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01 September 2017

15 of the Best Hair Masks

My hair really takes some abuse with heat styling and color, so I try to take care of it by using a hair mask once a week.  I make quite a few masks myself, but sometimes I just like trying a premade one or they have ingredients that aren't cost effective for me to purchase for myself.  Here are 16 of the best hair masks for your consideration.

15 of the Best Hair Masks

15 of the Best Hair Masks

Hair masks are like super charged conditioners for your hair.  They are higher in lipids and fatty acids than regular conditioners to add moisture back to your hair.  In healthy hair, the cuticle is closed.  This helps your hair stay frizz free, tangle free, and smooth.  When your hair gets damaged, the cuticle opens up.  These masks temporarily close the cuticle and provide other benefits for better looking hair.

Does price matter?  Yes.  And no.  Generally, the more expensive the product, the more of the main ingredient that it has with fewer cheap fillers.  I do notice a difference when I use higher end hair products, but there are some drugstore brands that work well for me.  If you find an inexpensive mask that works well, then by all means use it.  Some of the best hair masks that I've used have been under $10.  But you may consider splurging on a mask to use for more intensive repair.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Hair Sleeping Mask - Rose 1.0 oz 30 mL

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