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DIY Parsley and Peppermint Astringent Recipe

Using an astringent, or toner, is a great way to get a deep down clean after washing.  It removes oil and leaves your skin feeling fresh for hours after you use it.  I don't always use an astringent, but I do use it more in the summer.  When I'm outside gardening or I get sweaty from the heat, I want a deep down clean.  This DIY parsley and peppermint astringent recipe is perfect for summer because it cleans off dirt and oil very well while it cools your skin. This recipe makes 2 cups, so you'll have plenty to last you for months.  You can use it every day or as needed.  Since this recipe doesn't use a preservative, you should store it in the fridge for a week. DIY Parsley and Peppermint Astringent Recipe What You Need 2 cups distilled water 1/4 cup chopped parsley 1/4 cup chopped fresh peppermint leaves 5 drops peppermint essential oi l Directions Boil the water in a small saucepan.  Remove from heat and add parsley and peppermint leaves.   Let st

DIY Makeup Removing Oil Recipe

Have you ever tried the oil cleansing method?  I will admit that my skin is just a little too oily to try it.  I gave it a shot, but it wasn't working for me.  My skin needs a little less oil and a little more cleanser.  If you can't or don't want to do the oil cleansing method , then you may be interested in this DIY makeup removing oil recipe. This oil is heavy, but you follow it with your regular facial cleanser.  This way you get all the benefits of the oil, but it's not too heavy for oily skin.  For best results, follow with a toner after washing if you have oily skin.  This also works really well for dry skin because it nourishes your skin, and the oils leave your skin feeling soft. This versatile oil isn't just for your face.  You can use it all over your body at night to deeply moisturize your skin.  It is a great way to get your hands and feet soft in just one night.

Easy DIY Cold Cream Recipe and Makeup Remover

Do you use a cold cream?  I'll admit that I never did until I came across this easy cold cream recipe.  Honestly, I wasn't even sure what a cold cream was. It's a thick cream made with fats that keeps your skin soft and looking great.  It also makes a wonderful makeup remover for thick makeup, like the kind you would wear on stage.  I also discovered that this recipe makes an excellent foot cream.  It really softens the dead skin and helps smooth rough heels. Some of the links below may be affiliate links.  You pay the regular price, and I earn a small commission.  This helps me build my blog and offer even more great recipes.  Thanks for supporting Everything Pretty!

Kool Aid Hair Dye Tutorial

Bright colored streaks are so popular right now, but have you looked at how much salons charge?  Yikes!  Around here, expect to pay $50 to $100 or more for a few streaks.  Kool Aid hair dye is a non-toxic alternative, and you can do it at home for less than $1! Unfortunately, I can't try this on myself because I have very dark hair.  My daughter has light-brown-almost-blonde hair, so I will practice on her this summer. This works best on light hair, but it will show up on light or medium brown hair.  If you have darker hair, you will need to bleach the hair before you dye it.  I don't have any experience in bleaching hair at home, so I can't recommend a tutorial. How long Kool Aid hair dye lasts depends on your hair.  The lighter your hair, the longer it should last.  It just depends on how much your hair soaks up while you are dyeing it.  Don't try this if you need it washed out in a few weeks for a special event. How to Dye Your Hair With Kool Aid What Yo