17 October 2016

Clothes Similar to LuLaRoe But Cheaper on Amazon

LuLaRoe is taking over my Facebook newsfeed!  I can't scroll without seeing how people are "roe-ing" today or posting ISO posts.  

When a friend invited me to an online popup, I just had to have a pair of leggings to see what the fuss was about.

I'm now the proud owner of two pairs of leggings, camo and bigfoot, but I have some issues with LLR that makes me want to turn to clothes similar to LuLaRoe.  I'll explain a little more why I am a little skeptical about LuLaRoe leggings below.  

That said, I am still looking for a pair of puzzle piece leggings in TC at retail.  I need those in my life for an autism support group that I hold.  I found my puzzle pieces from Charlie's Project!  I love them just as much as LLR!

clothes similar to lularoe on Amazon

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My Problems With LuLaRoe

When my friend asked on Facebook if anyone wanted invited to her popup, I was actively looking for a pair of leggings.  I had heard about their buttery softness, so I wanted to try them.

She didn't have a lot of leggings available, but I did find a camo pair that were cute.  I bought them and waited patiently for them to arrive.

When they came, I was excited to try them on.  My excitement quickly turned to disappointment as they had a 4 inch hole in the seam where the top band didn't get sewn to the bottoms.

I contacted the seller who offered to replace them with a pair from her stash.  She had about 10 pairs left, and none were anything that I would wear, let alone spend $30 on.

Since LLR offers prints in limited quantities, there's no guarantee that you can get yours replaced if they are defective.  The consultant suggested that I sew them myself.  

Now, I just paid $30 for a pair of leggings that I can get for $10 elsewhere.  I don't believe that I should have to finish making them before I can wear them, but I digress.

I contacted LuLaRoe directly on social media, but they ignored me.  Classy, right?  

I wish I were the only one who got defective leggings, but there are a lot of complaints in one of the groups that I'm in.  A lot.  And there are just as many consultants who just don't care.  

Then I found out that the consultant can mark them as damaged and refund.  She just chose not to.

I decided to give them one more chance with the Bigfoot leggings.  They arrived in perfect condition, but I'm still leery about ordering, and I won't buy from anyone except a consultant.  

(Update:  I wear my Bigfoot leggings at least once a week, and they are are still going strong!  I've probably washed them 40-50 times by now with no problems.)

I practically live in my leggings.  The only good thing about winter is that I can wear leggings again!  As soon as I come home, the jeans go off and the leggings go on.

I'm a funky leggings kinda girl.  I have makeup, Bigfoot, several autism patterns, and mermaid tail leggings.  Now I've turned Dakota into a leggings addict.  She has almost as many pairs as I do!

Clothes Similar to LuLaRoe

VIV Collection Women's Leggings

They have 37 different prints and 4 1/2 star reviews on Amazon.  Many reviewers compare them to LuLaRoe in softness and fit.  Right now, they are $11.99, so they are under half the cost of LLR.  These would be similar to the OS LLR leggings.

VIV Fall and Winter Leggings

These are available in OS and TC (plus sizes) in adorable fall and winter themes.

VIV Plus Size Printed Leggings

These would be equivalent to TC in LLR.  Same great reviews, and again, half the price.

Carnival Women's Printed Leggings

These are available in 30 patterns from size 4 -16.  They have 4.5 stars and are half the price of LLR.

QZUnique Leggings 

If you like the unicorn prints from LLR, you will love these.  I found several Disney movies, Batman, coffee beans, and more fun prints.

Free to Live Women's Kimono Sleeve Loose Fit Tops 

For $40, which is about the cost of one LLR top, you can get three tops that are very similar to their Perfect Tee or Irma.  These are long enough to wear with leggings.

MBJ Tunic Top

These aren't very similar to LuLaRoe, but they are adorable!  The cut is very flattering too.

Frumos Tunic Top

I like this top because it's made in the USA.  It's a good dupe for the LLR Perfect Tee.  At $7 each, you can get a shirt for each pair of leggings.  

MixMax Women Flowy Sheer Top 

If you love the LLR Monroe, then you'll love this.  Especially the price: Under $15!!  

Tom's Ware Women's Midi Dress 

This dress is very similar to the LuLaRoe Julia form fitting dress.  

Meanear 3/4 Sleeve Dress

This dress isn't an exact Lularoe dupe, but it is similar to the Amelia and under $25 shipped!  It comes in three colors.  

DBG Women's Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Dress 

This isn't exactly like the Nicole dress, but it's very pretty and about $30.

Doublju Women's Basic Longline Open Front Cardigan 

This is very similar to the Sarah at less than $20.

With these great prices on leggings like Lularoe, you'll probably have quite a collection soon!  I was afraid to put mine in my dresser that they might get torn if they snag on the wood in the dresser.  

I put a shoe organizer on my bedroom door to store my leggings.  I roll them up and slip them in.  It works perfectly!

If you know of any clothes similar to LuLaRoe on Amazon that I missed, let me know in the comments!  Happy shopping!