27 March 2017

13 New Uses for Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is my new BFF.  When I started dyeing my naturally dark brown hair blonde with bright red streaks, I had to stop washing it daily or my red would fade away.  I try to go three days without washing, unless I work out.  

But by the ends of day 2, my hair is a hot mess.  Enter the dry shampoo.  

Just a few quick sprays, and I can go another day, saving my bright red highlights.  This also helps me cut down on flat iron damage because I use it every three days instead of daily or every two days.  

If you're new to dry shampoo, I'll cover what it is and how to use it.  But if you already know the wonders of this miracle product, then skin to the bottom for some new uses for dry shampoo that you might not know about yet.

What is Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo cleanses your hair without using water. It can be a powder, foam, or a spray. I use both a powder and a spray. The spray doesn't make my hair frizz, so I don't have to worry about ruining my straight hair by making it start to curl again like water does. It works by soaking up excess oil, which you can then brush out of your hair.

To use dry shampoo, simply apply it and use your fingers to work it in to your hair and scalp. Then brush your hair to remove dirt and oil. It works great on hair that's oily, but if your hair has a lot of dirt in it from working out or being outside in the garden, it's probably best to wash your hair. As a bonus, most sprays have a pleasant scent, so your hair will smell good too.

DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe

Alternate Uses for Dry Shampoo

Besides using dry shampoo to cleanse your hair without water, there are other uses for dry shampoo.

1. Cover Your Roots.

Some dry shampoos are tinted, so they work well to hide your roots until you can get to the salon. Just spray on your roots, work it in, and brush it out.

2. Volume.

Dry shampoo is one of the best ways to get volume in your hair, and it works better than using hairspray. Flip your hair upside down and spray. Comb through and then flip your hair over. You can also pull the hair at your crown forward and spray there for more volume at your crown.

3. Tame Unruly Brows.

If your brows have a mind of their own, spray a little dry shampoo on your fingers and spread on your brows. This also adds a little thickness to your brows for fuller brows. Be sure to do a spot test on your jaw or neck before you apply it to your skin.

4. No-Slip Bobby Pins.

Bobby pins will only hold my hair for a few hours. For longer control, spray pins before you put them in your hair.

5. Perfect Bangs.

Spray dry shampoo under your bangs and comb them out for more volume. They won't stick to your forehead.

6. Perfect Curls.

If your curls tend to clump together, spray all over with a dry shampoo, but don't brush it out. Your curls won't stick together.

7. Add Texture.

Spray dry shampoo all over your hair before you braid it to stop your braid from falling out.

8. Deodorant.

Since dry shampoo absorbs excess oils and usually has a scent, it can be used as a deodorant in a pinch. Be sure to do a spot test. Again, this is only in a pinch, and it can leave a residue on your clothes so spray carefully.

9. Gentle Hold.

If you need a control boost without using hairspray, use dry shampoo. You won't have helmet hair.

10. Shoe Deodorizer.

If your shoes take on a funky odor, dry shampoo can absorb moisture and make mask smells. If your shoes have gotten wet and stink, it's probably best to use a product just for shoes, but this will work in a pinch.

11. Exercising.

If your palms get sweaty when you workout or lift weights, spray dry shampoo on your palms for a little bit more traction.

12. Change Your Style.

If you want to change your style or your part without washing, use dry shampoo and blow dry your hair. Your hair won't fall in the same place.

13. Carpet Cleaner.

Always do a spot test before you spray on carpet or upholstery, but you can spray some dry shampoo on an oily spill like salad dressing or oily food. Let dry completely before you vacuum.

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