16 March 2023

How to Make Face Toner at Home

Learn how to make face toner at home.  This is an easy recipe to make at home using essential oils.  You just two ingredients plus essential oils to make a homemade face toner for daily use.   Use this daily after washing your face to remove dirt and debris and tighten pores.

Homemade Face Toner for Daily Use

I have large pores and oily skin, so I use a toner after washing my face.  It helps keep the oil to a minimum and makes my pores appear smaller.  

I had been buying a toner that I really liked, but budget cuts must be made with food and everything else rising.

The March Simply Earth Essential Oil recipe box is all about face care.  Inside, there's a recipe and the ingredients for a Beauty Within Toner, which is a homemade toner for all skin types.

It's a little different than the recipes I'd used before because it has oil in it.  I usually use diluted apple cider vinegar or witch hazel, but I am liking the addition of the oil.

March 2023 Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

The March box is all about face care.  It comes with the supplies to make six easy recipes: Beauty Roll On, Exfoliating Face Wash, Gentle Facial Cleanser Pore Clarifying Face Mask, Spring Rain Diffuser Blend, and this homemade toner for face.  

The March Box has:

You'll use these ingredients plus common ingredients from your home to make the recipes.  I love the boxes because you get to learn about 4 new oils a month and make easy recipes.  

Use code EVERYTHINGPRETTYFREE when you subscribe for a free $45 gift card for a future purchase!  Not ready to subscribe?  You can order single oils or blends, and you get free shipping on orders over $29.

What is a Facial Toner?

Even after you wash your face, you might have some oil or dirt left behind.  Using a toner helps remove dirt and debris from your skin.

It also cleanse your pores, so your pores appear smaller.  While you can't permanently shrink your pores, here's how to shrink pores naturally, if only temporary.  

Toner also soothes and refreshes your skin for smoother and better looking skin.  Finally, toner helps balance the pH of your skin.

What Ingredients Should Be in a Face Toner?

There are many, many different recipes for homemade toner for face.  Since each person has different skin needs, you may need to try a few recipes.

Here are the main ingredients for a face toner:

  • Astringents help cleanse the skin and shrink pores.  Witch hazel is often used as an astringent for homemade toner for all skin types.
  • Hydraters like aloe vera are great for those with dry skin.
  • Essential Oils each have their own properties that can promote skin health.
  • Hydrosols are floral waters, so they are gentler than essential oils.  Learn how to make hydrosols at home.
  • Carrier Oils help nourish the skin.  They can also help cleanse (oil dissolves oil) while nourishing your skin with vitamins and minerals. Learn more about carrier oils and their benefits.

How to Use Homemade Toner for Face

You should use a DIY facial toner with essential oils after cleaning and before moisturizing.  You can either use a spray bottle and spray it on your face or use a cotton ball.

You can also use this DIY facial toner with essential oils mid day to freshen up without washing your face.  

I prefer to use a cotton ball for face toner.  I feel like it helps to remove the dirt and oil instead of just letting it sit on the skin.

Homemade Toner With Witch Hazel Ingredients

Here's what you'll need to make a DIY facial toner with essential oils  (amounts are below in the recipe card):

Witch Hazel - Witch hazel is an inexpensive and easy to find ingredient for DIY beauty recipes.  It's anti inflammatory, and it helps cleanse and tone the skin.  Make sure you get witch hazel and not alcohol or a formula with alcohol in it because alcohol can be drying.

Sweet Almond Oil - I used sweet almond oil to nourish the skin.  Oil dissolve oil, so oil will help dissolve excess oil and keep your skin hydrated.  Other good oils to try are jojoba oil, apricot oil, or evening primrose oil.  

Essential Oils - I used the Beauty Within blend  and Tea Tree Oil from Simply Earth.  Beauty Within is a blend of Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary, and Myrrh.  You can also use Frankincense, Lavender, Helichrysum, Geranium, or Neroli.  

How Do You Make Homemade Face Toner?

Step #1

Combine essential oils and sweet almond oil in a small bowl.  

Step #2

Add the witch hazel to the essential oils and oil.  Pour into a small bottle.

Step #3

Shake well before using.  Add to a cotton ball and wipe over face.

Tips for Making Homemade Face Toner for Daily Use

This homemade toner with witch hazel is an easy recipe, but here are some tips to help you:

  • The essential oils need to be diluted in a carrier oil.  Use this essential oil dilution chart to help you know how many drops to use for recipes.
  • You can use different essential oils, but use the same number of drops to keep the dilution correct.
  • This makes about 1.33 ounces, so it makes a small bottle.  Use a 2 ounce bottle to store it in.  You can also double or triple the recipe and use a larger bottle.
  • Sweet almond oil is a good choice for most skin types.  Use jojoba oil for oily skin, apricot oil for dry skin, or rosehip oil for mature skin.
  • This recipe does not need a preservative and does not need to be stored in the fridge, but plan to use it within three months.  
  • I used witch hazel, but you can also use rose water or lavender hydrosol instead.  However, if you use a hydrosol, then you will need to use a preservative or store in the fridge.
  • Shake well before using because the witch hazel and oil will separate.  You can use an emulsifier made for facial skin, but I omitted to keep the recipe as natural as possible.
  • Use a witch hazel formula that is just witch hazel.  Some have other ingredients, and you don't want those because your homemade toner for face may not work as well.

Now you know how to make face toner!  Don't forget to use code EVERYTHINGPRETTYFREE when you subscribe to the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box for a free $45 gift card!

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facial toner, witch hazel, essential oils
Yield: 1.33 ounces
Author: Cari @ Everything Pretty
Estimated cost: $2

How to Make Face Toner at Home

prep time: 5 Mperform time: 10 Mtotal time: 15 M
How to make a homemade facial toner with witch hazel and essential oils.


  • 1 ounce witch hazel
  • 2 teaspoons sweet almond oil
  • 4 drops Beauty Within blend
  • 1 drop tea tree oil


  • Small bowl


  1. Combine essential oils and sweet almond oil in a small bowl.
  2. Add the witch hazel to the essential oils and oil. Pour into a small bottle.
  3. Shake well before using. Add to a cotton ball and wipe over face.
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