26 October 2016

18 Lipstick Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

If you've been wearing makeup for years, you might think that you know all that there is to know about lipstick.  You might be surprised at some of these lipsticks hacks.  Did you know that lipstick isn't just for your lips?  Or that you can use some simple tricks to help your lipstick last longer?  I've compiled 18 of the best lipstick hacks for you.

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18 Lipstick Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

1.  Soft Lips

If your lips are cracked and rough, your lipstick can't look good.  Even if your lips don't look visibly dry, it could still affect your lipstick.  Keep your lips soft by using a lip scrub a few times a week for smoother lipstick application.  

Honey and Brown Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe

2.  Staying Power

Help your lipstick last longer by dusting loose powder over it.  I like to use arrowroot powder because it's edible and goes on almost clear.  For even more staying power, apply your lipstick, dust your lips, and apply again.  You can also hold a tissue over your lips and dust through it for less mess.

3.  Use Lipstick as Blush

Get more use from your lipstick by using it as a blush.  I've even worn the same color on my lips and cheeks!  This is especially useful if you're packing lightly for a night out.  Just dab some color on your fingertips and apply lightly.  Remember: lipstick is harder to take off than blush, so use a light hand.

4.  Fix Broken Lipstick

Oh no!  Your favorite lippie just broke in half!  No worries; that's an easy fix.  Just melt the end with a lighter and reshape it in the tube with clean fingers and pop it in the fridge for a day.  It will be as good as new.

5.  Repurpose Broken Eyeshadow

If you have some shadow that you don't like or broke in the pan, mix it with clear gloss to use as a lip gloss.  You can also dust the color right on your lips and apply a gloss over it if you don't want to commit.  This is a great way to get a funky color for a party or even for Halloween without buying a new product.

6.  Lipstick Brushes

You can create a different look depending on which lipstick brush you use.  Use a concealer brush for precise application and an opaque look.  Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush for a stained look.

How to Use Makeup Brushes

7.  Cupid's Bow

For a perfect cupid's bow, draw an X on your top lip with liner.  Then line the rest of your lips and apply lipstick.

8.  Conceal Before Using Lipstick

If you're using a nude lipstick, use concealer on your lips to tone down any pink or red tones.

Types of Concealer

9.  Nude Lippies

Speaking of nude lippies, use a pink undertone if you have fair skin, orange undertone for medium skin, and chocolate brown for darker skin tones.

10.  Get Bigger Lips

To make lips appear bigger without surgery or needles, apply one shade of lipstick all over your lips.  Then use a lighter color in the same family in the center of your lips and blend well.

11.  Lip Liner for Bigger Lips

Or, you can use concealer on your lips and line just outside your lips.

How to Fake Fuller Lips

12.  Soften Liner

If liner is too harsh, soften it with your fingtertip before you apply your lipstick.

Lip Liner 101

13.  Get Every Last Drop

Before you toss your lippie because you can't reach the bottom, use a toothpick or small spatula to scrap it out in to a pill case or clean contact lens case.  Or use a lip brush to dig down in to the bottom.

14.  Make Matte Lipstick

One of my favorite lipstick hacks is to turn any lipstick in to a matte lipstick.  Just dab some blush that's close to the color of your lipstick over your lips to turn any lippie into a matte lippie.

15.  One Liner 

If you don't want to buy a liner for every lipstick that you own, use a clear lip liner like No Cosmetics No Bleeding Lips clear liner to stop feathering and help your lipstick stay in place.

16.  Keep Lipstick Off Of Your Teeth

Not much is worse than getting lipstick on your teeth!  After you apply your color, stick one finger in your mouth and close your lips around it.  Pull your finger--and stray color--out.

17.  Darken or Lighten Colors

If you wish your favorite lipstick was just a little darker or lighter, you can do that!  Just use a black or white liner all over your lips before you apply the color to darken or lighten your lipstick.

18.  Remove Stains

Get some lipstick on your clothes?  Spray with hair spray, let it sit for a few minutes, then dab with a wet washcloth.  Launder as usual.  Don't use hairspray on dry clean only clothes though.

Have you tried any of these lipstick hacks?

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