03 October 2016

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

I really love my essential oil diffuser for at home.  But sometimes I either can't use it because I won't be in one room, or I don't want everyone to get the benefits of the oil that I need.  For example, last month the hubby and I were very sick with pneumonia for him and bronchitis for me.  Peppermint essential oil really helps me breathe easier, but the scent really bugs my husband.  My DIY essential oil diffuser necklace really came in handy because I could walk around the house and still get the benefits of the oil.  This necklace is really easy to make.  Pair it with a few bottles of oils, and it would make a great gift.

diy essential oil diffuser necklace

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

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To make the DIY essential oil diffuser necklace, you'll need:
  • Locket or necklace charm that opens (I used this acorn locket)
  • Chain if your charm didn't come with one
  • felt or a cotton ball
  • Essential oil

I actually found what is called a prayer locket at Pat Catan's.  These are made to write down a prayer to put inside, but this makes them perfect for putting in some felt or cotton to hold your essential oil.  You can use any charm or locket that opens up and has some ventilation for the oils to waft out.  Mine doesn't have holes, but the lid is a little loose so it doesn't close tight.  This lets the oil escape, yet it doesn't look sloppy or damaged.

You can cut a small piece of felt to put in your charm or use a little bit of cotton from a cotton ball.  I used cotton because I didn't have felt and because I will change the oil frequently, so I'd use a lot of felt.  If you do switch between oils, use a different piece of felt or cotton.  You can save the old one for the next time if you want.  It's hard to tell the scale from this photo, but this is a very small piece of cotton.  Just a pinch really.

Then put a drop or two of essential oils on the cotton.  Close the lid, and you're done.

I like this because I can wear it to my office without diffusing oils that could bother other people in the building.  I get migraines with orange essential oil, so I'm sensitive to the fact that some people can't be around the oils.

Best Essential Oils to Use Diffuse in a Necklace

For energy:

For cold and flu season:
Check out my full post on essential oil blends to use in a diffuser for more ideas.

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