How To Make Glycerin Soap Without Lye

If you are new to soap making, glycerin soap is the easiest type of soap to make at home. It is also called melt-and-pour soap because you simply melt the soap base and pour it into a mold. You can make a basic bar of soap, or you can customize the soap with things like color, scent, and additives to make a fun bar of soap.  You can get so creative with this kind of soap, so have some fun with the different melt and pour soap additives!  

How to make glycerin soap without lye

Fall Beauty Tips

I'm not sure where this summer went.  I don't even remember June, and I'm pretty sure July lasted about 2 days.  August?  Yeah, that flew by and we are in our second week of school now!  At this rate, I think I'll be sipping a pumpkin spice latte whilst wearing Ugg boots next week.  

It's time to start thinking about changing my beauty routine from summer to fall.  My hair and skin both have different needs in the fall, so I usually get a lot of new products.  Here are my top fall beauty tips for your skin, hair, and makeup.

Fall beauty tips

Save Money on Beauty Treatments with Groupon

This post has been sponsored by Groupon.  As always, all enthusiasm is my own.

I don't feel like we summer was much of a break because we were so busy.  As soon as summer died down, homeschooling started, which means that extracurricular activities and sports started.  With such a crazy schedule, I need to schedule in some down time for myself.   Right now, I'd love to schedule a facial or a massage so I can get some time to relax.  

Save Money on Beauty Treatments with Groupon

Kings Island Kicks Cancer and Other Fall Events

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Last week, we took a day off and went to Kings Island to have some fun during their Kings Island Kicks Cancer promotion.  We could not have picked a better day to go.  School had just started in that area and it was pouring down rain in the morning, so the park wasn't that busy.  When the rain stopped shortly after the park opened, it turned in to a beautiful day.  

Reverse and Prevent Signs of Aging with Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair

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My birthday is next month.  I'll be 36.  In the last year, I've gained some new fine lines and my uneven skin tone is worsening to the point that I need to correct it with new makeup products.  I've been using sunscreen since I was a teenager to help prevent the signs of aging, but I need to step up my beauty routine with anti-aging products like retinol.  I've partnered with Neutrogena for this post to use their Rapid Wrinkle Repair and Ultra Sheer collections for 7 days to show my results.

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair

The Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair collection is unique because it combines anti-aging products and SPF to prevent future signs of aging.  This line has the fastest retinol formula available, so you can see results in just one week!  Retinol is the #1 anti-aging product recommended by dermatologists, and it's clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging.