13 April 2023

How to Make Dish Soap

Learn how to make a natural dish soap recipe to clean your home naturally.  This is a very easy recipe for handwashing dishes, and it will save you money.  If you're just getting started making your own cleaners, this is an excellent recipe to start with.

DIY Dish Soap With Liquid Castile Soap

If you make your own cleaners, then you have a bottle of liquid castile soap in the cabinet.  I use it for a lot of things in my home, especially for hand soap.

Although I have a dishwasher and thank whoever invented the dishwasher every day when it runs, I still have to wash some dishes by hand. 

This homemade liquid dish soap is incredibly easy to make, and it works great for handwashing dishes.  

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April 2023 Simply Earth Recipe Box

This homemade liquid dish soap is in the April recipe box.  When you subscribe to the box, you get 4 full sized bottles of essential oils plus supplies to make 6 easy recipes.  

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Why Make Homemade Liquid Dish Soap

Dish soap is pretty cheap, so why make your own?  Even with a dishwasher, I still wash dishes at least once a day and usually a few times a day.

My skin is sensitive, so I have to be careful about what soaps I use.  The fragrances in dish soap can irritate my skin.  

Of my two favorite dish soaps, one scored an F and the other one scored a D from EWG.  

How Do You Make Simple Dishwashing Liquid?

This DIY dish soap with liquid castile soap is very easy to make.  You just need liquid castile soap, water, and essential oils.

You might find other recipes online, but this one is about as easy as it gets!  

Does Homemade Liquid Dish Soap Need a Preservative?

Liquid castile soap diluted in water does not need a preservative for a few weeks.  However, I recommend making a small batch at a time to prevent it from growing anything in it.  

I would not dilute the soap and store it for months at a time because it can grow mold or bacteria.

I also recommend using distilled water.  I use water than I ran through my Berkey water filter when making DIY recipes.

What is Liquid Castile Soap?

Castile soap is a mild soap that's traditionally made from olive oil.  You can get it in a bar or as a liquid.  I use the liquid often because it's a great base for other products.  

Olive oil is a wonderful gentle oil for soapmaking, but it doesn't lather well.  Therefore, most liquid castile soap has coconut oil added for lather.  It's one of the ways to make melt and pour soap lather more.

You can try one of these liquid castile soap uses or use it one of these recipes:

Simply Earth sells a 16 ounce bottle of liquid castile soap or you can get a larger bottle if you use a lot of it.

How to Use DIY Dish Soap With Liquid Castile Soap

This natural dish soap recipe isn't like the dishwashing liquid that you're probably used to.  Even with a castile soap made with coconut oil, it doesn't have a lot of lather.

Instead of filling your sink with water and adding the soap to make bubbles, you instead use a few inches of water in the sink and apply your DIY dish soap to a sponge or cloth and wash and rinse.

This is eco-friendly because you'll use less water.  

You can also make a solid dish soap bar recipe to use in the same manner.  For your dishwasher, I recommend a DIY dishwasher powder or homemade dishwasher tablets.

Best Essential Oils for DIY Dish Soap

I used the Clean and Fresh blend from Simply Earth.  It's a blend of fir needle, lemon, grapefruit, and neroli essential oils.

You can also use lemon essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, or lime essential oil.  Or try one of the oils from this list of best essential oils for cleaning.

Homemade Dishwashing Liquid Ingredients

You will need the following for a homemade liquid dish soap:

How to Make Dish Soap With Castile Soap

Step #1

Add the liquid castile soap and essential oils to a 1 ounce bottle.  Shake gently to combine.

Step #2

Add the water.  Place the cap on the container and shake to combine.

Step #3

To use, add a drop to a dish cloth or sponge and wash dishes.

You can also use this dishwashing liquid DIY to clean counters and other surfaces.  I've also used it to pretreat stains on clothes just before washing.

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Yield: 2 ounces
Author: Cari @ Everything Pretty
Estimated cost: $1

How to Make Dish Soap

prep time: 5 Mperform time: 1 Mtotal time: 6 M
How to make a natural liquid dish soap with liquid castile soap.


  • 1 tablespoon liquid castile soap
  • 1 tablespoon distilled water
  • 8 drops Clean and Fresh essential oil blend
  • 1 ounce bottle


  • Funnel


  1. Add the liquid castile soap and essential oils to a 1 ounce bottle. Shake gently to combine.
  2. Add the water. Place the cap on the container and shake to combine.
  3. To use, add a drop to a dish cloth or sponge and wash dishes.
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