28 August 2017

DIY Cuticle Cream Recipe

We survived the first week back to school, which was also tech week for Dakota's play.  It was a crazy, crazy week.  I will be very happy to spend most of our evenings at home this week and not be so busy.  Our weather is starting to cool off here in Ohio.  Back to school and cooler weather means that winter is coming.  The dry winter air really affects my skin, especially my hands.   Without lotion, my cuticles get so dry that they start to split and crack.  It's painful and not fun.  I do use lotion a few times a day, but I don't like using lotion all the time because it gets my keyboard dirty or I'm about to cook dinner.  That's why I made this DIY cuticle cream recipe and used a lip balm tube.  It makes it mess free to apply, and I can throw it in my purse without worrying about it leaking.
DIY Cuticle Cream Recipe

DIY Cuticle Cream Recipe

This is more of a base recipe that you can use to customize for your needs.  It just uses two ingredients, but you can use any carrier oil that you'd like.  I recommend sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, or even olive oil.  I prefer sweet almond oil because it's high in vitamins A and E to heal my skin.  It's just a wonderful all purpose carrier oil, so I use it quite often.  

I used shea butter because it's nourishing with its fats and vitamins, but it isn't greasy.  The oil is greasy, so this helps it not be overly greasy when used in the recipe.  You could also use cocoa butter, but you might want to cut back on the beeswax or add a little more oil.  I've never tried it, so you'll just have to play with it to see what works.  You can always remelt it and add more of an ingredient if it doesn't work.

Cuticle Cream Ingredients

You never want to heat carrier oils over direct heat, so always use a double boiler.  You could use a microwave, but I find that the beeswax takes a really long time to melt that way.  

I put all of the ingredients in a double boiler and turn it on low.  You want to stir it every few minutes to help the beeswax melt quicker.  

Once it's melted, you can pour it into a container.  I prefer to use lip balm tubes so I can apply it right to my cuticle without making a mess.  

The consistency as I've written the recipe is such that it is solid, but it will melt when you touch it.  You can pour this into a tin or other container to scoop out as needed.

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