21 February 2018

20 DIY Body Scrub Recipes

I love making body scrubs because they are so easy to make, and you can really get creative with the ingredients.  You can use sugar, brown sugar, oatmeal, nut flours, salt, or even coffee as a base, add an oil, and then add herbs, spices, and essential oils 

As the weather starts to get warmer and spring and summer are finally coming, my skin needs some extra love.  A good scrub will help get rid of dead skin cells.  The oil also moisturizes and nourishes your skin.

Here are more than 20 different scrub recipes.  Originally, I was going to do 20, but I just couldn't narrow down my choices!  

19 February 2018

Non Greasy Matcha Green Tea Body Butter Recipe

This non greasy matcha green tea body butter recipe quenches dry skin.  

I feel like I can't get enough moisture in my skin this winter.  I like making body butters because they are thick and full of good ingredients.

Body butters are easy DIY lotion recipes because they don't have water, which means that you don't need to use a preservative.

Most body butters are made with coconut oil and carrier oils.  This makes them excellent for moisturizing, but these oils are, well, oily.

It's not uncommon for your skin to be oily for several minutes after using a homemade body butter.  At night, this doesn't bother me at all.  But in the morning or during the day, I don't want to transfer oil to everything that I touch.

I wanted to make a non greasy body butter, so I had to play with the ingredients.

Most body butters are made by melted the ingredients, letting them cool and set up, then whipping.  This one doesn't need melted, so it saves a lot of time.  You can whip this up in about 10 minutes.

Keep reading to learn about each ingredient, why I used it, and how to make this non greasy matcha green tea body butter.  


Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission from sales.

Shea butter gives this body butter its bulk, and it takes the place of coconut oil.  Shea butter is high in vitamins A and E, so it's moisturizing without being greasy.

For the oil, I used grapeseed oil.  It's a lighter oil, so it soaks into the skin quickly.

Aloe vera helps soothe the skin, which is what my dry skin needs.  It also helps add bulk without adding oil.

I used vitamin E more more nourishment and to act as a natural preservative.

Arrowroot powder is excellent for absorbing excess oil, so it also helps cut down on the oil in the recipe.

You can make this with just the ingredients that I mentioned, but I also added matcha green tea.  Matcha powder is full of antioxidants to help reduce the signs of aging.

When I was a waitress, I would always look at people's hands.  Your hands will almost always give away your age even if your face doesn't.  So it's important to take care of your hands and use a good moisturizer and anti aging products like this green tea.  




In a medium sized bowl, whip the shea butter until light and fluffy.  I used my Kitchenaid with the whisk attachment on speed 10.


Add the grapeseed oil, vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel, matcha green tea, and arrowroot powder.  Whip for about 10 minutes on high or until it becomes light and fluffy.


Spoon into a mason jar with a lid.

I use it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, on my hands.  I sometimes use it on my feet when they get dry.  

This recipe will last about three months in a covered jar.  For a longer shelf life, store in the fridge.  

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16 February 2018

Watermelon Soap Recipe with Real Watermelon Fruit

This watermelon soap recipe from guest blogger, Rebecca D. Dillon of Soap Deli News, is a great way to enjoy your favorite summer fruit year round and naturally fight aging!

One of my favorite things about summer is eating juicy, ripe watermelon! Sticky, sweet and delicious, watermelon is full of nutrients our bodies love like vitamins A, B6 and C, lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. However, it doesn't have to be summer to enjoy the health benefits that watermelon has to offer. Not only is watermelon fruit powder available year round, but when used in natural beauty products your skin can enjoy some of the same healthy benefits.

An easy way to take advantage of the beauty benefits of watermelon is to craft your own watermelon soap recipe. Those nutrients I mentioned? Well, their properties make watermelon a perfect choice for natural, anti-aging skin care. Vitamins A and C, in combination with the lycopene content found in watermelon, have been shown to help fight the free radicals that cause aging. While vitamin A has wonderful toning properties that can help to shrink pores as well as combat acne.

14 February 2018

Olay Regenerist Whip Review

This post is sponsored by Olay.  As always, all enthusiasm is my own.

Maybe it was all of the art classes that I took in high school and college, but I love playing with makeup.  I like creating fun looks, using different colors, and trying new products.  Unfortunately, I don't always have time to do a full makeup look each day.  Several days of the week, I get up and get myself and at least one kid out the door within half an hour.  On those days, I'm thankful for products to help me look my best with fewer steps in my skin care routine.

You might remember that I took the Olay 28 Day Challenge last October.  I've been using Olay off and on since my teen years, but in the last few years, I fell into the line of thinking that I needed a lot of products so my skin would look its best.  I was floored by the results of the 28 Day Challenge when I used Olay Regenerist.  I was on my second bottle with no plans of switching when I discovered Olay's new moisturizer:  Olay Regenerist Whip.  

12 February 2018

How to Prep Your Lips for Liquid Matte Lipstick + Honey and Cinnamon Lip Scrub Recipe

This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own.

I am so happy that matte lipsticks are back.  I used to not wear lipstick because the creamy formulas just didn't last on my lips.  If I'm going to wear lipstick, I don't want to be touching it up all day or have color on half of my lips.

Liquid matte lipsticks have more staying power, but they can be very drying to your lips.  Learn how to prep your lips with a lip scrub, Herpecin L, and a few other tricks for liquid matte lipsticks to keep your lips looking healthy and your lips looking amazing.



Exfoliate.  Exfoliate.  Exfoliate.

Did I mention exfoliate?

If you don't exfoliate, the matte lipstick will highlight every single crack in your lips, which I think we can all agree that is never a good thing.  I use my own exfoliating honey and cinnamon scrub a few times a week.  Get the recipe at the bottom of the post.


After exfoliating, moisturizing is the most important thing to do.  Remember a few months ago when I talked about getting my lips smooth for winter with Herpecin L?

Herpecin L is doing such a wonderful job keeping my lips soft that I'm using at least twice a day.  I keep it beside my bed so I can apply it every night.

Herpecin L was made for cold sore relief, but it's perfect for every day too.  It helps moisturize and protect your skin with SPF.  My lips always get burned, even in the winter.  Now I keep this balm in my purse so when I feel that tingle, I can apply some lip balm.

I also keep one in my makeup case and apply it before I use a liquid matte lippie.  For best results, use Herpecin L right before you start your makeup so it has time to really soak in.  If there's some left on your lips, your lipstick won't stay matte and won't stick.


I'm not a big fan of lip liner, but I do use a clear lip liner when I use a matte lipstick.  It really helps keep it in place and defines the line of my lips better.


When you apply liquid matte lipstick, you don't want to make a mistake and have to take it off.  Trust me when I say that it makes a huge mess.  Use a brush or be very, very careful with the applicator to apply.

It's best to apply it in thin coats.  Let it dry completely before you add the next one.  Unlike regular lipstick, don't rub your lips together with liquid matte lipsticks.



  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1/2 tablespoon raw honey 
  • 1/2 tablespoon avocado oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon



Combine the brown sugar, raw honey, avocado oil, and ground cinnamon.

STEP #2  

Stir well.  It will be dry.  If you need a little bit more oil, you can add some.


Dip your finger into the scrub and get about 1 teaspoon.  Gently exfoliate your lips in a circular motion.  Rinse well.

Since there's no water in this recipe, it will keep for several weeks.  You can also store it in the fridge to help it last longer.

Thanks for these tips on how to prep your lips for liquid matte lipstick, I can wear my favorite lippie almost every day!

I exfoliate my lips with this recipe a few times a week.  This honey and cinnamon lip scrub is also great for removing stubborn matte lippies.  I use micellar water first.  If the color won't come off, I use this scrub to get the rest of it off.

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