07 September 2016

DIY Anti-Aging Face Serum Recipe

As my 36th birthday is quickly approaching, I've been dabbling with some anti-aging recipes.  I don't really have many lines around my eyes, but I either need to help my smile lines or quit smiling.  While I was writing my book Carrier Oils, I researched more than 40 different carrier oils!  I hand picked what I think are the best oils to use for this DIY anti-aging face serum recipe.  The best part is that you can customize it to fit your needs and the oils that you have on hand, so keep reading after the recipe for different oils to substitute.

DIY anti-aging face serum recipe

DIY Anti-Aging Face Serum Recipe

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Jojoba oil is a wonderful carrier oil that isn't really an oil.  It's more of a waxy substance, but it closely resembles the sebum that your body naturally produces, so it's a wonderful oil for your skin.  

Evening primrose oil is high in vitamin C and naturally anti-inflammatory.

Rosehip seed oil is high in vitamins A and C to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Carrot seed oil naturally tightens the skin.

Vitamin e oil is full an antioxidants to prevent free radicals and signs of aging.  

Frankincense essential oil is a natural astringent, so it can help tighten pores.   

Anti-Aging Face Serum Recipe Ingredients

Simply mix everything together in the amber bottle and give it a good shake.  You want to use an amber bottle because it blocks the sunlight, which can cause this to go rancid quicker.

Use a few drops on your face after washing and using a toner and before your moisturizer.

This is just a starter recipe, so you can customize it to fit your needs.  Different carrier oils have different properties, so use the ones that are right for your skin or what you have at home.  

If you have sensitive skin, you can substitute the jojoba oil with sunflower seed oil.  It's a light oil that is generally well tolerated by most skin types.    

You can substitute another oil for the evening primrose oil or the rosehip oil.  For acne prone skin, camellia oil is anti-microbial to kill bacteria and fungus that can cause blemishes.  Pomegranate seed oil can help regulate sebum, so it's also a good choice.  To plump the skin to reduce fine line, consider using meadowfoam oil.  

In Carrier Oils, you'll learn how to use more than 40 different carrier oils in bath and beauty recipes like this DIY anti-aging face serum recipe.  

Or if you'd rather have a print book for reference as you make your recipes, I also have a print book available to order.  

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