30 July 2018

DIY Essential Oil Roller Bottle Storage Block

This DIY essential oil roller bottle storage block looks pretty and holds your roller bottles until you need them.

Besides my essential oil diffuser, I use my oils in roller bottles the most.  I have several of my favorite roller bottle blends that I always have ready to use plus a few spare bottles for new blends.

I was keeping them on my dresser, but they would fall or get lost.  I'm a major Type A person, so things need to have dedicated space in my home.  

That was the inspiration for this DIY essential oil roller bottle storage block.  It was really easy to make, too.  You only need a block of wood and a few tools to make it.

DIY Essential Oil Roller Bottle Storage Block

I had this idea in my head for a few weeks, but I didn't have a piece of wood.  I looked for some scrap wood and checked the Restore for something to upcycle for this project.  I never did find anything.

In the meantime, the community center where I volunteer had gotten a grant to take down some trees.  The trees had fallen victim so some kind of disease, and they had become a safety concern.  The tree company left the trees for firewood, but we snagged a few logs to turn into something.

My husband cut off a chunk, planed it, and sanded it to just the size that I needed.  

I was envisioning a painted block with vinyl text on the front.  The grain was so pretty and it was a special piece of wood, so I wanted to be able to see the grain. I was going to stain it, but I really wanted some color.
I decided to use a paint and turn it into an almost stain like product.  It was so easy, and it coated beautifully.  The natural grain shows through, and I just love how it turned out.

All I did to make a paint-stain was to water down acrylic paint.  I wanted the wood grain really visible, so I did two parts water to one part paint.

Then I die cut vinyl to put on the front of the block.  I used my Silhouette Cameo and Oracal vinyl to make the saying for the front.

You could also make a similar block for your essential oil bottles.  I have entirely too many oils for that to be functional, but you could have several of them and organize your bottles by use that way. 


  • Block of wood big enough to hold several bottles and wide enough not to tip over
  • Ruler
  • Cordless drill
  • Spade bit slightly bigger than the diameter of your bottles
  • Paint
  • Vinyl I used Oracal 631


Find the center of the depth.  Make a line running the entire length of the top of the block of wood.


Decide how many bottles you want it to hold.  Then divide evenly and make your lines where you want the center of each bottle to be.

You want to make sure that you have space between each hole and between the hole and the edge of the wood so the wood doesn't split.


Now select the spade bit for your cordless drill.  It should be just slightly bigger than your roller bottles so they slide in and out easily without wiggling.

My spade bit was 13/16" and I used these roller bottles.  Your bottles might be bigger or smaller, so measure them before you drill.

We also measured the depth of the hole and marked it with tape on the spade bit.  When you drill, just go down to the bottom of the tape so the holes are the same depth.

I wanted the holes 3/4 inch deep so I could see my bottles, yet they fit in the holes snugly.


Now drill your holes where you marked them.  Remember to just go down to the bottom of the tape.  Put your bottles in to test and then get ready to paint.

Now sand the top of the block and inside the holes as needed.  


At this point, you can stain it, paint it, or just seal it.  As I said, I wanted the grain to show through, so I watered down paint with water (2 parts water to 1 part paint).  I brushed it on and used a paper towel to wipe off the excess.  

The wood really soaked in the paint, so I did two coats.  I did not seal it.  Vinyl doesn't always stick to sealer, and I didn't feel that it needed it anyway.  


And finally, I die cut vinyl to add a cute saying to the front.  

I love how it turned out!  It's functional and looks great on a shelf or on my dresser.  Now my roller bottles are ready to use without hunting them down.

You can also use a deeper block of wood and make this for your essential oil bottles.  Go crazy and make two different sized holes or bottles and roller bottles.

If your bottles don't fit in evenly, use scrap paper or even a small piece of felt or a paper towel to take up room on the bottom.

If the hole is too big and your bottles move too much, put some tape, paper, or cardboard in the hole to take up space.

It was hard to come up with a saying for this block because I found too many good ones!  I really wanted to be snarky and put, "At least I'm not addicted to cocaine" but I decided against that with the kids around (although two of them did inherit my dry sense of humor!).

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I hope you liked this DIY essential oil roller bottle storage block.  If you're not ready to DIY or just want to buy one, try one of these:

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How to make a DIY roller bottle storage block. Get ideas for making an upcycled and easy essenital oil storage for your roller ball or roller bottles.  Use a block of wood to make  essential oil storage that is also a cute home decor piece.  This helps organize your roller balls so you can find them easier. #essentialoil #storage #diy #rollerball #rollerbottle

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