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Fisherman Soap Recipe Perfect for Father's Day - No Lye!

Waaaaaay back in the day, I sold bath and body products.  I made soap, lip balm, lotion, and bath salts on eBay and locally.  This was back before Etsy and just after Etsy opened, so eBay and my own website were my only options.  My husband was a mechanic at a marine dealership.  I heard about this fisherman soap, and who better to test it than a bunch of fishermen at the shop? I made a few bars and gave out some samples.  Within a few weeks, I had several orders.  I filled those and made more for the shelf.  This stuff sold better than any other product that I had! This soap naturally masks the human smell from your hands.  Use it before touching bait to attract more fish.  Many men also use it before hunting so the animals can't smell them in the woods. This recipe doesn't use lye because it uses a soap base.  If you've never made soap, you can find complete directions here . This post may contain affiliate links.  When someone purchases an item from these links,

How to Tighten Skin Under Eyes - Naturally!

Learn how to tighten skin under eyes naturally!  This has several options for DIY ways and natural home remedies to tighten the under eye area. I've been a little quiet on social media and my blog this week.  I'm a Girl Scout leader and Cub Scout leader, and this was our bridging over and crossover week.   As much as I love those kids, I am happy to be done with both for the year.  My daughter is now a Brownie, and my son is a Bear.  I am a little sad that we only have three years of Cubs left, but that makes a total of 9 years as a leader!   I've been so sleep deprived that my eyes are really showing it.  For me, bags under my eyes age me more than gray hair and fine lines.  I had to find out how to tighten skin under eyes naturally.  Here are several ways that will help.  Some will help right away, and others take a little longer.  How to Tighten Skin Under Eyes Naturally Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission from sales. What

How to Get Rid of Dry, Cracked Heels

It's time for flip flops and sandals! I know my feet could use some attention after the long winter, how about yours? Dry, cracked heels aren't just unattractive--they can also let bacteria in to the body. Although not usually a medical concern, you'll feel better knowing that your feet are in top shape for summer. Here's not to safely and effectively remove dead skin and moisturize your feet. You might need to do this once a week until your feet are looking good. After that, moisturize daily. Dry winter air is what causes dry, cracked heels, but wearing sandals and open back shoes in the summer can also cause your skin to get cracked. The links used in this post may be affiliate links. By shopping from these links, you help support my blog. Thanks for your continued support. Exfoliate To find the healthy skin on your heels, you need to get rid of the dead skin.  If you haven't taken care of your feet in a while, you might need to do

DIY Cooling Cucumber Tonic Recipe

I've posted several tonics on my blog, but this one is a little different.  Most tonic recipes use vodka and witch hazel, so you can't use them on sunburned or damaged skin.  This recipe doesn't have any alcohol in it, so it is perfect for damaged skin. I'm posting this cooling cucumber tonic recipe a little prematurely so you'll have it for this summer.  It doesn't need to steep like most tonics, so you can use it right away.  Try this the next time you get a sunburn or your skin gets wind damaged.  It will give you an immediate cooling relief. I also like to use this for under eye circles.  You can just use a cucumber, but I make this in the spring when my allergies go nuts and my skin gets itchy.  It's cooling, calming, and easy to make. DIY Cooling Cucumber Tonic What You Need 1 medium cucumber 1 tablespoon distilled water Blender Strainer Directions Peel, seed, and cube the cucumber. Place it in the blender with the water.   Blen

DIY Spicy Aftershave for Men Recipe

Mother's Day is this Sunday, but I'm going to feature a Father's Day recipe because it takes two weeks to steep before it can be used.  This will give you plenty of time to gather the ingredients and get it made for your father, hubby, or other special man in your life. You might want to double this men's aftershave recipe to make some for yourself.  After you strain it, it makes an excellent scalp cleaner and hair rinse if you have oily or normal dark hair.  Don't try this on light hair because it could stain your hair. If you still need Mother's Day ideas, try these easy DIY beauty recipes for mom .  You can make them in an afternoon, and what mom doesn't need a little pampering? DIY Spicy Aftershave for Men Recipe What You Need 1 cup unflavored vodka 1 cup witch hazel 1 sprig fresh rosemary 1 sprig fresh peppermint 1 cinnamon stick 5 whole cloves 2 strips of fresh orange peel, cut in to spirals 2 strips fresh lemon peel, cut in to sp