Warm Vanilla Sugar Scrub Recipe
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Fall is coming, so I'm changing the scents for my bath products.  In the summer, I like fruity scents, but in the fall, I switch to baking scents.  Pumpkin spice is always popular, but this warm vanilla sugar scrub recipe just screams hoodies and falling leaves. Notice that I never said boots or tennis shoes.  I will wear a hoodie or jeans, but I am not giving up my flip flops until the snow starts flying!

Warm Vanilla Sugar Scrub Recipe

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For this recipe, you have some options.  I used avocado oil because it's great for dry skin.  Olive oil is also good, but it's a heavier oil.  Safflower and fractioned coconut oil are both lighter oils, so use those if your skin isn't dry.  

I also added some honey because it moisturizes and draws moisture to the skin.  

It's best to use a real vanilla extract and not an imitation extract.  


Simply mix all of the ingredients together and mix well.  The brown sugar and the vanilla come together for a wonderful warm vanilla sugar scent that is quite heavenly when used after a long day.

I use this on my arms and legs in the fall and winter because my skin gets so dry.  The sugar gets rid of the dead skin cells, the oil moisturizes, and the honey acts as an emollient drawing moisture to the skin for several hours after you use it.

Use about 1/4 of a cup to gently scrub your skin.

If you like sugar scrubs, you'll love my book Body Scrubs!

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