11 February 2020

Switching to Natural Deodorant + Armpit Detox Mask Recipe

There's an adjustment period when switching to natural deodorant.  Here's what to expect and how to speed up the process with an armpit detox recipe.

I try to lead a natural life.  We grow a lot of our own food, I make my own cleaning products, and I use natural beauty products.  But one thing that I just couldn't switch to natural was deodorant.

I was diagnosed with OCD in my early 20s, but I know that I had it in childhood.  One of my quirks is that I have to be clean.  I can't deal with dirt on my skin or being smelly.  I definitely can't handle a moist underarm.

Now that I have a 12-year-old daughter who is starting to wear deodorant, I thought it was a good time to finally start switching to natural deodorant.

She's so young, but she wears makeup for theater and that also includes face soap and other skin care products.  She has my baskets of natural products to choose from, and I feel better knowing that she's using natural products.

I have this thing with natural deodorant because I've been using traditional deodorants for over 20 years.  If she starts using them now, maybe she won't have that mental block.

One thing that helps me with switching to natural deodorant was to make an armpit detox recipe.  I'd seen them before on blogs and on Pinterest, but I didn't get why they are important.

Switching To Natural Deodorant + Armpit Detox Recipe

WildRoot Natural Deodorant

Several weeks ago, WildRoot sent me a sample of their new natural deodorant.  I tried it, but I only gave it a few days before I set it aside and went back to my other brand.

comp I was talking with Rebecca from Soap Deli News, and she loves natural deodorant.  She was educating me on why it's important, and I knew I had to give it a real chance.

She has used several natural deodorant brands, and she likes WildRoot.  WildRoot is a brand new company, and it's a sister company to Simply Earth.  I've been using Simply Earth essential oils for almost a year now, so I decided to give the new deodorant company a try.

They reached out to me and asked me if I'd like to try to deodorants.  They have a Performance formula and a Sensitive formula that's made without baking soda, so I asked for one of each to compare.

Let's start by explaining the difference between what mainstream and natural deodorants do for the body. First, it's important to understand that traditional deodorants tend to double as antiperspirants, whereas most natural deodorants do not.

The Difference Between Mainstream Deodorant and Natural Deodorant

You have bacteria on your skin. Everyone does.  When you sweat, the bacteria multiplies and breaks down, which is what causes body odor.

Mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants have aluminum salts and propylene glycol to stop to you from sweating.  They plug your sweat glands, so you won't sweat.  No sweat, no body odor.

Deodorants work by masking or neutralizing your natural body odor.  Most products you buy at the store do both.  They block sweat and reduce odors if you do sweat.

There's been some concern with aluminum lately.  Besides, humans are designed to sweat.  It's what regulates our temperature and helps us detox by eliminating toxins through our sweat.

Switching to Natural Deodorant - What Happens?

It's important to know that there is a breaking in period when you start using a natural deodorant.  The first time I tried switching to natural deodorant, I couldn't get past the body odor.  It might not happen the first few days, but it will happen. 

When you stop using aluminum to "plug" your pores and stop the sweat, your body starts to release what was trapped inside.  This means that a few days after you start switching to natural deodorant, prepare for some stinky days as your body detoxes.

I always blamed this on the natural deodorant and stopped using it.  It's not the deodorant's fault; this is normal and natural.

What to Expect When You Switch to Natural Deodorant

Every body is different, but here are general guidelines about what to expect when switching to natural deodorant.

Week 1

Not much will happen the first week.  The aluminum is still plugging your pores.  You might have some wetness, but you'll feel just like you did last week.

Week 2

Week two is when you'll want to give up.  Your body will finally be able to sweat, which is good to flush out toxins.  You'll also notice more body odor as the bacteria starts to grow under your arms.

This week sucks, I'm not going to lie.  But keep going because this is the worst week.

Week 3

The amount of bacteria on your skin starts to balance, so you'll have less body odor.  You won't be sweating as much, so you'll be drier.

You'll definitely want to be wearing cotton and natural shirts because they breathe better.

 Week 4

Your body should get back to normal sometime this week.  It might not be until the end of the week, but you should regulate and notice less odor and less sweating.

You will still have some sweating.  It's a normal body process, but you'll sweat less after the first month than you will during the transition period.

Tips to Help You Through Deodorant Detox

Just because it's a natural process doesn't mean that you'll enjoy it.  Here are some tips to make the next month more bearable.

  • Keep a travel sized natural deodorant with you at all times.  I kept it in my purse to freshen on the go.  It didn't stop the moisture, but it did help me smell better.
  • Take a hot bath or shower to open your pores.  This helps the toxins flow and get out of your body faster.
  • Use arrowroot powder to absorb excess moisture.  
  • Use a probiotic spray to encourage good bacteria.
  • Freshen up on the go with a natural deodorant wipe.

Baking Soda Or Not?

WildRoot has both a natural deodorant with baking soda, the Performance formula, and a Sensitive formula without baking soda.  The Performance formula is great for those who sweat more or to use when you're more active.

However, some people are sensitive to baking soda.  If you use products for sensitive skin on your face or have eczema or are prone to irritation, you might want to start with the sensitive formula.

Armpit Detox

I'll admit that when I heart about armpit detox, I was skeptical.  I may have even chuckled.  But it's a thing, and now I see why.

I was not looking forward to two weeks of detox and being smelly or moist, so I sped up the process with an armpit detox recipe.

Since aluminum in mainstream deodorants plug your pores and trap toxins in your body, you'll need something that will draw those toxins from your body.

You can either make your own armpit detox recipe or buy one.  I'll include the recipe at the end of the post to make your own.

The Lavanila Underarm Detox Mask has charcoal to pull toxins from the body, including aluminum.  It also has vanilla in it to soothe the underarms and act as an antioxidant.  It is cruelty free.

The Formula 10.0.6 Draw It Out Charcoal and Plum Mask exfoliates with fruit extracts and draws out toxins with charcoal.  Use this cruelty free armpit mask up to three times per week.

You can also use a detox scrub.  I recommend the Pacifica Coconut and Charcoal Underarm Detox Scrub.  This vegan and cruelty free scrub pulls out toxins with charcoal while it exfoliates to release more toxins from your body.

Armpit Detox Mask Recipe

When I want to detox the skin on my face, I use charcoal and bentonite clay.  Both work well on their own, but when you combine them, they are amazing.

It's my favorite DIY face mask recipe by far.

Since both charcoal and bentonite clay work to draw toxins and impurities from the skin, I chose both of them for this armpit detox mask recipe.

You can use just charcoal or just bentonite clay.  If you do use just one of them, add more of the one you choose in place of the other ingredient.


Activated charcoal has millions or pores in it.  It has a negative charge, and toxins and chemicals have a positive charge.  The charcoal attracts the toxins and traps them.  When you rinse away the mask, you're also rinsing away the toxins.

Charcoal can get messy.  Definitely wear an old shirt or wrap yourself in an old towel when you are applying this armpit detox mask recipe.

Learn more about the beauty benefits benefits of activated charcoal.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay also absorbs toxins and chemicals when you apply it topically.  It attaches to the oils in the toxins, so it rinses them away when you wash off the mask.

Bentonite clay also absorbs excess oils and bacteria.  Since bacteria is what causes the smell, this can help unclog your pores and control bacteria.

While you can use just bentonite clay to make this armpit detox mask, it does get tight and very hard.  It can also make your skin red for a while after you use it.  The redness goes away, but be aware that it will likely happen.

Cutting the bentonite with the activated charcoal helps reduce the tightness and redness.  I think it makes a more comfortable mask.

Never use metal utensils or bowls when you're using bentonite clay.  They will react with the ions and they won't be attracted to the toxins.

Apple Cider Vinegar

You can just use water to make your armpit detox mask recipe, but I think it works better with apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar has alpha hydroxy acid in it, so it naturally exfoliates the skin.  This helps remove dead skin cells, which helps the toxins and chemicals leave the body easier.

I like to dilute the ACV with water when I make a mask.  If you use only ACV, your skin could get red, and you can change the pH balance of your skin, causing irritation.

If you need to add more liquid, add more water to this recipe.

Armpit Detox Recipe Ingredients

Armpit Detox Recipe Directions

Step #1 

Combine the activated charcoal and bentonite clay in a small bowl.

Step #2

Add the water and apple cider vinegar and stir well.  If it's too dry, add water to make a paste.

Step #3

Use your fingers or a mask brush to apply to the underarms.  Let dry for 5 to 20 minutes.  I recommend starting with 5 minutes and slowly increasing the time.  If you have irritation, rinse off immediately.

Step #4

Rinse well.  Follow with your natural deodorant.

If you're like me and don't want to get everything out each time you have to make this, you can mix activated charcoal and bentonite clay 1:1 and store in a mason jar.  Use 2 tablespoons of this mixture and add the water and ACV as needed.

Leftovers must be discarded, so don't premake it with the liquid.

You don't have to use an armpit detox mask when switching to natural deodorant, but I do recommend it.  It will speed up the detox process and lessen the odor and wetness while your body adjusts.

armpit detox mask, detox charcoal, bentonite clay
Yield: 1 mask
Author: Cari @ Everything Pretty
Estimated cost: $5

Armpit Detox Mask Recipe

prep time: 5 Mperform time: 5 Mtotal time: 10 M
How to make an armpit detox mask with charcoal and bentonite clay to pull toxins from your body.



  • Small glass bowl
  • Plastic or wood spoon


  1. Combine the activated charcoal and bentonite clay in a small bowl.
  2. Add the water and apple cider vinegar and stir well. If it's too dry, add water to make a paste.
  3. Use your fingers or a mask brush to apply to the underarms. Let dry for 5 to 20 minutes. I recommend starting with 5 minutes and slowly increasing the time. If you have irritation, rinse off immediately.
  4. Rinse well. Follow with your natural deodorant.
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Switching to natural deodorant? WildRoot is one of the best brands that works. They have products for body odor with essential oils and for sensitive skin without baking soda. Learn why use natural products, benefits, and tips for tranisitioning and how to detox. Use a clay and charcoal armpit detox mask to reduce body odor during your transition. This easy DIY recipes helps pull toxins and aluminum from the skin to detox your under arms for less body odor and sweating. #armpit #deodorant #natural