14 April 2017

Plus Size Fitness Clothes For Women From Amazon

Do you want to know what irks me?  What really gets me is that society tells women that this is better and we should all do whatever we can to be thin.  Then when we want to get thin, there are no good plus size fitness clothes.  The ones that I did find at a local big box store are so tiny.  I had to go up three sizes to get clothes that weren't skin tight.  Obviously, I'm feeling a little vulnerable here, so why make it worse?  But I digress.  

Lately, I've been working out.  It started with a tai chi class my husband wanted to take, and he asked me to join.  As I have arthritis, I thought it would be a perfect way for me to get some exercise and boost my strength and flexibility.  I really love the class, but it doesn't provide much in the way of cardio.  I started adding my old standby of Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds and Just Walk.  I'll write a review of the four sets that I have in a few weeks.  When I'm at home working out, I usually wear anything but jeans and a shirt.  I might even be in PJ bottoms if I work out early.  But when I do tai chi, I'm in a class with other people.  I need something comfortable that will allow some modesty.  I turned to Amazon for their large selection of plus size fitness clothes.

Plus size fitness clothes for women.

Plus Size Fitness Clothes

Flowy Relaxed Cool Loose Fit Tank Tops: Workout Rayon Knit Jersey Regular and Plus Size Blk XXL

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