24 June 2020

Frozen Aloe Vera Cubes for Sunburn

These frozen aloe vera cubes are easy natural remedies for sunburn.  These take just a few minutes to make and help your skin feel better right away.

You may have noticed that I didn't post on Wednesday as I normally do.  I was at the beach.  My kids are getting older, and we only have a few summers left.  

I only have two summers after this one before my oldest is 18, and hopefully he still wants to hang out with us for his remaining summers.

Normally, I schedule my posts, but I didn't this week.  I was probably in our pool, looking for dive sticks instead of writing.  

This week, we drove an hour away to a public lake with a beautiful swimming beach.  They have inflatables for the kids to play on, camping areas, fishing, and trails.  

We swam and played at the beach for most of the day and then cooked out and caught crayfish.  My mental health needed a beach day to recharge.

Frozen Aloe Vera Cubes for Sunburn

As you all know, I'm a huge advocate of wearing sunscreen.  We wore sunscreen and reapplied at every break.

It's waterproof, but it wasn't enough.  I got a little burnt on my shoulders and upper arms, like I always do at the beach, and the kids got red on their cheeks.  

Luckily, I had already made these frozen aloe vera cubes for natural remedies for sunburn so they were in the freezer waiting on me.  See, sometimes it really does pay to plan ahead.

If you've had a sunburn, you know it feels good to get something cold on it.  You can use a cool compress, but you should never put an ice cube on your burn.

The ice can actually burn your skin on top of the sunburn, which is the last thing you need!  Ice can also restrict blood flow to the area, which can delay healing.

If you have blisters or a severe sun burn, seek medical attention.  Do not use these frozen aloe vera cubes for severe burns.

For your face, try this after sun aloe vera face mist.  You can also use this calamine soap recipe for relief from minor sun burn.  Soothe irritated with with this aloe soap recipe with neem oil.

Aloe Vera Benefits for Sunburn

Aloe vera is full of vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin while it heals, and it can soothe irritated skin on contact. 

Aloe vera has been proven to heal first- and second-degree burns.  It's also been proven to be a natural anti-inflammatory, which can reduce pain when applied topically.

This natural substance can also moisturize the skin.  Even if you don't get a sunburn, the sun still zaps moisture from your skin.

If you were swimming in chlorinated water, your skin can also feel tight and itchy due to drying out.
Applying aloe topically can promote healing, moisturize, and nourish the skin.

You can apply aloe straight from the bottle, but these frozen aloe vera cubes for sunburn will feel amazing on a hot summer day.

Buying Natural Aloe Vera Gel

I prefer to buy natural products, but this was an old post and I used what I had on hand.  That said, it's almost impossible to find 100 percent pure aloe unless you get it straight from the plant.

Aloe is water based, so it has to have a preservative to be shelf stable.  If you compare labels on aloe at the store, you'll see that most are around 99 percent pure aloe vera gel because they need a preservative.
Some brands also add a thickener because aloe vera gel is quite thin.

When shopping, you'll see several different preservatives.  Most organic brands use citric acid as a preservative, which is a non-toxic preservative.  You may also find potassium sorbate to inhibit mold, but potassium sorbate can cause skin irritation in some people. 

Xanthan gum is considered a safe thickener.  It's often added to aloe vera gel to make it thicker.  You may also find agar-agar or guar gum, which are both used as a thickener.

Avoid buying aloe vera gel with water or alcohol listed in the ingredients.  If water is listed, then it has been diluted.  Alcohol can irritate your skin.

I like Aubrey Aloe Vera.  It's 98 percent organic and made without any artificial thickeners, colors, fragrances, or parabens.  It uses radish root for a preservative.

I also like Seven Minerals Aloe Vera Gel.  It uses seaweed extract as a natural thickener.  For a preservative, it uses citric acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and potassium sorbate.

Frozen Aloe Vera Cubes Ingredients

Tools and Supplies


Step #1

Fill the mold at least half full with aloe vera.  Place in the freezer for several hours.

Step #2

When frozen, you can pop them out of the mold and store in a bag.

Step #3

When you need sunburn relief, take out a cube and rub over the affect area.

They will melt quickly, but you'll get instant relief.  

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Frozen Aloe Vera Cubes for Sunburn

Yield: aloe cubes
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How to make frozen aloe vera cubs for natural sunburn relief.



  1. Fill the mold at least half full with aloe vera. Place in the freezer for several hours.
  2. When frozen, you can pop them out of the mold and store in a bag.
  3. When you need sunburn relief, take out a cube and rub over the affect area.
  4. They will melt quickly, but you'll get instant relief.
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