12 February 2018

How to Prep Your Lips for Liquid Matte Lipstick + Honey and Cinnamon Lip Scrub Recipe

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I am so happy that matte lipsticks are back.  I used to not wear lipstick because the creamy formulas just didn't last on my lips.  If I'm going to wear lipstick, I don't want to be touching it up all day or have color on half of my lips.

Liquid matte lipsticks have more staying power, but they can be very drying to your lips.  Learn how to prep your lips with a lip scrub, Herpecin L, and a few other tricks for liquid matte lipsticks to keep your lips looking healthy and your lips looking amazing.



Exfoliate.  Exfoliate.  Exfoliate.

Did I mention exfoliate?

If you don't exfoliate, the matte lipstick will highlight every single crack in your lips, which I think we can all agree that is never a good thing.  I use my own exfoliating honey and cinnamon scrub a few times a week.  Get the recipe at the bottom of the post.


After exfoliating, moisturizing is the most important thing to do.  Remember a few months ago when I talked about getting my lips smooth for winter with Herpecin L?

Herpecin L is doing such a wonderful job keeping my lips soft that I'm using at least twice a day.  I keep it beside my bed so I can apply it every night.

Herpecin L was made for cold sore relief, but it's perfect for every day too.  It helps moisturize and protect your skin with SPF.  My lips always get burned, even in the winter.  Now I keep this balm in my purse so when I feel that tingle, I can apply some lip balm.

I also keep one in my makeup case and apply it before I use a liquid matte lippie.  For best results, use Herpecin L right before you start your makeup so it has time to really soak in.  If there's some left on your lips, your lipstick won't stay matte and won't stick.


I'm not a big fan of lip liner, but I do use a clear lip liner when I use a matte lipstick.  It really helps keep it in place and defines the line of my lips better.


When you apply liquid matte lipstick, you don't want to make a mistake and have to take it off.  Trust me when I say that it makes a huge mess.  Use a brush or be very, very careful with the applicator to apply.

It's best to apply it in thin coats.  Let it dry completely before you add the next one.  Unlike regular lipstick, don't rub your lips together with liquid matte lipsticks.



  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1/2 tablespoon raw honey 
  • 1/2 tablespoon avocado oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon



Combine the brown sugar, raw honey, avocado oil, and ground cinnamon.

STEP #2  

Stir well.  It will be dry.  If you need a little bit more oil, you can add some.


Dip your finger into the scrub and get about 1 teaspoon.  Gently exfoliate your lips in a circular motion.  Rinse well.

Since there's no water in this recipe, it will keep for several weeks.  You can also store it in the fridge to help it last longer.

Thanks for these tips on how to prep your lips for liquid matte lipstick, I can wear my favorite lippie almost every day!

I exfoliate my lips with this recipe a few times a week.  This honey and cinnamon lip scrub is also great for removing stubborn matte lippies.  I use micellar water first.  If the color won't come off, I use this scrub to get the rest of it off.

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