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Cucumber Hair Mask for Hair Growth, Dry, Damaged Hair

How to make a DIY cucumber hair mask for hair growth.  This easy at home helps strengthen hair to prevent loss while it nourishes dry or damaged hair for better looking hair. Cucumbers are delicious plain or in a salad, but did you know that they are also amazing for your hair? This is an old DIY hair mask recipe that I keep coming back to because I love how great it makes my hair feel. Although I’m calling this a hair mask for growth, it’s also excellent for dry or damaged hair. This is also good for breakage because of the proteins and vitamins. This is an easy hair mask that takes about five minutes to prep. You can use your choice of oil, and I’ll give you several options to use that are best for your hair type.   Cucumber Hair Mask Recipe Cucumber Benefits for Hair Cucumbers are high in vitamins A and C. They also have silica to promote hair growth. When you apply cucumber puree or cucumber juice to your hair, it can help strengthen your hair and temporarily repa

Pumice Melt and Pour Gardener's Soap Recipe With Calendula

Gently exfoliate your skin with this easy pumice melt and pour soap recipe. It has pumice powder to gently exfoliate, calendula to soothe irritated skin, and essential oils for aromatherapy. This is formulated to be a gardener's hand soap recipe, but it also makes a great soap for mechanics or anyone who gets dirty working. It's spring, which means it's time to prep the garden and start planning what herbs I'm growing this year.  We have a large garden that measures about half an acre.  That's bigger than our entire lot when we lived in the suburbs! We have a John Deere tractor for tilling and making our rows to plant.  We weed with a tiller and also by hand.  I plant my herbs closer to the house on the patio.  I splurged on some cute pots last year, so I have them on a table next to the patio.   I plant both herbs to use for cooking and herbs for making DIY bath and body.  The kids always plant catnip or cat grass each year for the cats. My ha

DIY Aloe Vera Hair Mask for Hair Growth With Coconut Milk, Moringa Powder

How to make a DIY aloe vera hair mask for hair growth.  This dry mask recipe also has coconut milk and moringa powder, so it can help with dry or damaged hair as well.  Use tea to make the mask for even more benefits for your hair and scalp. Necessity if the mother of invention.  Right now with hair salons closed, my hair needs some serious love and attention. I was looking at my supplies, wishing I hadn't used all of my aloe vera gel to make hand sanitizer.  Then I saw my aloe vera powder. Score! So I reconstituted it and made a mask.  But then I thought, how can I make it better?  So back to my stash I went. I made a moringa infused hot oil treatment several years ago and loved it.  It was definitely one of my favorite DIY hair care recipes to date.  So I decided to add some moringa powder to my aloe vera powder. Moringa powder is amazing for your hair, but it doesn't smell that great.  A powdered aloe vera and moringa powder hair mask did make my hair feel amazi

How to Make Keto Sugar Free Dalgona Coffee Recipe

Learn how to make a keto sugar free Dalgona coffee recipe at home.  Dalonga coffee, sometimes called whipped coffee, is the latest social media trend.  It's easy to make and tastes delicious. If you're on TikTok or Instagram, then I'm sure you've seen Dalgona coffee.  It's a delicious whipped coffee drink that's actually really easy to make at home. The basic premise is that you whip the coffee until it looks like whipped cream.  You fill a glass with warm or cold milk and place the whipped coffee on top like whipped cream.  The whipped coffee melts and turns into a delicious creamy drink. I'm limited sugar and carbs, so I learned how to make a keto sugar free Dalgona coffee recipe. Coffee drinks are actually very easy to modify into a sugar free, low carb keto coffee drink.  This is no exception.  You will never miss the sugar! I'm going to give you two ways to make a keto Dalgona whipped coffee drink.  One is flavored, and the other one is

DIY Sheet Mask for Sensitive Skin

Make this DIY sheet mask for sensitive skin for under 10 cents! Learn which you what ingredients to use, why to use them, and where to buy sheet masks to use. Every day, I wash, tone, use serum, and apply moisturizer to keep my skin healthy. On the weekend, I use a mask to hydrate and moisturize, and mid week I use a clay mask or a microdermabrasion scrub to exfoliate. Lately, I’ve been using sheet masks because they are so easy to make and work well with my skin. You can’t walk down the beauty aisle in any drug store without seeing a display of sheet masks. They are inspired by the Korean beauty craze that’s becoming popular in the United States and all over the world. Sheet masks are a cotton or muslin sheet of cloth that are cut to fit your face with nose and eye holes cut out of the fabric. Most masks work by exfoliating your skin or cleaning your pores so they appear smaller. Sheet masks work a little different. They usually have anti-aging products or skin serums for

6 Easy DIY Hair Masks for Dry, Damaged Hair

Learn how to make easy DIY hair masks for dry or damaged hair.  These masks have common ingredients that you can find at home.   I have naturally curly hair that I flat iron often.  I wasn't blessed with pretty curls, unfortunately.  My curls are unruly with a mind of their own. Since I use heat to dry and style my hair, I use a lot of DIY hair masks for dry or damaged hair to keep my hair looking and feeling soft and shiny.  I use one once a week to keep my hair healthy. My hair is crazy long right now.  I really wish I hadn't put off my hair cut and color before the stay at home ordeal happened.  I feel bad for my hairdresser when I'm finally able to get in there! I have my favorite hair mask recipes,  but I do make different ones often.  I change my masks depending on what ingredients I have at home. These are some easy DIY hair masks for dry or damaged hair that I've used and liked.  I'll also give you some tips on selecting the best carrier oil for yo

Homemade Scar Treatment Recipe With Helichrysum

Learn how to make a homemade scar treatment recipe with helichrysum and lavender.  This salve is formulated to fade scars and stretch marks so they are less noticeable. Our scars tell a story. Whether you fell as a child, cut your finger while cooking a holiday dinner, or otherwise hurt your skin, each mark has a story. If you have stretch marks from children, then you have a lot of stories to tell about those marks. Even though our scars are a part of our history, we don’t have to like them. Unfortunately, plastic surgery might be the only way to get rid of some scars, but there are natural products that you can make to help reduce scars and make them appear less noticeable. This homemade salve recipe for the best scar and stretch mark treatment is one of those ways. You shouldn’t use this salve for the best scar and stretch mark treatment on broken or injured skin. Wait until your skin has healed to where you don’t have an open wound before you use this salve. Fresh scars