08 January 2018

15 Amazing Homemade Salve Recipes

Salves are one of my favorite DIY products to make because there are so many variations you can do to make a new recipe from a basic one.  Making salves is easy because you don't need a preservative or any special equipment.  Just melt your ingredients in a double boiler, stir, and pour.  

You can customize salves by adding essential oils, herbs, or even infusing herbs in your carrier oils.  Generally, you can even change the carrier oils depending on the benefits that you need. 

I have several salve recipes on my blog, but there are just so many recipes on the Internet that I can't possibly make all of them.  I wanted to bring you a selection of different recipes so you can make the right one for your needs.

15 Amazing Homemade Salve Recipes 

Dry Skin Body Salve

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