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DIY Gardener's Hand Soap Recipe With Loofah, Melt and Pour Soap

This easy to make gardener's hand soap is made with clay, ground almonds, and loofah to scrub away dirt and grime.  It makes a great scrubbing hand soap for mechanics and anyone else who gets dirty while working or playing.  I said we were scaling back on the garden this year because it's a lot of work during the summer.  My schedule isn't showing any signs of stopping, so something needs cut back. Then we went shopping for plants and seeds.  We ended up planting three of the four gardens this year.  So if I'm not at the computer, I'm pulling weeds. Unfortunately, it rained for most of June.  I only managed to get 2 cucumbers this year because of the rain.  We also lost several over plants and didn't get a great harvest. All of the weeding has wrecked havoc on my hands and nails.  I made a gardener's hand soap recipe to help loosen dirt and grime. I enjoy taking care of my flowers at the house and while gardening in the vegetable garden isn't

Best Natural Cleaning Products to Buy or DIY

If you're looking to live a more natural life and want to remove chemicals from your home, here at the best natural cleaning products to buy or DIY. I've been using natural cleaning products since long before it was a thing, even before the Internet was a staple in each home.   At first, I did it out of necessity.  We didn't have a lot of money and with a baby on the way, I had to keep a tight budget. Now, I still use the best natural cleaning products.  Three of us have asthma, and we can't be breathing in the fumes.   My natural products work well, so I'm not missing out on anything.  They are inexpensive to make, too.   Sometimes I make my own, and other times I buy them.  Honestly, it just depends on my mood and how much time I have.  Sometimes I just don't have time to make a recipe.   Or maybe I found a great deal with coupons or by buying in bulk.  I will stock up when I see a great price. THE BEST NATURAL CLEANING P