Tinted Lip Balm Recipe with Beet Juice Powder
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When PINES contacted me to use their beet juice powder in a recipe, I knew exactly what I wanted to make: a naturally tinted lip balm.  I try to stay away from dyes in my food and in my bath products.  The beet juice powder gave my lip balm a gorgeous purple-red color safely and naturally.

I'll be honest, the beet juice powder gave me a bit of trouble, so I had to change my recipe a few times.  You see, the powder is water soluble, but the base of the lip balm is oil based.  The first time I made this, the powder turned in to little globs and wouldn't incorporate.  Then I got creative.  Keep reading to see how I got the powder to mix with the oils.

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Tinted Lip Balm Recipe with Beet Juice Powder
Natural tinted lip balm recipe with beet juice powder.

What You Need 

  1. Place the coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter in the Pyrex cup and microwave at 15 second intervals until completely melted.  
  2. In a separate glass bowl, combine the beet juice powder and glycerin  Stir well.  Dissolving the powder in glycerin first helps it mix in the oils better later.
  3. When the oils were melted, I added all of the beet juice powder and glycerin mixture and stirred.
  4. At this point, the beet powder still didn't want to mix with the oils.  I poured it in my mixer and used to scraper paddle* to mix it on low.  It just took a few seconds to get it mixed.  Use a spatula to put in lip balm containers.  
*I love the scraper paddle!  I use it for lotions, lip balms, and other beauty recipes as well as thin recipes like cake batter.

Success!  This tinted lip balm recipe lightly colors your lips while it moisturizes.  This recipe is great for chapped, dry lips because the coconut oil and shea butter are very nourishing.  

Just look at the gorgeous color!

Natural tinted lip balm recipe with beet juice powder.

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