22 March 2013

4 Homemade Eyeshadow Recipes

I've always wanted to make my own makeup, so I put together a collection of homemade eyeshadow recipes.  They are for both powdered and cream, and even a shimmer version for when you feel sassy.  Since you control the ingredients, you can use organic if you want.  You can also make the perfect shade for your skin tone.  Have fun!

Homemade eyeshadow recipes
Handmade Cream Eyeshadow Recipe - Good tutorial with pictures.  This is a must try!

Shimmer Eyeshadow Recipe - She gives you a lot of tips of make the perfect shimmer shade.

Powdered Eyeshadow Recipe - She gives a lot of tips to make shimmer and matte shades.

Basic Eyeshadow Recipe - This is an easy to follow recipe.

As with any makeup or beauty product, use common sense when you make homemade eyeshadow.  Don't use any ingredients that you are allergic to or have a reaction to.

UPDATE: I made four popular cream eyeshadow recipes and rated the results.  See my favorite cream eyeshadow recipe here!

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