Books by Cari Dunn

In Carrier Oils, you'll learn how to use more than 40 different carrier oils in bath and beauty recipes. This book makes an excellent companion for new and experienced soap makers and hobbyists.

What's the best oil for dry skin?  Which oils should I use to combat dry hair?  Are there oils that are better for eczema?

Carrier Oils lists over 40 different oils and their properties.  I also list how each oil helps your hair and skin, including special benefits that it may have.

For a full list of the oils that are included in Carrier Oils, see the carrier oil buying guide.

The print book and ebook are exactly the same with the same oils and the same information.  The price difference is due to the lower cost of the eBook compared to printing and shipping a physical book.

Bath Salts: 30 Easy Recipes for Fun or Profit is a collection of easy bath salts recipes that you can make at home.  The ingredients are easy to find, and the recipes are great for personal use, gifts, or to sell.  I also explain why each ingredient is used and its benefits to your body.  This book includes fun recipes and recipes that have therapeutic benefits.

Body Scrubs: 30 Easy Recipes for Fun or Profit has many recipes that you can make with easy to find ingredients.  These make wonderful gifts, or you can make them to sell.  It includes both sugar scrubs and salt scrubs with an entire section devoted to the difference between the two.

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