Health & Beauty Essentials for a Fabulous Summer

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I love summertime.  All of my commitments take a break, so it really is the lazy days of summer for our family.  We stay up late, sleep in each day, and have fun.  I love how the pace slows down after a crazy homeschool year, and we have time to play as a family.  Our summer just got started this week, so we only have two months of our lazy days, but I plan to make the most of every single day.  Babbleboxx recently sent me their summer health and beauty box, and I love it!  It has some great products for summer with some brands that were new to me and some that I've been using for years.  Keep reading to learn about each products and get some exclusive offers for my readers.

Health & Beauty Essentials for a Fabulous Summer

Top 10 Makeup Under $10

I love makeup, but I can't afford to buy all it from high end brands.  Fortunately, many drug store brands have great products available at very affordable prices.  If you're on a budget or just love having a vast collection of makeup to choose from like I do, here are my top 10 makeup products under $10.  

Aixallia Organic Skin Care Review

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I admit that my beauty cabinet isn't full of organic products, but I do prefer them.  Until three years ago, I didn't have any sensitivity or allergies to any topical ingredients.  Then I got a bad allergic reaction while doing yard work, and now I experience redness and irritation from certain ingredients.  For this reason and other reasons, I've been switching to organic skin care products.  Aixallia was a brand that was new to me until a few months ago, but I was really interested in learning more because it's organic.  Aixallia is a French skin care line, and French women are known for their amazing skin.  They must have some secrets that they aren't sharing, but now their secrets are out, and we have this amazing skin care line in America.

Aixallia Organic Skin Care Review

Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub Recipe

Summer's here, so it's the perfect time to sit outside and sip iced tea or lemonade.  I prefer pink lemonade, so that's what we usually have on hand.  Pink lemonade always reminds me of summer, and I always need a good hand scrub in the summer.  We plant a large garden--over an acre!--so my hands tend to get quite dirty.  I use a scrub to clean them after working in the dirt.  The clay in our soil is wonderful for our garden, but it's not so great for my hands.  This pink lemonade hand scrub will moisturize as it cleans for soft, smooth hands.  The added melt and pour soap also keeps your hands from getting excessively oily, and it also helps remove more dirt and grime.

Pink sugar scrub recipe

Foundation 101 Types of Foundations and How to Use Them

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is what type of foundation is best?  Powder, liquid, cream...which is best?  Well, that depends on your skin tone, the amount of coverage you want, and your skin.  If you have oily skin with large pores, you might use a different kind of foundation than your friend who has oily skin but doesn't have large pores.  Keep reading, and I'll explain the different kinds of foundations and their pros and cons.

Foundation 101:  Different types of foundations and how to use them.