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DIY Coconut Oil Hair Mask Repairs Damaged Hair

Every day, your hair suffers damage from styling tools, heat appliances, and the sun.  This coconut hair mask can help restore damaged hair and leave your hair smooth and shiny.  The best part?  It smells delicious!  This is one of the easiest hair masks because it has just one ingredient: coconut oil.  Organic extra virgin oil is the best coconut oil to use for this hair mask.  Don't buy refined coconut oil because it doesn't have as many benefits for your hair due to the refining process.

List of Carrier Oils for Hair and Their Benefits + Printable PDF Chart

Do you need a list of carrier oils for hair? Here are the best carrier oils to use on your hair as a hot oil treatment or in DIY bath and beauty recipes. If you're new to Everything Pretty, you might not have seen my post about carrier oils and their benefits . Since I wrote it, it's been one of my top posts, and it even inspired me to write my first book, Carrier Oils . In that post, I list several popular carrier oils and their benefits for your skin and hair. In the book, I list more than 40 different carrier oils and their uses. In this post, I'd like to concentrate just on a list of carrier oils for hair. Some of these carrier oils can be used alone on your hair like argan oil. Others are best used in DIY recipes like hot oil treatments or hair masks. List of Carrier Oils for Hair What are Carrier Oils? Carrier oils are oils made from nuts, seeds, fruits, or kernels of plants. They carry essential oils and other ingredients since they often need to be diluted. M

How To Make Hand-Milled Soap

Hand-milled soap, also called rebatched soap or French milled soap, is an easy way to make the perfect bar of soap without using caustic lye.  Soap making supplies are expensive in small quantities, so if you only want to make a few bars, this is an affordable way to make your own.  You can  use nearly any soap, but it's best to use a handmade soap.  Glycerin soap and inexpensive commercial soaps don't work as well in this recipe.  Keep reading to learn how to make hand milled soap.

Moisturizing Body Oil Spray Recipe

This moisturizing body oil spray recipe is easy to make with cyclomethicone, dry carrier oils, and a fragrance.  It moisturizes the skin and leaves a light scent to act as a perfume body spray. Since winter is coming, I wanted to make more of my DIY dry oil perfume spray recipe.  This recipe is very similar to another perfume recipe that I posted a while back, but it has one important new ingredient.  Oil. This is a dry body oil spray recipe that works as a perfume and a moisturizing body oil spray recipe. I used an oil to moisturize my skin for the winter.  I switch between recipes in the summer and winter because this recipe is more moisturizing. I use it as a perfume, but I especially like to use it after shaving.  This also make a great perfume for your hair.  Since it doesn't have alcohol, it won't dry out your hair or skin. This dry oil perfume spray recipe isn't just for winter.  It's excellent for summer to add moisture to your skin. Moisturizing Body Oil S

DIY Avocado Hot Oil Treatment Recipe for Damaged Hair

Hair color, flat irons, blow dryers, and pollution can all damage your hair.  Luckily, there is something you can do to bring your distressed tresses back to life.  Hot oil treatments provide moisture and essential fats to your hair to make it smoother and shinier.  Most treatments just include a carrier oil , but this DIY avocado hot oil treatment recipe includes the wonderful natural fats from the avocado for more nourishment.

DIY Anti-Aging Face Serum Recipe

As my 36th birthday is quickly approaching, I've been dabbling with some anti-aging recipes.  I don't really have many lines around my eyes, but I either need to help my smile lines or quit smiling.  While I was writing my book Carrier Oils , I researched more than 40 different carrier oils!  I hand picked what I think are the best oils to use for this DIY anti-aging face serum recipe.  The best part is that you can customize it to fit your needs and the oils that you have on hand, so keep reading after the recipe for different oils to substitute.