28 April 2015

DIY Spray Makeup Brush Cleaner Recipe

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?  I cleaned mine last weekend.  It doesn't really take long to clean them, but they take forever to dry.  I don't really want to get another set of brushes, so I started using this DIY spray makeup brush cleaner.  It's easy to make, easier to use, and it dries quickly.  

Last week, I posted about all the nasty stuff that can happen to your brushes if you don't clean them regularly.  You'll definitely want to check it out because I know that you'll want to come right back here and make this DIY spray makeup brush cleaner.  

DIY Spray Makeup Brush Cleaner Recipe

DIY Spray Makeup Brush Cleaner Recipe

What You Need

  1. Pour hot water and conditioner in to the bottle and shake well.
  2. Add alcohol and shake again.
  3. This might separate, so shake before each use.
  4. To use, spray your brushes after each use.
This will keep your brushes clean, sanitized, and soft.  Later this week, I'll post a recipe for a makeup brush cleaner that you should use once a week or every two weeks if you don't wear makeup daily.

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