LaFlore Skincare Launch and Review

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I'm excited to tell you about a brand new skincare line from LaFlore.  It just launched on September 16, but I got a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer to try last month so I could share it with my readers.  LaFlore is a little bit different than other skincare systems, so keep reading to see how it's different.

Caramel Apple Sugar Scrub Recipe

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I feel like pumpkins steal all of the attention in the fall.  If you give me the choice between pumpkin anything and a caramel apple, then I'm going to choose the caramel apple.  My daughter wanted caramel apples this week, and I decided that it would make a wonderful sugar scrub.  A nonprofit that I'm involved with had several women volunteer for a special project, so I wanted to give them a small token of appreciation with this caramel apple sugar scrub.

caramel apple sugar scrub recipe

Caregiving Made Easier With Sam's Club

Today, I want to take a break from talking about beauty and talk about something that's going on in my life that I haven't shared much about on social media.  A little over two years ago, my mom fell and suffered from a brain bleed that caused long-term problems with her memory and balance.  After the fall, she spent months in and out of the hospital with various complications.  Thankfully, she hasn't been hospitalized in over a year.  

Since she has problems with her memory, I've taken over as her caregiver.  She lives alone half an hour from me, so this hasn't been the easiest way to care for someone, but I've made it work.  Thankfully, Sam's Club has made it easier to save time and get my mom's essentials so I can spend more time with her or my kids.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

How many pumpkin spice lattes have you had this year?  I haven't had any, unless you count Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte K-Cups.  Those I have had a few of so far this year.  I found a way to satisfy my cravings for PSL without breaking the bank or drinking a lot of calories with this pumpkin spice latte melt and pour soap.  It smells amazing, and the coffee gives it a little boost of scrubbing power.  Caffeine is also said to help with cellulite, so it makes a good body bar as well as a hand soap.

pumpkin pie spice melt and pour soap recipe

15 Amazing Epsom Salt Uses & Benefits

Even though I don't use Epsom salts very often in my recipes on my blog, it's one thing that we constantly use at home.  My son has had surgery on his feet twice in the last year, which meant twice daily Epsom salt soaks for weeks before surgery and after.  I use them in the bath with my other son to increase his magnesium intake.  I use them in salt soaks and for scrubs because of their wonderful benefits.  I was going to do a few posts on Epsom salt recipes, but they are very basic recipes, so I decided to just do one bigger post with all of the amazing uses for Epsom salts and why you need them in your medicine cabinet.

15 Amazing Epsom Salt Uses & Benefits