Soap Petals

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I've seen these made with tweezers instead of using pins, but this always gave me a clump where I held the petal.  If you're making these for yourself and don't mind the clump of soap, then you can use tweezers.  I used to sell them, so I used the pin method.

When I was making 100s of these at a time, I used a double boiler.  Since I was making a small batch to take photos for this post, I just heated the soap in the microwave and worked until the soap started to harden.  I poured the soap in a mold and will reheat the next time to make more.  

What You Need



After you've melted your soap, add your fragrance oil.  As a general rule, you'll need 1 teaspoon of fragrance per pound of soap.  I melted about 3 ounces of soap, so I used a little less than 1/4 of a teaspoon of fragrance oil.  


Push the pin through the petal.  You want the petal near the pin head, but not touching the head because the soap will clump there if it touches.


Carefully dip the flower petal in to the soap.  The soap will probably be cool enough that it won't burn you, but be careful not to burn yourself.  After you fully submerge it in the soap, twirl the pin back and forth between your fingers to get the excess soap off.  



Stick the pin in your styrofoam to let dry.  Try not to let the petal touch the foam or you'll get a clump.  


Once you've made a few and the soap starts to set up, you can remove the pin.  To remove the pin hole, just gently rub with your fingers and the soap will smooth over.  


Let the petals cool completely on the foam before you package them.  They will stick together if you package them too quickly.  

If you have soap left over, you can save it for the next round or pour it in a mold and use as hand soap at home.

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how to make soap petals

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