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8 Tips for Color Treated Hair Care

My latest hair style is brown all over color with blonde and red highlights.  I love the look, but the blonde can turn brassy, and the red fades too quickly.  I have to take steps to protect the color and keep my hair healthy so it doesn't turn in to a dry, frizzy mess.  Here are some tips and tricks for color treated hair care.

DIY Coconut Oil Face Scrub Recipe

Now that the temperatures are down in the teens and twenties every day, my skin is feeling dry.  Even worse, it's dull, which makes me look and feel worse. DIY facial scrubs are hard to make because your facial skin is a lot more sensitive than the rest of your body.  This scrub uses brown sugar, which is much more gentle than the white sugar or salt that other DIY scrub recipes call for. It also uses coconut oil, and my regular readers know how much I {heart} coconut oil ! DIY Coconut Oil Face Scrub Recipe Ingredients 1 part coconut oil 1 part organic brown sugar Directions 1.  Mix equal parts coconut oil and brown sugar in a bowl.  If coconut oil is too hard to stir, heat for 5-10 seconds in the microwave to soften.  Let cool completely before using. 2.  Gently scrub your face with a few teaspoons of product to slough off dead skin cells. 3.  Rinse well. You can make as much or as little as you want.  Store in a mason jar or other jar with a lid.  Since this

Holiday Gifts for Men: Frigo Revolution Wear

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Frigo . All opinions are 100% mine. Ladies, have you gotten your man his holiday gift yet? Are you like me and have no idea what to get him?  Does the thought of wandering through the tool and outdoor aisles make you shake in fear? Have no fear!  I'm here to share with you the perfect gift for your man this holiday season.   Most men don't think about what brand of underwear, so they just grab the kind they've worn for years.  Tell him to stop wearing underwear and start wearing  Frigo  Revolution Wear.   There is a patented cooling barrier in the front, so he stays comfortable all day.  Many men complain about the waistband in their underwear, but the Revolution Wear is made with a comfortable waistband made with moisture wicking material that keeps him cool in the summer.   Vents on the side to keep him cool while he's working or playing in the summ

DIY Coconut Oil and Peppermint Hair Mask

If you've read my blog before, then you know that I {heart} coconut oil!  I use it on my hair and skin, and I am always looking for more great recipes.  This easy DIY coconut oil and peppermint hair mask smells wonderful and leaves you with soft, beautiful hair. I use a hair mask about once a week to keep my hair soft and more manageable.  It also helps reduce frizz and keeps my hair healthy, even with heat styling and getting it bleached and dyed.  This hair mask is one of the easier ones that I make.

DIY Homemade Blush Recipe

Do you want to avoid harsh chemicals but don't want to sacrifice your favorite makeup products?  Well, you really can have the best of both worlds if you make your own natural makeup.  You can even look for organic ingredients if you prefer to use organic makeup. Making your own blush isn't difficult.  You start with a base similar to making your own foundation and add a colorant.  You will need to play with the colors to find the best match for you, but when you are done, you'll have a shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. DIY Natural Blush Recipe What You Need Arrowroot powder or cornstarch Beet powder or hibiscus powder Cocoa power, ginger, or nutmeg Directions 1.  Start with a base of one teaspoon beet powder. 2.  Slowly add arrowroot powder, cornstarch, or a mixture of the two until you reach the desired shade. 3.  Add cocoa powder, ginger, or nutmeg if you would like brown or yellow undertones. If you want to make your own beet powder,

DIY Foundation Recipe Powder and Liquid

Earlier this week, I showed you how to make your own concealer . It uses foundation as a base, so you need to buy an organic foundation if you want an organic or natural product. There are many benefits to buying organic, but it can get pricey. Today, I will give you a DIY foundation recipe for liquid and for powder foundation. The best part? You can make it to match your skin tone perfectly! I know that powder and liquid foundations work differently, so you may have a preference based on your skin tone, age, and skin concerns. I'll teach you how to make both kinds of foundation. DIY FOUNDATION RECIPE If you're not sure which formula to make, read more about the different types of foundation . When you make your own foundation recipe, you know exactly what's in the product, and you can control the quality of ingredients. It's also a lot cheaper to make your own foundation. Have you priced foundations lately? You can spend upwards of $30 to $4

DIY Concealer Recipe

How to make a natural concealer recipe to hide imperfections. I like making my own makeup because I can get the exact shade that I want.  I can't tell you how many times I've bought a foundation or concealer that matched in the store only to get home and find that it's too light or too dark. Making it myself also means that I control the ingredients.  I know exactly what's in the product, so I can keep out preservatives and other ingredients that I don't want. Today, a friend asked me if I had a recipe for concealer.  I didn't, so here we are! Now I know why she couldn't find one--they are hard to find!  I waded through pages and pages of the exact same recipe.  She was looking for something with a little more coverage, and she wanted something natural. I haven't stumbled upon the best recipe ever, but I think I've found something that will help her out. DIY Concealer Recipe LIGHT COVERAGE CONCEALER RECIPE The most popular c