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If Your Clothes Could Talk, What Would They Say?

If you've been here for a while, you know that I'm on a journey to get healthy.  This isn't my first time on this journey.  No, this is a road I've walked up and down a few times.  Each time gets a little harder, so I'm doing to do everything that I can to make sure that this is the last time.  I'm making lifestyle changes this time, so I'm optimistic that this time will be different from the last one.  Now that I'm in my 30s with three kids, my body isn't cooperating with me as well as it used it.  

5 Benefits of Quitting Sugar

Ah…sweet, sweet sugar. How I love it! However, it doesn’t love me so much. Science has proven again and again that sugar’s not very good for us. But how do we go about quitting something that’s so addictive and seems to be added to every food product, including savory ones? Maybe knowing a few benefits of cutting out the sweet stuff will inspire us to take the leap. Keep reading for five benefits of quitting sugar.   You'll Level Out Sugar gives you a rush and then a resulting slump after your body’s processed it, making you crave even more of it. Why ride the roller coaster of sweetness all day when you can keep your blood sugar level and feel a million times better? This goes for your kids as well whom I’m sure you’ve witnessed bouncing off the walls after consuming candy. Cutting sugar from their lives could possibly result in calmer kids and better behavior, which is a huge benefit of quitting sugar. Try it and see! Disease Prevention Along with the blo

DIY Lip Plumper Recipe

If you want plump lips, you don't have to take the Kylie Jenner challenge. Actually, please don't! Try making your own lip plumper for a fraction of the cost of what department stores charge.  By using natural ingredients like cinnamon or something similar, you can stimulate blood flow to your lips.  This temporarily plumps your lips to give you a sexy, pouty look.  The best part? It's easy to make! You can find most of the ingredients at your grocery store or craft store, and I've linked to Amazon to make shopping even easier.