15 December 2017

Our Christmas Traditions

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Our family is all over the country, so we are just having a few guests over for Christmas.  With Christmas on a Monday this year, I'm keeping it fairly simple.  We are celebrating with family on Christmas Eve and then relaxing on Christmas after we exchange gifts. 

Even though we are keeping it low key, there are some traditions that we keep.  Although they aren't elaborate, they do allow me to enjoy my family more during Christmastime, and I hope the kids remember these traditions fondly.  

11 December 2017

Homemade Powdered Toffee Coffee Recipe

It's crazy to me that the days are going to start getting longer soon, yet we've only had one snow. It snowed over the weekend, but it was more like glitter falling from the sky and didn't really accumulate. Regardless, I am freezing in the evening. Everyone else is walking around in a t-shirt, and I'm in a hoodie and leggings with my teeth chattering.

I've started drinking a cup of hot coffee in the evenings while my husband drinks his tea. I used to be able to drink caffeine in the evenings, but I've really been limited my caffeine lately. I was drinking more than a pot of coffee each day, but now I'm down to 1-2 cups a day and no caffeine after noon.

I used to buy those little tins of powdered coffee mix, but they get expensive. They also have a lot of ingredients that I can't pronounce.

So I started making my own. I really enjoy this homemade powdered toffee coffee mix recipe. I made it with decaf coffee so I can have some in the evening.

While I wouldn't call this healthy, I would say that it's a healthier version for you. I used my homemade powdered coffee creamer recipe, which I made with half coconut sugar. The next time I make it, I'll make it with all coconut sugar though.


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If healthy living is important to you, you do have a few options with the sugar. You could use coconut sugar for the brown sugar. This will sacrifice some taste, but it will be a lower glycemic index drink.

You could also omit the sugar and add agave nectar to taste as you make each cup.

If you need a sugar free toffee coffee, you could also use Splenda Brown Sugar or Truvia Brown Sugar. You'll have to read each label to see how much is equal to one cup.

Note that if you are sugar free, you'll have to substitute sugar in the powdered coffee creamer too.

This recipe uses coconut oil, which is also in the powdered coffee creamer. You don't have to put it in both recipes, but you certainly can. If you use powdered creamer from the store, I do recommend adding some coconut oil.

Coconut oil makes it creamier and gives it some froth, but it is optional.




Melt the coconut oil in the microwave. I put the entire jar in without a lid and cook for 30 seconds until the top starts to melt.


Combine the coffee creamer, coffee, and brown sugar in a bowl. Drizzle the melted coconut oil on top.


Blend the mixture with a food processor or bullet style blender. I used a bullet style blender and did I think 3 batches. It seemed to work easier for me to do it this way. The smaller particles dissolve in the water easier, so this step is important.


To use, heat up 8 ounces of water. Add 1-2 tablespoons of this homemade powdered toffee coffee mix recipe and stir.

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08 December 2017

Homemade Powdered Creamer Recipe + 8 Flavored Creamer Recipes

If you are a regular reader, then you know that I love coffee.  My kids know not to try to talk to me until I've had at least half of a cup.  Actually, I'm not sure that I can form sentences before I drink at least that much.  

I like cream in my coffee, and I usually get flavored creamers.  I try to buy clean versions of creamer. I could use half and half or heavy whipping cream because they have fewer carbs than other types of milk, but I like having a flavored coffee.  My current favorite is white chocolate mocha.  

There are few things worse than running out of creamer.  I try to keep a powdered creamer on the shelf so that doesn't happen.  But powdered creamer is made of partially hydrogenated solids, corn syrup solids, artificial flavors, and other chemicals.

So I make my own.

This has a healthy fat, coconut oil, to make it creamy and frothy.  It's simple to whip it up, and it will sit on the shelf for weeks or months, depending on your ingredients.

06 December 2017

Peach Berry Emergen-C Smoothie Recipe

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I'm a mom, so I spend my days taking care of three little people and numerous critters that live on the farm. Although my mom doesn't live with me, I'm also her caregiver. I work almost full time, homeschool my kids, and volunteer in my community. To be honest, I don't have the time to take care of myself. I have to make time to take care of myself.

For years, I said I didn't have time to work out. Now I work out in the mornings and we start our day a little later. I also take tai chi twice a week, which is two hours that I very much look forward to. I also take care of myself by taking Emergen-C® products.

What Is Emergen-C®?

Emergen-C® has more than 20 flavors and a variety of special formulas to help support wellness goals. I use it because it helps me get my vitamins and minerals for immune support.

One of my favorites is Emergen-C® Super Orange. Packed with Vitamin C plus other key antioxidants such as zinc and manganese to support your immune system along with B Vitamins to enhance energy naturally*, Emergen-C® dietary supplements are the delicious way to start your day.

My favorite formulas are Emergen-C® Super Orange and Emergen-C® Energy+ Blueberry-A├žai. I've also recently added the Emergen-C Immune+® Gummies Orange. You can hover over the image below to learn shop for them now.

When I need energy support, I turn to Emergen-C® Energy+ Blueberry Acai. Emergen-C® Energy+ is a powder-packed formula with natural caffeine from green tea to focus your mind*; electrolytes to help replenish your body*; plus 7 B vitamins to fortify you and vitamin C for immune support.* Emergen-C® Energy+ comes in portable packets that you can easily stash in your pocket or bag. It’s an anytime, anywhere product for your energy and immune support needs.*

To support my immune system, I use Emergen-C Immune+® Gummies Orange. They’re your favorite fizzy flavors, now in a yummy new form! Emergen-C Immune+® Gummies support your immune system with Vitamin C and Vitamin D, support your energy with B Vitamins,* and are made with natural fruit flavors. No water needed! Bursting with fruit-y deliciousness, chew your way through Emergen-C Immune+® Orange & Raspberry Gummies to support your immune system with Vitamin C and Vitamin D.*

I get my Emergen-C® at Walmart in the health and beauty section.

Peach Berry Emergen-C® Super Orange Smoothie Recipe

I've been big on smoothies lately, partly because they are so easy to make and I can sip them while I homeschool or work. I started adding a packet of Emergen-C® Super Orange to my smoothies to support my immune system.

My peaches had a long season this year, so I had some leftovers to freeze each time I canned peaches. I thought they'd make an excellent addition to a berry smoothie, which they do. You can use fresh or frozen peaches for this recipe.

I used strawberry yogurt, but you can use plain or vanilla yogurt, too. I use strawberry for a bit more flavor.



Combine the yogurt, sliced peaches, sliced strawberries, and ice in a blender. Blend on high for 30 to 60 seconds.

Add Emergen-C® Super Orange packet. Stir until smooth.

This makes two servings of peach berry smoothie.

How do you take care of yourself? Learn more about Emergen-C® products!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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04 December 2017

How to Get Rid of Adult Acne With Zapzyt

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Moving into adulthood means leaving your teen years behind  No more curfews, no more high school biology and chemistry, no more homework, and no more acne.  

Not all of us are lucky enough to leave everything from our teen years behind.  Some of us are trying to deal with acne creams and wrinkle creams because we have blemishes popping up long after our teen years.

Some women who didn't have acne as a teen suffer from adult acne.  To make matters worse, adult acne tends to be cystic, which is more stubborn to get rid of.

If you have acne in your 20s or 30s, you might need to rethink your skin care routine or products.  I use Zapzyt for adult acne because I can use it only when I need it and then switch back to my regular products.  Keep reading to learn how to get rid of adult acne.