01 December 2017

Mocha Latte Lip Balm Recipe

Seriously, where do all of my lip balms go?  I can make 10 of them, and then they are gone a few days later.  They are like socks and storage container lids; they disappear to who knows where.  I hope they are at least all having fun together.  

Since this is chapped lip season, I've been having fun playing with new lip balm recipes.  I made some coffee infused oil, so I wanted to make another coffee flavored lip balm like my pumpkin spice latte lip balm.

I normally use shea butter in my lip balms, but this time I used cocoa butter for it's amazing scent.  You can still use shea butter if you have that, but you should add extra shea butter and decrease the coffee infuse oil.  

If you don't like coffee, you could use a plain carrier oil, but I like the scent and taste of the coffee.  This mocha latte lip balm recipe reminds me of my favorite drink but without any calories.

Mocha Latte Lip Balm Recipe

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Before you can make this recipe, you'll have to make coffee infused oil.  It's easy to make, but it will take a while to make, depending on how you make it.

When you infuse the oil and coffee together, the oil takes on a darker hue and the scent of the coffee, which works very well in lip balms.  You can use the oil in other recipes, so you might want to make more than what is called for in this recipe.

Coffee has many benefits for your skin when used topically.  It's an antioxidant, so it can help stop the signs of aging.  It also has vitamin E to help nourish your lips and skin.  

Making coffee infused oil is easy. and there really isn't an exact recipe.  You just need to put coffee grounds in a jar and cover them with oil.

Choosing a Carrier Oil

You can use any liquid carrier oil.  I usually use sweet almond oil for my lip balms, but you can use another oil.  

How much coffee and how much oil do you need?

Well, that's not an exact science.  You need to cover the coffee grounds with oil, so it depends on how much oil you want to make.

This recipe doesn't need a lot of oil, but you can always use the oil in other recipes.  This would be a great oil for a coffee scrub or even in soap.

My peppermint mocha salt scrub and pumpkin spice coffee scrub both take coconut oil, but you can use a liquid oil infused with coffee in place of the coconut oil.

To infuse the oil, place some finely ground coffee in a mason jar.  Pour enough carrier oil over the coffee to completely cover it.  Let sit for two weeks and strain.

If you're in a hurry, you can also infuse it with heat.  Just put a towel on the bottom of a slow cooker and place the oil and coffee grounds on top of the towel.  Add water until it is over the coffee grounds, but be careful the water doesn't get in the jar.  Cook on low for 4-6 hours.  Do not put the lid on the slow cooker because it can collect condensation that can drip in the oil.  Strain the oil with cheesecloth.




Weigh your ingredients with a digital scale.  For this recipe, you can't use a liquid measurement.


Place the coffee infused oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax in a double boiler.  Never heat oils over direct heat.


When the beeswax and cocoa butter are melted, remove from heat and let cool slightly.


Add the cocoa absolute.  Stir well.


Pour into lip balm tubes or pots.

This will fill about 20 lip balm tubes and about 10 pots.

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