Dry Oil Perfume Spray Recipe
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When I saw the new Coca-Cola™ Share a Coke and a Song cans, I had to pick some up because I love music.  I have specific playlists on my computer and on my phone so I can select the right music for my mood and the situation.  I have lists for working out, writing, cleaning, and relaxing.  Music not only sets the mood, but it also triggers powerful memories and emotions.  For me, smells are also powerful in evoking my emotions, so that's why I made this dry oil perfume spray, because it also helps me remember happy memories.

Dry Oil Perfume Spray Recipe
Our minds are amazing things.  We can be going about our day, when suddenly our minds wander to the past.  Something ignites our senses and triggers an emotional memory that we have stored in our minds, possibly from many years ago.  Whenever I smell fresh lilacs in the spring, I am instantly taken back to my childhood, playing basketball in our driveway beside the lilac bushes.  

Songs often trigger our emotions, but in a slightly different way.  Songs often evoke an emotion not about the actual song or lyrics but instead about an event that you associate with that song.  Certain songs make me think of certain people and events.  Like the song that played when my husband and I had our first kiss.  The songs we danced to at our wedding.  Even the song that was on the radio when I found out my grandmother passed away.  These songs have powerful associations, so they trigger powerful emotions when I hear them.  

When I saw the Coca-Cola Share a Coke and a Song cans at Giant Eagle while I was doing my weekly shopping, I looked through them for the perfect set.  I settled on a set with these three mini cans because they remind me of my husband.  We've listened to these songs many, many times, and we often sing along to them in the car on long trips.  Don't forget to download the Shazam App for your iPod, iPad, iPhone, or Android to get your Coca-Cola Share a Coke and a Song after you buy your Coca-Cola.  

DIY Dry Oil Perfume Spray Recipe

I like making my own perfume so I can customize the scent.  For this recipe, I used cotton candy because one of my first dates with my now husband was going to the fair.  It wouldn't be a trip to the fair without the junk food, especially the cotton candy.  Even now, over 15 years later, when I smell cotton candy, I'm taken back to that time.  

  • 5 parts cyclomethicone
  • 1 part fragrance oil (I used cotton candy)
  • Spray bottle

This dry oil perfume recipe doesn't need a preservative like most recipes because it doesn't have any water.  Instead, I used cyclomethicone, which is an odorless, clear silicone.  When you spray it on your skin, it dries silky smooth and not at all oily, so it's perfect for making a perfume.  

To make your perfume, simply pour 5 parts cyclomethicode and 1 part fragrance oil in a spray bottle and cap.  Shake well.  Once it has mixed well, you shouldn't have to shake it again.  

I don't use any dyes because they don't change the recipe, and I don't want to stain any of my clothes. 

I'm really looking forward to next weekend when my husband and I can relax and sit outside talking while the kids play.  I'll be wearing my cotton candy perfume, and I hope the Share a Coke and a Song lyrics and the smell of the perfume evoke as much emotion in him as they do in me.  

Have you seen the new Coca-Cola Share a Coke and a Song cans yet?  Which song is your favorite?

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