14 June 2023

4 DIY Passive Diffuser Ideas for Essential Oils

 Whether you're seeking relaxation, stress relief, or a rejuvenating atmosphere, essential oils can work wonders. One of the most effective ways to experience their benefits is through passive diffusion. In this guide, we will explore the power of passive diffusion and how it can transform your living space.

What is a Passive Diffuser?

I use both an active essential oil diffuser and passive diffusion.  They both have their pros and cons, and we'll talk about those and how to make a few kinds of DIY passive diffusers.

The June 2023 Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box is all about passive diffusion.  It has the supplies you need to make four passive diffusers, an essential oil blend, and a roller bottle for summer.  

In the box, you'll get:

You'll use these supplies plus a few items from your home to make 6 different DIY projects.  Each month, for less than the cost of the oils you get 4 full size bottles plus supplies to make things.

I love that you can learn about essential oils in small chunks so it's not overwhelming.  It also inspires me to create new things.

Use code EVERYTHINGPRETTYFREE when you subscribe for a free $45 gift card!

What is Passive Diffusing?

Passive diffusion is a gentle and natural way to release the aroma of essential oils into the air without the need for heat or electricity. 

Unlike other diffuser types, passive diffusers rely on the principles of evaporation and air circulation to disperse the fragrance. 

There are several types of passive diffusers available in the market.

  • Clay diffusers, with their simple and elegant designs, absorb and slowly release the essential oil aroma. I really like the succulent diffuser from Simply Earth.
  • Reed diffusers use porous reeds to draw the oil upwards and disperse it into the surrounding air.  You can make your own with this reed diffuser kit or buy a reed diffuser premade.
  • Terracotta diffusers, known for their earthy charm, enhance the diffusion process by absorbing and emitting the fragrance gradually.

You can also make DIY passive diffusers, and we'll cover a few below.

Active diffusers are nice for larger areas or for a stronger scent.  I have the stone diffuser from Simply Earth, and it's really pretty!

Choosing the Right Passive Diffuser

When selecting a passive diffuser, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, think about the size of the area you want to scent. For smaller spaces like bedrooms or bathrooms, a compact diffuser would be ideal, while larger rooms may require a diffuser with higher oil capacity.

I use a clay diffuser in my bedroom to diffuse right before bed.  I don't want to mess with filling a diffuser with water or making sure I shut it off before I go to bed, so it's perfect.

However, for the bathroom or an office, I want a longer lasting scent.  This is where I use a reed diffuser for a constant scent without having to add oils often.

Best Practices for Using an Essential Oil Passive Diffuser

To maximize the benefits of your essential oil passive diffuser, follow these best practices. First, consider the placement and positioning of your diffuser. 

For even distribution, place it in a central location with good air circulation. Avoid placing it near open windows or air vents that could disrupt the diffusion process.

Even though passive diffusion doesn't reach as far as a water diffuser, you still need to be mindful of who will be in the room.

Only use oils that are safe for any pets or children who will be near  Also make sure to use oils safe for elderly or pregnant women if applicable.  

Caring for Your Passive Diffuser

Proper care and maintenance ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your passive diffuser. Cleaning your diffuser regularly prevents the buildup of residue and allows for optimal diffusion.

For clay diffusers, gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or soaking the diffuser in water, as this can damage the clay. 

Reed diffusers require periodic maintenance. To clean the reeds, remove them from the bottle and rinse them with warm water. Let them air dry completely before reinserting them into the bottle. If the reeds become clogged or discolored, replace them with fresh ones for better diffusion.

Troubleshooting common issues with passive diffusers can ensure their optimal performance. If the aroma becomes weak, try adding a few more drops of essential oil. If the diffuser is not emitting a scent, check the positioning and airflow around the diffuser to ensure proper circulation.

DIY Passive Diffusers

The Simply Earth box contains supplies to make four different passive diffusers. This month, I made two of them.  I'll save the other two for another time.

DIY Diffuser Keychain

I like taking my oils with me, and the DIY diffuser keychain in the box is really cute!  It's a simple design made with wood beads, so it was quick and easy to assemble.

I think I'm going to place it in my center console in my car for a car diffuser instead of using it as a keychain.

Simply add up to three drops of oils to the wood beads.  When the scent fades, you can add more essential oils.

Potpourri Bark Recipe

I really like potpourri bark because you can get creative with flowers and dried spices or herbs on the top.  I didn't get a chance to make this recipe this month, but I will later.

Learn how to make wax brittle with essential oils and herbs to see how to make it.

Blossom Reed Diffuser

Even though I made a reed diffuser for essential oils from a previous box, I was in love with the flower reeds in the June box!

I made it to replace an older diffuser I used in my bathroom, and it looks so pretty!  

Candied Clove Gel Air Freshener

I like using gel air fresheners for my bath and my office because they last for several weeks.  I found some really cute wood lids for my DIY essential oil gel air fresheners.

Want to try more passive diffusers?  Try one of these recipes:

These four passive diffusers are great for both beginners or advanced users.  Ready to make your own?  Subscribe to the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box and use code EVERYTHINGPRETTYFREE for a free $45 gift card!

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