26 June 2017

DIY Flat Iron Cover From a Dollar Store Hot Pad

We have one bathroom in our house for 5 people.  If that's not cruel enough, there's no storage in said bathroom.  I do have a large cabinet right outside of the bathroom, but in the actual bathroom I just have a small sink with no real counter space.  After I flat iron my hair, I have to set the flat iron on my kitchen counter to cool off.  Obviously, this isn't an ideal situation.  I made this DIY flat iron cover from a dollar store hot pad that I picked up at Dollar General for $1.  It's super easy to make.  I love anything that's cheap and easy to make!  Keep reading to see how I made it.

DIY Flat Iron Cover From a Dollar Store Hot Pad

DIY Flat Iron Cover From a Hot Pad

You can make yours one of two ways: with hot glue or sewing it.  Even though I am not a seamstress, I hand sewed my flat iron cover.  I wish I could tell what stitch I used, but I really don't know.  I just went up and down until it was done.

My Dollar General had some really cute patterns for hot pads.  They also have towel sets with hot pads for $5, so you can stock up for your kitchen too.  I've seen some really cute patterns there like paisley, owls, and cupcakes, so just keep looking.  You can also get a cloth hot pad on Amazon.  

Making your cover is so easy  Just fold the hot pad in half and glue the sides together or sew them.  Yes, it really is that easy.  I sewed the long side and what would be the bottom of the hot pad so my flat iron doesn't slip through.

It even has a loop on it if you want to hang it up.  I put mine in a drawer, but I think I'm going to add a hook to the inside of my cabinet to save drawer space.

If you want a longer cover to cover your entire flat iron, just join two hot pads together and then roll them and glue.  I'd leave the ends open to easily slide your iron in and out from either end.  My hot pad was long enough to cover the hot plates, so I only used one.

If you do use hot glue, it can melt a little bit when you put your flat iron in the cover.  If your iron doesn't slide out, just pull gently but firmly.  Then pop the glue off and keep using it as normal.

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