06 July 2018

Must Have Essential Oil Accessories

These are my must have essential oil accessories, the essential oil must haves I use all the time.  Whether you're new to using oils or have been using them a while, here is a list that will help you use your oils.

If you're new to using essential oils, don't get overwhelmed.  If you read blog posts or listen to your friends, you might think that you need to buy every single oil and every single one of the essential oil accessories in order to use your essential oils properly.  

That's not true.  When I started, I had just a few oils and no essential oil accessories.  Now I have several bottles of oils and several accessories.  

It is nice to have a full supply on hand, but it's not necessary to start.  Here I'll tell you want my essential oil must haves, why you may need them, and how to use them.

You probably won't need all of these essential oil accessories, and you certainly don't need all of them to get started.  Learn about each accessory, then decide if it's something that you need.


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I use my essential oil diffuer more than any of the other essential oil accessories.  It lets you diffuse the scent of the oils to the entire room, so everyone can benefit from it.  We use Breathe Easy often, but we also use vetiver, Cleanse, Calming, or Awake blends.

I have the URPOWER essential oil diffuser in my living room.  It's inexpensive, works great, and the kids love the changing lights.  I use the lights to let me know that it's running so I can remember to turn it off.  This is my top of the essential oil must haves.

Essential oil diffusers work in much the same way, so it's just personal preference.  You can spend a lot more, but it doesn't necessarily work better.  Get one that fits your budget and your decor.

Learn how to clean an essential oil diffuser without vinegar.

You can also buy a diffuser for your car.  I work from home, so I don't even drive every day.  The ones you buy plug in and have a fan to blow the air throughout the car.  I made my own DIY essential oil diffuser for the car.  It works off of the vents, so there's no need to plug it in.  I don't use this essential oil accessories often, but it does come in handy.

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It's important to learn how to use essential oils before you dive in to using them and your essential oil accessories.  Here are some trusted books to help you on your journey:


Essential oils are expensive, so you want to protect them.  I had a bottle fall over and leak in a plastic drawer in my bedroom.  My room smelled for weeks!  Since then, all of my oils are stored in a box.

There are so many storage options for essential oils, it's almost mind boggling.  One thing to keep in mind is that you should store them out in a cool dark place.  I keep mine in my bedroom closet on a shelf.

No matter which one you buy, you want to buy bigger than you think you need.  Once you start the oily life, it's hard to stop.  You'll have several more bottles before you know it!  Some storage boxes also store your essential oil accessories.

I like the idea of this carousel essential oil storage rack.  I wish it worked for me and my home, but I need something a little more compact.

If you're a visual person, you can get a stair step shelf.  You can easily see the name of each oil.
Personally, I use an essential oil box.  I made it myself.  I'll be devoting a blog post to it soon, but you can also buy a box if you're not the crafty type.
I like this travel bag for essential oils.  If you travel often or just need to be able to take them on the go, this is a great bag.


Most essential oils have to be diluted with a carrier oil before you apply them to your skin.  My favorite all purpose carrier oil to use to with essential oils is fractionated coconut oil.  It's clear, odor free, and a light weight oil.

You can use just about any carrier oil, but if you are just getting started, I would recommend fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil.  

To learn more about the benefits of carrier oils, pick up my book Carrier Oils.


You can apply essential oils by putting some carrier oil on your skin and adding a drop of essential oils.  But if you use an oil often, it's easier to just make a roller bottle.  I won't go into how to make one or use them because I have an entire post dedicated to making and roller bottles.


I use spray bottles for so many things.  I use essential oils to make cleaning supplies, like my dusting spray recipe and all purpose cleaner.  I also use a spray bottle for my insect repellent with essential oils.


These little accessories aren't absolutely necessary, but they do make life easier

Use an opening tool to quickly and easily remove caps from roller bottles and essential oil bottles.

Sometimes oils come out of the bottle fast, so I use a pipette for a more accurate measurement.  Most recipes call for essential oils by the drop, and this helps get it right.

I use a funnel to help me pour into a roller bottle.  Sometimes I also use it to drop oils into a container to reduce spillage.


If I don't use a roller bottle, then I use an essential oil diffuser necklace.  Just drop the oils on the lava stone and enjoy the aroma for hours.  If you want to change oils, just wash the lava stone with dish soap and water and reuse.
You can also use an essential oil bracelet.  They also have lava stones that you can wash and reuse.  


If you'll be using your oils to make things—and you probably will!—then you'll want labels.  I had every intention of making my own with my Silhouette, but it didn't happen.  Now I use premade labels and just write on them.


If you're brand new, you are probably overwhelmed looking at the list of essential oils.  You probably have a budget too, so you can't just buy all the oils you want.  Here are the oils that I use the most to help you get an idea of what you might use most.

I hope my list of must have essential oil accessories and must haves helps you.  You might not need all of these, but this gives you a good idea of the things that you may want to buy.

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My must have essential oil accessories. Discover the best products for beginners or for gift ideas.  Learn how to use essential oil accessories and which ones you need and which ones you don't need.  This is a guide to the best accessories like storage, diffuser, bracelets, carrier oils, books, and more.  #essentialoils #accessories #forbeginners #musthave

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