26 June 2015

DIY Acne Facial Scrub Recipe + Giveaway Ends 7/3

Thank you to Bayleaf Botanicals for providing the fractionated coconut oil for this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Ladies, have you priced facial scrubs lately?  Yikes!  For a fraction of the cost, you can make your own scrub in about 10 minutes.  Even better, this scrub only has ingredients that you can pronounce with no artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives.  I carefully selected each ingredient for its acne-fighting power and ability to soothe irritated skin.  Keep reading to learn how to make this acne facial scrub recipe for yourself and enter to win a bottle of fractionated coconut oil.

Fractionated coconut oil is different than the coconut oil that I usually use in my recipes.  Coconut oil is a solid at room temperature, but fractionated coconut oil is a liquid.  Like its solid counterpart, it has a lot of benefits for your skin.  While the processing removes most of the lauric acid, it has more capric acid and caprylic acid than regular coconut oil.  Capric acid is naturally antibacterial, and caprylic acid is anti-fungal. Fractionated coconut oil is excellent for dry skin, and it can help heal acne and help with skin irritation.

It's best to use raw honey for this recipe because it hasn't been heated or filtered, so it retains more of it's natural healing properties.  Honey is naturally antibacterial, and it helps moisturize your skin.

If you want to add essential oils, you can add tea tree oil, rosemary, or lavender.  All of them are great for treating acne.  Lavender soothes irritated skin while it helps heal.  Rosemary is said to help with redness and inflammation as well as acne.

It's recommended that you scrub your face once or twice a week.  Avoid using this more than twice a week because it can irritate your skin.

DIY Acne Facial Scrub Recipe

What You Need
  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl.  Stir well.
  2. You can add more brown sugar or oil as needed to reach the right consistency.
  3. Place in a glass mason jar with a wide mouth lid.
  4. Gently massage your face with two tablespoons of the scrub.  Rub in a circular motion to gently slough off dead skin cells.  Rinse well.
  5. If you find that it is too oily, follow with a toner.
Great news!  Bayleaf Botanicals is giving away one bottle of fractionated coconut oil for one of my readers!  Must be 18+ and have a United States mailing address.  Contest ends 7/3, and the winner must send me their address by 7/5.  
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