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Everything Pretty Top 10 Posts of 2020

At the end of each year, I dig into my analytics and see what my top posts for the year were.  I look at my top 10 overall and the top 10 published that year.  The reason I do both lists is because the top 10 overall would never change.  Eight of the ten would be the same year after year! This helps me because I like seeing what's popular.  I want to deliver content that my readers will like and use. This year, the top 10 posts are very skewed by the pandemic and Covid.  Five of the 10 posts are posts that I created at the beginning of the supply chain disruption and lock downs so my readers could make the things that they couldn't find in the stores.   When we heard talk of lockdowns, we headed to the store.  While everyone was grabbing hand sanitizer, bread, and cleaning supplies, we were grabbing rubbing alcohol, flour, yeast, vinegar, and liquid castile soap.   I was so thankful for my stash of DIY supplies, including my essential oils.  But I was even more thankful for the

How to Make Wax Brittle With Essential Oils and Herbs

Learn how to make wax brittle with essential oils and herbs.  This is an easy DIY to make at home with soy wax, essential oils, and herbs.  Use it like you would a wax melt for a natural scent in your home and aromatherapy. I am happy when my house smells good.  I used to use candles and wax melts, but now I make my own.  I use my essential oil diffuser or use essential oils to make wax melts.  I want to show you how to make wax brittle with essential oils.  Wax brittle, or wax bark, is similar to a wax melt.  However, it's poured in a thin flat layer so it breaks apart.  It gives it an interesting look, so it looks pretty even while you're storing it. What I really like about soy wax brittle is that you can use as much or as little as you want.  It's also easy to combine scents because you can use a little bit of this and a little piece of that to create a custom scent. For this DIY, I made peppermint and lemon wax brittle and made them a little extra with some herbs on to

15 Christmas Essential Oil Blends + Christmas Room Spray Recipe

Make your home smell like Christmas naturally with these Christmas essential oil blends.  Use one of them in this Christmas room spray recipe for a natural scent for your home or even to spray your faux tree for a fresh pine smell. Now that Christmas is here, it's time to retire my beloved pumpkin spice essential oil blend and fall blends for Christmas essential oil blends.   I use them in a diffuser, and I make a room spray to scent the room quick in case we get any company.  If you use a pine scent, this can also double as a a tree air freshener. Since these are essential oils, please pay close attention to who will be in the room.  Some oils aren't safe to use around dogs or cats.  Some oils are only for use for kids 2 or older, and some aren't safe for kids under 10.   Be sure to research these oils and blends before you use them in a diffuser or in a spray.