10 January 2020

Simply Earth Starter Box Review + Discount Code

Read my Simply Earth Starter Box review to learn more the monthly essential oil subscription box and get a discount code to use on a future purchase when you subscribe.

If you've been reading for a while, then you've seen me post about the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe boxes each month for the last several months.

They've been selling really well for them, so they just introduced the Simply Earth Start Box, and I got to review it for you.

The Starter Box is just like their monthly boxes.  You get four essential oils plus supplies to make six essential oil recipes.

I also have a Simply Earth discount code that will get you a free $40 gift card when you sign up for the monthly boxes!

Simply Earth Starter Box Review

What is the Simply Earth Starter Box?

The Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box is getting really popular.  They've been selling out of boxes in the first half of the month, which delays your fist box for a month if you don't order early enough.

Even though I try to post as soon as I get the new box, last month they sold out the same day that I posted!  I don't want my readers to wait, and Simply Earth doesn't either.  So they introduced the Starter Box.

If the monthly recipe box is still available when you order, you'll get that month's box.  If it's sold out, you'll get the Starter Box.

Don't forget to use my code EVERYTHINGPRETTYFREE when you order your first recipe box.  You'll get the bonus box plus a $40 discount code to use on a future purchase.

You can use that gift card to buy more oils or get accessories like a diffuser, essential oil storage box, or wool dryer balls.  You can also get some other supplies like charcoal, lavender buds, dried milk, and soap base if you want to make more than what's included in the monthly boxes.

For more inspiration for recipes that you can make at home, check out my DIY bath and body recipes and my essential oil recipes.

The next month, you'll get the regular monthly recipe box.  I shared several of them last year, so check out these posts to see what cool things you can make.

Not ready to commit to a monthly box?  Now you can order just the Starter Box!  It's a one time fee, so you won't get charged for more boxes.  It has everything that I got in my box, so you can make the same recipe at home.

Each month has a theme.  I've done skin care, summer beauty, pets, kids, natural home, and a few themes.

The box is a great way to get started with essential oils.  They send emails with more information about the oils that you get, so you'll be learning how to use them for more than just the recipes.

The recipe cards also have more information on them.  I store mine in a recipe box so I can make things over and over again.

Even if you aren't new to using oils, it's still a great deal.  For one price, you get 4 new oils each month.  Just the oils alone are worth the cost let alone getting the extras and the recipe cards.  

If you already have some oils and don't want duplicates, you can swap out oils.  Before you box ships, you can swap one oil for another that's within $2 in price for a $2 fee.  

What's in the Simply Earth Starter Box?

The Starter Box is just like the regular monthly boxes with the same concept.  It has 4 oils and supplies and labels.  You'll also get the Bonus Box for free with containers, rollers, and oils to make your recipes for the next 6 months.

The Starter Box has:

I love the oils that they chose.  If I had to pick 5 essential oils, tea tree, lemon, and frankincense are definitely on that list.  (I would also put lavender and vetiver on that list in case you're wondering!)

I use lemon for my lemon poppy seed soaps and in my DIY dusting spray recipe.  I use tea tree oil in my disinfectant spray recipe and my Amish black drawing salve recipe.  Use frankincense in my dandelion solid lotion recipe and my DIY kaolin clay cleanser recipe.

You'll use these for DIY bath and body recipes and for cleaning recipes for a natural home.  I use lemon and tea tree for cleaning, and I use frankincense for skin care.

You'll use these supplies to make:

  • Detox Bath
  • Lemon meringue lip balm
  • Immunity boost hand sanitizer
  • Fresh air diffuser blend
  • Sleepy roll on
  • Toxin free surface cleaner
If you're new to using essential oils, these are great recipes to get you started.  I can usually make all of the recipes in each month's box in about one to two hours.  

Of course, you don't have to make them all at once.  You can take your time and make one or two each week if you want.

Other Supplies

You might have to add some supplies each month.  These are usually things that you'll have around the house or you can buy at a grocery store.  

I've had to use Epsom salts, vinegar, distilled water, and some extra containers for candles and bath salts.  These are all inexpensive things that I already had at home.

Ready to start your journey to a healthier home and healthier products for yourself?  Subscribe to the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box and get a box delivered to your door each month.

Don't forget to use code EVERYTHINGPRETTY for a free $40 gift card when you order.

Not ready to commit to a monthly box?  You can order just the Starter Box as a stand alone box and not subscribe to future boxes.

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Read a review for the Simply Earth Starter Box. It's a monthly subscription box for essential oils for beginners and advanced users. You'll learn how to use oils in aromatherapy, rollers, bath products, and other recipes with the kit. The box has tea tree, frankincense, lemon, and a sleepy blend. They have tutorials and tips to make DIY products at home. Learn how to make 6 different recipes for a natural home. #essentialoils #diy