23 January 2017

Hair Salon Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts

Until about four years ago, I didn't have a salon or stylist that I really loved.  I was guilty of walking in to a walk-in salon and taking any stylist. 

 I had a cut that I loved, and each one did it differently.  After getting recommendations from friends a few years back, I decided to try a new salon.  

I picked a girl who had been recommended by a few friends and gave her a try.  

After the first visit, I knew that this was the start of a long relationship.  She works magic with her scissors, my friend.  

The next time I went, I got a three color hair dye and cut.  I felt like a million bucks walking out with perfectly coiffed hair, and my hair got compliments wherever I went.  

Now, I can't imagine going somewhere else.  Here are some hair salon etiquette tips to help me ensure that the relationship is mutual.

Hair salon etiquette dos and don'ts

Hair Salon Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts


How much you tip depends on a lot of factors, but it should be 15 to 20 percent of the total.  If you like the service, tip more.  

Stylists in higher end salons expect a tip closer to 20 percent, even though the cost is higher.  

If someone other than your stylist washes your hair, tip $3 to $5, and don't assume that your stylist shares the tip like waitresses do.  


If you are getting a new cut or color, take a photo.  Your idea of light blonde and your stylist's idea of light blonde may be completely different, so show her exactly what you want.

Voice Concerns

If you think the stylist isn't doing something how you want it, don't be afraid to ask questions.  Be polite, and you may save yourself from a cut or color that you didn't want.  

Natural Hair

Your hair should be clean and unstyled when you walk in to the salon.  The stylist wants to see how your hair behaves before you straighten or curl it.  This will help her cut your hair the best way for your hair type.

Arrive on Time

Or a few minutes early.  But don't arrive late!  Stylists keep a tight schedule so they can fit more clients in.  I know my stylists is a wife and mother, and her time is valuable too.  

Try to arrive a few minutes early if possible.  If you're going to be more than 10 minutes late, give your stylist a call.  She may be running behind herself and can still get you in anyway, or she may ask you to reschedule.


Get Childcare

Your salon is not your child's playground.  When my kids were little, I didn't visit the salon as often as I'd like.  

Once my kids were in school all day, I was finally able to visit as needed.  I've been in the chair while a child is running around the salon. 

Not only is it disrespectful, but it's also dangerous.  They could cause someone to fall, and there are chemicals that could hurt them.  

Trade babysitting time with another mom so you can both get your hair done if you don't have someone.

Chat or Not

Most hairdressers are willing to be chatty with you, but they certainly don't expect it.  Some of my appointments are spent chatting; others are mostly quiet.  If I'm tired, I close my eyes and enjoy the time off for a few.


Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use is acceptable some of the time if you're silent.  It's mostly okay to text or play a game, but if your stylist is trying to get a precise cut, it is time to put away your phone.  

Talking on the phone is generally rude unless it's an emergency.  Talking on the phone is rude to everyone in the salon, not just your stylist.

Now that you know hair salon dos and don'ts and etiquette, you're ready to get a great cut and feel comfortable at the salon!