30 June 2017

Clothes Like Lularoe On Amazon: Summer Edition

Lularoe is still going strong on my Facebook feed, but I'm not one to have to watch live videos or wait for albums to come up.  Truth be told, here in the middle of nowhere, I couldn't watch a live Facebook video even if I wanted to because they won't load with my slow Internet.   I had some issues with Lularoe, so I found clothes like Lularoe on Amazon and at Charlie's Project.  Some of them are almost exact dupes of LLR clothes, yet others are just inspired by LLR.  Either way, you'll save money and you won't have to wait for an event or sit through another hour long live video.

Clothes Like Lularoe On Amazon: Summer Edition

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Viv Collection Capris - These leggings are very popular on Amazon, and now they are available in capri!  They have 43 different patterns in OS and TC.

Leggings Depot - These are also really soft and buttery.  Available in 41 designs, including this basic black.  OS and TC available.
Tom's Ware Midi Dress - If you love the Julia, then you'll love this.  It's made from a lightweight fabric, perfect for summer.  Available in 22 patterns in sizes XS to XXL.

Women's Tunic Top - This isn't an exact replica of a LLR top, but it does work very well with all leggings, and it's lightweight.  Available 44 colors from size XS to 5XL.
Free to Live Kimono Sleeve - These are also long and lightweight, perfect to pairing with leggings.  
Doublju Thin Cardigan - It's summer, but I'm going to throw this in here because it's lightweight.  Some offices really crank up the AC in the summer, making it really cold for the employees who are there all day.  This would also work well on cool summer evenings without needing a heavy coat.
Women's Kimono - If you like the Monroe, you'll love this.  Wear as a shirt or a suit cover up at the pool or beach.
TINYHI Loose Fit Dress - This flowy dress is similar to the Lularoe Carly dress.  It's available in 43 colors, and some have pockets.

Charlie's Project vs Lularoe

I have three pairs of Charlie's Project leggings and my daughter has one pair.  I love all of them!  They are every bit as buttery soft as LLR leggings at a better price.  Charlie's Project does have pre-buys that are cheaper but don't ship for at least a month.  They also have in stock items that ship in a few days.  I've always gotten my leggings within 5 days.  

Charlie's Project also came out with a lighter weight fabric for summer that's just as soft as the winter fabric.  And they also have capris for summer!  The following are available in capri length for summer.

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