02 October 2017

DIY Treat Puzzle Toy For Dogs

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I joke that if we get any more critters that I'm putting a booth at the end of the driveway and start charging admission to the petting zoo.  We have two dogs, two cats, goats, chickens, and homing pigeons.  With four animals, the dogs and cats, in the house, it can get a little crazy.  But we all love them so much, and they are very much a part of our family.  My son Caleb is 11-years-old and has autism.  He relates to animals better than he does to people.  If he has to read a story, he can't give me a summary, but he can sit beside the dog and tell him all about what he read.  He loves his cats, but our rottweiler/German shepherd mix, Dolph, is his best bud.

I love our dogs, and I love to see the bond between the kids and the dogs.  Our dogs are like members of the family.  Just like I feed my family high-quality food, I also feed my animals high-quality food.  The dogs are big fans of Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats because of the taste.  I'm a big fan because they made in the USA with 100 percent real ingredients.

Despite his larger size, Dolph is just a big baby.  He will let the kids lay on him without complaint and accept pettings from them as long as they are willing to pet him.  But when he plays, he plays hard.  He enjoys playing with stuffed animals, but he chews them up within a day or two.  I made him a treat puzzle toy that he can tear apart again and again.  I stuff it with Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats that I get a Meijer for him as a special surprise.

Both dogs love the Chicken and Apple Sausage Slices.  As soon as I touch the bag, they both come running and sit down for their treats.  Milo's Kitchen home-style dog treats are made with 100 percent beef, chicken, duck, or sweet potato as the #1 ingredient and no artificial colors or flavors.  They are made in the USA, and 100 percent of the beef, chicken, duck, and sweet potato are from the USA.

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DIY Treat Puzzle Toy for Dogs

This is a great toy for dogs that like to tear apart their stuffed animals but don't chew on the innards.  If your dog likes to chew on fabric, then this isn't the right toy for your dog.  As with any toy, play should be supervised.  We use this toy to play together with the dogs rather than to let them entertain themselves.

I started with a dog toy that has holes in it and some strips of fabric.  You can use any type of fabric and cut it into strips about 2 inches wide and about a foot long.  They don't have to be perfect or even straight.  Trust me, your dog won't care if you cut it crooked

Start stuffing the ball with the fabric.  Add treats and cover them with more fabric strips.  Since Dolph can have 2-3 Chicken and Apple Sausage Slices per day, I cut one of them into smaller pieces so he can have a full treat in the evening.  This helped them come out of the ball easier too.

I pulled a few pieces of fabric out of the holes so he had something to grab on to.  I didn't have to worry about that though because he did great getting into the holes once he smelled the Milo's Kitchen home-style dog treats hidden inside!

Dolph loves his new toy!  After he pulls out the fabric "stuffing", I can restuff it to play the next time. 

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