15 October 2018

Orange Cinnamon Solid Lotion Recipe For Dry Skin

This Halloween solid lotion recipe for dry skin are made with shea butter and coconut oil to moisturized and orange essential oil for scent.

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I love the bright colors, the pumpkins, and just having fun.  I like that's it's a low key holiday that I get to spend time with my family, but I don't have to worry about anything stressful like a big meal or gifts.

This year, I made little pumpkin jack-o-lantern solid lotion recipe for dry skin as a fun Halloween craft.  I considered using pumpkin spice because, well, pumpkins.  But I wanted to use something new and different. 

Pumpkins are orange, so why not orange essential oil?  Cinnamon is a great fall scent, has skin loving benefits, and using real cinnamon powder made a cool effect on these solid lotion bars.

You don't have to make these for Halloween.  You can use any mold that you'd like to make these, so they can be for any holiday or for any time of the year.

If you have sensitive skin or plan to sell these, be sure to read my notes on cinnamon below.


This recipe has oils and butters to moisturize your skin, but it won't leave your skin overly greasy.  I carefully selected each ingredient for their short term and long term effects.  

I have dry skin, and I'm also in my 30s, so my skin needs some love now so it looks great in the years to come.  This recipe has ingredients that moisturize now for better feeling skin, but they also boost collagen production for better looking skin later. 


Shea butter is hand down my favorite butter to use in lotion, both liquid and solid.  It's solid at room temperature, which is important when you're making a solid lotion.

Shea butter is high in vitamins A and E for skin health.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant, so it can help prevent damage from free radicals.  Vitamin E is also good for dry skin and can improve skin elasticity.  

Shea butter naturally reduces inflammation thanks to cinnamic acid.  

It also has essential fatty acids that moisturize your skin.  Shea butter has stearic, oleic, linolenic, and palmitic acids to help promote collagen production and add moisture to your skin.  

Although shea butter is moisturizing, it doesn't leave your skin greasy or oily feeling. 


Coconut oil is hard at room temperature, but it melts when it touches your skin.  This helps the lotion stay solid when it's not being used and then a lotion when you use it.

Coconut oil acts as an emollient, so it softens your skin.  If the barrier of your skin has been disturbed, coconut oil can repair and restore it for healthier skin.

Coconut oil is high in saturated fats like capric acid that help your skin repair its natural barrier and lock in moisture by reducing water evaporation.  

The fatty acids not only moisturize your skin, but they also have antimicrobial properties.  If you have dry skin that's cracking or eczema that itches, coconut oil may help kill bacteria and germs to prevent a secondary infection.  

It's soaks into the skin fairly quickly, so you won't feel greasy or oily after you use it.


I added beeswax to turn this into a solid lotion.  Beeswax also has benefits for your skin, especially dry skin.  

Beeswax creates a barrier on the top of your skin.  This helps lock in moisture and the good ingredients like the shea butter and coconut butter on your skin.  

Beeswax also has vitamin A, which can promote collagen production in your skin.


Cinnamon can irritate the skin, so omit it if you have sensitive skin.  My skin is on the more sensitive side, but cinnamon doesn't irritate me.

Cinnamon is very high in antioxidants.  In fact, it's in the top 10 superfoods for 2018 because it has so many benefits when you eat it.  

It can help boost blood flow and circulation for better looking skin.  This is why cinnamon is commonly added to lip products for plumper lips.  Don't worry, it won't plump up your skin, but it will boost circulation.  

A natural antibacterial product, it can also help reduce bacteria if your skin is really dry or cracked.  

Cinnamon also helps boosts collagen production for better looking skin.  


I don't use orange essential oil often, but I should start using it more.  It has a lot of benefits for your skin, including being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  

It's also said to help boost collagen production and boost blood flow.

You can also use a pumpkin spice essential oil blend for a fall scent.


Since it's almost Halloween, I used a Wilton jack-o-lantern silicone mold.  I did not fill the cavities because it would make a massive solid lotion bar.  I'd rather have several of them so I can have one for my hands and one for my feet.

You can use any mold that you like.  I really like this ice cube tray mold for solid lotion because it makes it just the right size.  




Weigh your shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax.  Place in a double boiler or in a 1-cup Pyrex measuring cup.  

Heat in a double boiler over low to medium heat until melted.  Or microwave at 50 percent power at 30 seconds intervals until melted.

Although you can microwave this, it's best to use a double boiler.  If you overheat shea butter, it can get grainy. 


Carefully remove the melted oils and beeswax from the double boiler or microwave.  Let cool to about 180 degrees.  Add the orange essential oil and ground cinnamon and stir.

I use a laser thermometer to check the temperature.  It's so much easier than a regular thermometer because I don't have to wash it.  Washing oils off of a thermometer can get tricky, but this is so much easier.


Pour into a mold.  I made pumpkin for Halloween, but you can use any mold. 

The cinnamon is dispersed throughout the mold, but some fell to the bottom.  I wanted this effect and like how it looks.  If you want it more evenly dispersed, keep stirring until the lotion thickens as it cools and then pour.

Let sit until hardened.  I let it sit overnight.

These turned out so cute for Halloween!  

I really like how the cinnamon fell to the bottom of the mold because I think it gave it a really cool effect, especially for Halloween.

Use this orange cinnamon solid lotion for dry skin on your hands, feet, or body.  I don't recommend using it on your face.

Not ready to DIY this solid lotion for dry skin?  Try this Honey Orange Lotion Bar from Simple Bee Co on Etsy.

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