DIY Makeup Brush Cleaning Board
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I'm sure you all know how important clean makeup brushes are, right?  Who wants to spread dirt, grime, product, and bacteria all over their face?  Yuck!  I was using a Dove Beauty bar or my DIY makeup brush cleaner to clean my brushes, but they didn't feel like they got clean enough.  I saw a makeup brush cleaning board, and I thought that I could recreate it for a fraction of the price.  And I did.  

DIY makeup brush cleaning board made from a cutting board and hot glue
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DIY Makeup Brush Cleaning Board

Making your own DIY makeup brush cleaning board is really easy, and it won't take more than 10 minutes.  You just need a plastic board, I used a cutting board, and a glue gun.  

I mentally sectioned off my cutting board and made a little sketch of what I wanted to draw.  Since you'll be using the board for several types of brushes, you want different patterns to really get your brushes clean.  I suggest zig zag lines, chevron lines, dots, straight lines, and wavy lines.  

Just add your patterns to your board and let it cool.  After mine cooled off, I cleaned up the designs a little bit and took off the glue "cobwebs" that always seem to get left behind.  As you can see, it doesn't have to be perfect to be functional.

Easy, right?  

To use, use your favorite makeup brush cleaner on your brushes.  Then rub your brushes across the texture on the board to really loosen the dirt and excess makeup.  Rinse your brushes and board well.  Let your brushes dry flat for several hours.

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