03 June 2014

DIY Father's Day Gift Guide

DIY Father's Day gifts for dad or grandpa.  These are for adults or kids to make!

Buying for my dad is so difficult.  If he wants something, he just goes out and gets it.  Last year I got him a blue martin house because he loves to watch the birds and they kill mosquitoes.  I mean, who wouldn't love a gift that killed mosquitoes in their yard?

If you're stumped on a Father's Day gift this year, here are some great ideas for everyone to make from preschoolers to adults.

Mustache Wax and Beard Oil - Rebecca from Soap Deli News has another awesome recipe!  What man with a 'stache wouldn't love this?

Spicy Aftershave Recipe - This one smells so good, it's like a gift for both of you!  It takes two weeks to steep, so get started right away.

Hand Stamped Golf Ball Marker - If your dad golfs, he will love this.  You could do his initials, his name, or even Good Luck.

Mini Chalk Pots - I love these because older kids can make them by themselves, or an adult can make them and a smaller child can decorate them.

Lemon Pepper BBQ Grill Spice Rub - If Dad loves to grill, he will love this.  This would be perfect on chicken or fish.

Daddy and Son Activity Jar - I love this because it's free -- or close to free -- and it's great for sons of any age!
Sweet Hot Whiskey Mustard - My hubby would just love this!  I think he would slather this on everything!

Six Packs of Treats - This is awesome for a kid to make for their dad or grandpa!  Fill with his favorite candies.

Father's Day Frame - What Dad doesn't want a photo of his kids or him with his kids?  I like this one because kids of any age can help.

Stache Jar - This is inexpensive, easy, and awesome.  You can fill the jars with his favorite candy or anything else.
Suit Box Treat Holder - This is so cute!  You can fill it with his favorite candy or even a gift card.

Man Bouquet - If you got Mom flowers for Mother's Day, give Dad this bouquet for Father's Day.  Made with his favorite candy bars, he is sure to enjoy this gift.
Crochet Tie - This would be great in Dad's favorite team's colors or even his alma mater.

Star Wars Soap - This fun soap takes about 15 minutes to make.

DIY Men's Tie - Make him a tie with his favorite color or pattern.