01 April 2016

Best Clay Mask for Your Skin Type

Clay masks are my favorite homemade facial masks because they are so easy to make, yet they are very effective. Clay pulls oil, dirt, and toxins from your skin for a clearer complexion. Clay also tightens your skin so your pores appear to be smaller.  There are several types of clay that you can buy, and each one has different properties for your skin.  Keep reading for the best clay mask to use for your skin type.

Best Clay Mask for Your Skin Type

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Clay Mask Benefits

All clay contains minerals, and these are what increases circulation and makes your skin glow. Clay also exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, so your skin is healthy looking and glowing after a facial. Last week, I taught you how to make a clay mask.   The directions are the same for all types of clay, so choose the kind that works best with your complexion.  One important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t use metal bowls or utensils when you mix your clay mask.  Use plastic or wood for best results.  I like this plastic mixing bowl set because it has measuring spoons, a stir stick, and a brush to apply the mask to your face. 

Pink Clay Mask

Pink clay -- also called rose clay -- is excellent for normal to dry skin.  It removes dead skin cells and cleans your face while it improves circulation.

White Clay Mask

White clay is very mild, so this is the best clay mask if you have sensitive skin.  Unlike other clays, it doesn't pull oil from your skin, so it won't dry out your skin.

Green Clay Mask

 Green clay is the most popular type of clay, and it is the kind I use.  It removes excess oil and dirt from your pores and helps reduce pore size.  Green clay is the best clay mask for oily skin or large pores.

Yellow Clay Mask

 Yellow clay also does not pull oil from your skin, but it does exfoliate.  It is great for dry or sensitive skin. 

Have you ever had a clay mask?

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