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Lavender Mint Bath Salt Recipe

Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission from sales. Bath salts are one of my favorite recipes because they are easy and inexpensive to make, yet they provide many benefits.  The salt soak really helps my aching joints, and I find it very relaxing to soak in the tub for a while.  Hot water also helps my joints and muscles feel better.  This lavender mint bath salt recipe is especially relaxing thanks to the lavender essential oil.  I added some peppermint essential oil to help with arthritis, but you could make it without it.  The smell combo of the two is really great, so I do suggest using the peppermint if for no other reason than to smell wonderful.  If you like bath bath salt recipes, I do have an ebook with 30 easy bath salt recipes available for the Kindle. Lavender Mint Bath Salt Recipe

How to Wash Your Hair (You're Probably Doing It Wrong!)

You probably wash your hair several times a week.  I used to wash mine daily, but as I've gotten older and my hair has gone from oil field to desert, I only wash it two to three times a week now.  But considering that I've been washing my hair by myself since I was about 8-years-old (maybe younger?), I thought I knew exactly what I was doing.  Turns out, I didn't.  Yes, there is a right way to wash your hair.  And a wrong way.  If you're washing your hair wrong, don't worry.  You can bring it back to live in just a few washings when you learn how to wash your hair the right way.

Hair Salon Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts

Until about four years ago, I didn't have a salon or stylist that I really loved.  I was guilty of walking in to a walk-in salon and taking any stylist.   I had a cut that I loved, and each one did it differently.  After getting recommendations from friends a few years back, I decided to try a new salon.   I picked a girl who had been recommended by a few friends and gave her a try.   After the first visit, I knew that this was the start of a long relationship.  She works magic with her scissors, my friend.   The next time I went, I got a three color hair dye and cut.  I felt like a million bucks walking out with perfectly coiffed hair, and my hair got compliments wherever I went.   Now, I can't imagine going somewhere else.  Here are some hair salon etiquette tips to help me ensure that the relationship is mutual. Hair Salon Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts Tip How much you tip depends on a lot of factors, but it should be 15 to 20 percent of the total.  If you like the se

10 Best Overnight Face Masks

Even though this has been a mild Ohio winter, my skin looks tired.  I'm doing my usual multi step skin care routine daily and exfoliating twice a week, but my skin needs a little pick me up.  Maybe it's from being sick.  Maybe it's from lack of sunshine.  Either way, I need to use one of the best overnight face masks.  Overnight masks are lighter than your regular moisturizer, so you won't make a mess on your pillow.  They are made to put on at night before bed and rinse off in the morning.  They create a permeable seal on top of your skin so whatever you put on underneath them soaks in better.  

DIY Poo Bathroom Spray Recipe

I have to apologize for not keeping up with my regular posting schedule.  The week before Christmas, I got pneumonia.  Although I can finally breathe for the most part, I do not have my energy back.  By the early afternoon, I'm ready for bed.  Even if I do take a nap, I'm ready for bed around 9 and sleep in until 10 each morning.  Right now, I am so thankful that we homeschool.  I do not think I'd have been able to handle getting the kids ready each morning.  I'm also thankful that we haven't had a lot of work to do the last two weeks so that I have more time to recover.  I'm hoping that I get my energy back soon because I'm normally a high energy person who is always doing something and never sitting around.   Most of you know that we moved from a McMansion to an old farmhouse a little over four years ago.  Although I love being on a farm, I do miss one thing about the cookie cutter house: having three bathrooms.  Our house was built before indoor plu

Oatmeal Soap Recipe With Melt and Pour Soap

Learn how to make a cinnamon and oatmeal soap recipe.  This is an easy recipe made with melt and pour soap, and it's a great DIY project for beginner soap making.  It has oatmeal to naturally and gently exfoliate your skin.   This year as I was baking my Christmas cookies, I thought it would be wonderful to make an oatmeal raisin cookie soap because I love the smell so much.  I didn't want to use real raisins in my soap, so I made a soap inspired by the tasty cookie and thus my oatmeal cinnamon soap recipe was born. Normally, I grind the oatmeal and add it to the soap base to make oatmeal soap recipes.  This time, I added it to the top because it looks pretty, and I wanted a little extra scrubbing power as I wanted the oatmeal cinnamon soap recipe to use in my kitchen. I used an essential oil blend to smell like oatmeal raisin cookies for this oatmeal soap recipe.  You can also use a fragrance oil if you want to. Oatmeal is also soothing in oatmeal melt and pour soap, so it&

Arrowroot Benefits for Skin and Hair

Learn more about arrowroot benefits for skin and arrowroot benefits for hair.  This inexpensive powder is often used in DIY beauty recipes for its many benefits.  Learn what it is and how to use it. One of my favorite natural beauty products to use and one that I use several times a week is arrowroot powder.  It's actually a food product, but arrowroot benefits for skin and hair are numerous, and it has several uses in your beauty toolbox.   I use this inexpensive powder for my makeup and hair.  The last container I bought was $1 and some change at an Amish bulk food store, and I've been using it for about 6 months.  A little really does go a long way.   It's easy to find in most grocery stores in the baking aisle.  I use it in place of cornstarch in cooking and in beauty recipes.   At such a low price and the benefits of arrowroot powder for skin, this is a must have for natural beauty. Arrowroot Benefits for Skin Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means that

Valentine's Day Leggings Like Lularoe Plus Size TC and OS

I know we're just getting over Christmas and New Years, but my Facebook and Pinterest are filled with Valentine's Day ideas already.  After the cold, dreary winter, I'm ready for the fun colors of Valentine's Day, so it's all good.  I've noticed that a lot of people are asking for Lularoe holiday leggings in the groups.  I haven't seen them yet, and I heard that they can't even order them yet.  That doesn't mean that you can't get your hands on a pair of buttery soft leggings though.  You can get Valentine's Day leggings like Lularoe in plus size TC or OS on Amazon for a cheaper price, and you don't have to wait for a pop-up.  That sounds like a total win for me!